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Police Need to be Enabled to Chase Down Offenders

Sullivan, Law Enforcement, Fleeing, Resisting, Obstructing, Injury, Felony, Suspect, Pursuit

I am greatly concerned about a proposed Milwaukee Police policy which would require officers to stop pursuing a fleeing perpetrator unless there was cause to believe that the perpetrator had committed a violent crime. 

In a statement this week, Police Chief Ed Flynn said that before engaging in a pursuit, officers should determine whether “the danger represented by the suspect justifies the risk.” I would like to point out that given the potential injury posed to bystanders, any fleeing suspect can be considered to be a potentially violent criminal. I am joining several officers from the Milwaukee area in urging the police chief to leave discretion with the men and women who protect and serve the community every day.

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A Commitment to Community

I have been a member of the West Allis Charities, Inc. since September 1998. I have found, it is important to contribute and give to those, who need help when times are tough. I figure, if I can start in my own community (city) and get others to join the "bandwagon of support" for neighbors in need, I am fulfilling one of the many blessings I have been given. The blessing I am speaking of is bringing others together for a common goal of bettering people's lives one-by-one.

There is no greater life-high than receiving a hug, handshake, or tear of joy from a person or family you have impacted in a positive light. It doesn't take much effort when it is a genuine, unconditional part of your heart and soul to recognize the suffering of others and selflessly take action to do something about it. Life and living is empowering when you use your abilities to increase other's chances for success.

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We Need Your Help

The West Allis Charities, Inc. is excited to announce a chance for anyone to win $10,000 - $6,000 - $5,000 - $4,000 or one of the other 46 cash prizes available in their Crazy Cash Raffle Fundraiser. That’s right, there are 50 cash prizes in total. ONLY 5,000 tickets will be sold!

You do not even need to be present to win. 

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LaRaza de Monterrey is your 2010 MISL Champion

Milwaukee Wave, MISL, US Cellular Arena

Congratulations to the fans that travelled from Monterrey (and the ones from Chicago that you can't see in this picture).  LaRaza defeated the Wave 12-6 this evening at the US Cellular Arena.

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West Allis Ala Carte Makes the WISN.Com Spring Fever A-LIST

WISN, A-LIST, Spring Fever, Vote

Great news...beginning Monday, April 5th and continuing through Sunday, May 2nd, I invite all fans of the West Allis Ala Carte to go to and vote for West Allis Ala Carte as the "Best Festival" in the Milwaukee area.  The 2010 Best of A-List - Spring Fever on are chosen by real people from all over Milwaukee.  Visitors can return daily to vote for West Allis Ala Carte, and post and read comments.  This year's 3rd Annual West Allis Ala Carte will feature music by Leroy Airmaster, Greg Koch and Broken, with a side stage featuring other local variety and music acts.  For more details visit Besides music, there will also be plenty of food, artists, crafters, children's games and other vendors on hand to entertain those young and old.  This event is a great way to kick-off the summer.

Don't forget to log onto and vote for West Allis Ala Carte today!!!

We just don't get it....

The story is similar to a nightmare. Men, women, children and babies starving; living on the street. Some covered by a thin sheet for a blanket. We see images on the pages, screen and via the internet. Yet, we cannot fathom the reality, the intense severity of their plight.

For those of us who have always had a place to lay our heads, we cannot understand nor comprehend. We feel bad, somewhat compassionate, if only for a moment. The faces of starving children have graced our television screens for years.   We have become somewhat desensitized. Turn the channel, we think. It will eventually go away. 

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West Allis Public Library News

If you've recently visited the West Allis Public Library you may have noticed a variety of improvements and updates. New carpet has been installed on the first floor, fresh paint and more lively colors have been applied, updated signage make it easier for library users to find what they need, and patrons can now checkout their materials themselves and pay fines all at the same self-service counter. Additionally, users can now return their materials 24 hours a day 7 days a week at the library automated return located just off of the parking lot. More improvements are forthcoming later this year including a separate Young Adult section on the first floor, and a complete refurbishment of the Children's Department located on the second floor.

The improvements on the first floor were made possible through funding from the Irv H. Terchak Library Endowment. The updates planned for the Children's Department will be funded solely through the generous donation received from the family of Amelia Heikkinen. All library users and the entire community benefit from the two charitable bequests.

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Franklin's 5th district Aldermanic race

Bowling, Nostalga, They Came to Bowl

Kudos to good friend Doug Schmidt, who was elected Alderman in Franklin this past week, defeating former FranklinNOW blogger Brian Maersch (who once told me how much he likes my State Fair blog entries.  Of course, Doug has never admitted to actually reading my blog.  Come to think of it, which one is really a friend?)

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The definition of purgatory per the dictionary is: a temporary condition of torment or suffering; "a purgatory of drug abuse". The definition of purgatory within the Catholic Church is: A state in which the souls of those who have died in grace must expiate their sins. For those of us who are not sure of the definition of expiate, this is: to make amends or reparation for (wrongdoing or guilt); atone for; to pay the penalty of. 

I was recently informed by a family member that my dear father is in purgatory. This information took me quite off guard as my personal belief is in opposition.   My father, along with everyone else in this world, was not perfect. Yet, he was a good father, my best friend and someone that was loved by many.

