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Successful kids in school..

Adults continue to wonder why certain children are ahead of the curve when it comes to education.  We believe we have the answer, yet the answers lie within each individual family.  Due to this fact, I decided to go beyond our educators and get to the heart of the issue.  

Although school was a no-brainer in my family, I was not overly strict regarding studying.  I knew my children had different levels of learning when it came to certain subjects, so I felt it best that they created their own habits regarding test taking.  At times I felt dumber than a 5th grader and directed my daughters back to their instructors for answers.   I do not recall being overly stringent regarding completion of homework yet I did ask about future tests and projects due.  I talked with them about school on a regular basis and also attended parent-teacher conferences for updates.

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This week's Snowstorm of Doom update

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The West Allis Players

On behalf of our entire board of directors, Steve and I would like to wish everyone the happiest of holidays!
Be sure to watch for our new blogs in 2011. A number of our board members have had some very interesting television and film experiences and will be sharing them here very soon.
We will also keep you updated as to our spring production, "On Golden Pond" and our blockbuster summer musical, "The King and I." There has been a lot of buzz in regards to our summer show already and it is promising to be THE show of the season!!!
Our December children's show was cancelled due to weather. Our next children's presentation is at 2 p.m. January 9, 2011. Germantown Dramatic Impact will present "Monkey King."
You can always find the latest news on our group and our shows by visiting our web site:
Merry Christmas!!!

Because I can....

Every once in a while I mention my kids in my writing.  I try to exempt them from too much exposure.   To heck with it, it’s Christmas and I am going all out.  

Stephanie is 19 and heading to college next month.  She is quite busy with work, sleeping and friends.  Although she is in the room next to me most nights, it appears she has already left my nest.  I have very few worries knowing that she is street smart and can hold her own.   She is a goofball, very friendly and rarely complains.  She works, takes care of her bills and recently broke free and obtained her own cell phone service.  Talk about being kicked to the curb.  

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Ladies...It's All About You

Good day to you, Ladies...I firmly believe we all have many things to be proud of, even when we feel life has not been in our favor. I hope the following excerpt from one of my favorite newletters gives you the incentive to celebrate the moments of your successes today and every day moving forward. It’s more fun to celebrate as we achieve. I hope each of you have an incredible 2011...Happy Holidays!

"We women are sometimes so hard on ourselves that we don’t take time to think about how far we’ve come ... how many things we’ve accomplished ... and just how awesome we are.

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The twelve days of my favorite things

My ex-wife is pretty aware of this, but "back in the day" I had a whole lot more spare time.  Spare time is a scarce commodity these days.

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Salty goodness

December 20th's Favorite Thing - Pecans

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Christmas and New Year Holidays Result in Altered Refuse and Recycling Collection

recycling collection, refuse collection, holiday

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