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"Senior Discount Days" Comes To Downtown West Allis

Downtown West Allis Business Improvement District would like to invite you to take advantage of our deals up and down Greenfield Avenue by participating in our upcoming "Senior Discount Days."  Starting Thursday, May 13, 2010, participating businesses on Greenfield Avenue from 70th to 76th street will be offering discounts to everyone 55 years of age or better.  "Senior Discount Days" will be held every second Thursday of the month from May through October.  Don't miss out on the variety of discounts Downtown West Allis has to offer.  We have over 25 businesses involved in this activity.  For a complete list, go to

Until next time,

Mattress Firm opens West Allis location

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm, the new national chain in town, will open its fourth area location Thursday, April 15 at 3020 S. 108th St. in West Allis.

The Houston-based chain plans to open ten stores in the state this year. Mattress Firm sells national brands and private label mattresses that are made in Watertown for Wisconsin stores.

Keep America Beautiful

Clean Up America Day, Keep America Beautiful, Earth Day, West Allis Beautification Committee, East End of West Allis

This week Saturday, April 17th is Clean Up America Day as part of the Keep America Beautiful campaign. Its all part of the annual Earth Day celebration. I would encourage everyone to pick an area in the city or your alley or the street in front of your house and clean it up. All that means is pick up any and all trash that might be laying around, rake up the winter debris and any excell leaves from last fall.

So, for all of the residents in the East End of West Allis, there's going to be a small cleanup party at the 60th and National "park". I've been in contact with someone from the West Allis Beautification Committee and that small "park" will be the project for this coming Saturday. If any East End residents are interested in coming out and helping bring a rake, maybe trash bags, and anything else that you can use for cleanup. Who knows, you might be rewarded in some way.

Restaurant comparison - Mongolian style


My ample (some would call it luscious) frame isn't just good for making sure a small car doesn't skid on an icy road, it also is a good indicator that I like to eat.  And eating, I feel, is a major qualifier to discuss restaurants. 

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Steps in the right direction?

Has anyone seen the mintues or attended the board meeting on Monday? Could it be that the school board heard us and acted on what we have been writing about?

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Restructuring, Phase II

Just finished reading the article on Phase II of the restructuring. Is it just me or is the district just shuffling the cards around?

Why is this new building needed? Are there that many kids that need the services being offered in this new charter school? Why not save money and keep it at Dottke? If the park and rec building sells, where do those offices go? Buy another building to house them? What about the district offices? There is talk that in time that will be up for sale, where are we going to have our district offices? Lots on 113th and Cleveland, isn't that part of the athletic fields? Where is the property at 122nd and Oklahoma? Isn't that the Root River ParkWay?

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Saturday's Beautification on 60th and National

Forestry Department, Six Corners Area, East End of West Allis, Pocket Parks

Yesterday my grandson Nick and I had the pleasure of working with Mortified to clean up the little "Pocket Park" on the corner of 60th and National. There was just the three of us armed with a couple of rakes, two shovels, some trash bags and a set of lopers. We raked a couple of bags of leaves and other trash,  pulled a lot of weeds, planted some iris, and did some pruning of dead branches. The large front planting area has a lot of work yet to be done as there is one dead tree and a dead bush that needs to be dug out by the Forestry Department. In order to pull all the weeds and grassy stuff out the three of us would have been there all day. We also found a fair amount of the noxious garlic mustard weed just starting to blossom. Mortified thoughtfully brought along some weed killer and used it on that quick spreading weed.

The Forestry Department only furnished us with the trash bags. We are hoping that they will find the time to plant some other perennials or some native grasses in that large front area that faces both National Avenue and 60th Street. There's a lot of traffic in that area of both residents and visitors to our city. It seems to me that perhaps some sort of sign could be erected on that corner too, saying "Welcome to West Allis" or "Welcome to the Six Corners Area". That would give visitors to the city a welcome and an idea of what part of the city they are located. Just a suggestion, mind you.

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I'm getting older every day

James family

Prom night!

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As a young girl, we had rules.  My parents believed in cleanliness.  We picked up after ourselves and did chores.  We had boundaries and what they said was pretty much gold. 

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West Allis Players Summer Show Auditions!

As many of you have noticed, the West Allis Players did not have a spring show this year. There was a problem with the rights to the show and we had to stay dark. We were very disappointed, with me -- as director -- and my talented cast feeling the worst of all. But these things do happen and we were not the only Milwaukee-area group to lose a show in this way. We will let you know when this show will be rescheduled!
Now moving on -- our auditions for our summer musical, "Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?" will be held at 6:45 p.m. on May 17 and 18. Director Mary Beth Topf requests that you prepare one verse or 32 bars of a song. Be prepared to move and have some fun with improvisations. More information may be obtained at our website.
We are pretty excited about this show. Hope to see you at auditions or in the theater during one of the performances.
Steve and I thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

Graffiti Abatement Program in Full Swing

The City of West Allis’ Graffiti Abatement Program is in full swing this spring. We are currently working on a large backlog of cases due to the fact that that we cannot power wash in the winter, and the chemicals that remove tagging do not work in cold temperatures.

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