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Family Schamily

I am not alone.  Each one of us has the ability to write a lifetime of stories about how they feel they've been righted or wronged within their biological family.  I am going to write about my experience and how I've gotten through this past year.

My oldest daughter moved out when I was at work the last Friday of February 2011.  I walked into the house, noticed her laptop was gone, and proceeded into her room.  It was empty, I was shocked, but I walked out of the room, shut the door and proceeded to text my youngest to give her the news.  She acted shocked as well.  A couple of months later my youngest texts me at work telling me my oldest was home and wanted to talk.  I went home after work, we talked and she asked for money.  I proceeded to ask how she was able to move her things out of my home in one day to which she informed me that my youngest knew that she was moving out. 

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Healthy Soils Make Healthy Trees

Below the surface of the soil lies a complex soil food web we will likely never see. Without it, much of the plant life we enjoy would not be able to exist. The soil food web consists of many organisms that are beneficial to the health of the soil. This beneficial web is plentiful in an undisturbed forest setting, but can be diminished or lacking in some of the soils we have around our homes where our trees are trying to exist.

Many practices done to soils can disturb this fragile soil food web. Things like compacting the soil, overwatering, lawn treatments, removal of leaves and small branches, etc. can have major impacts on this fragile web. A healthy soil will need organisms like nematodes, beneficial fungi, bacteria, protozoa, arthropods, and certain other animals in order to maintain a favorable growing environment. These organisms play a critical role in nutrient cycling. Nutrient cycling is the process whereby plant materials are broken down into usable nutrients for plants to carry on life. 

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Your Trees are Dormant in Winter - Our Arborists are Not

Wachtel Tree Science works throughout the winter months.  In fact, during the winter we perform many of our services.  We prune and remove trees and shrubs, and even remove stumps. Winters are ideal time to cable, and brace trees, install lighting protection, perform appraisals, consultations and site inspections. With the exception of insect and disease management, winter offers us an additional three months to perform our services.

Winter is an excellent time to work. The benefits are frozen ground, dormant perennials, inactive gardens and defoliated trees. The cold and sterile-like conditions of winter offer us the opportunity to prune trees and shrubs that are susceptible to, or under pressure from insect and disease problems. Trees that have infectious fungal or bacterial disease can have these infected branches pruned out in the winter and greatly reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

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Thanksgiving Holiday Changes Refuse and Recycling Collection Schedule

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• DPW offices are closed and refuse and recycling will not be collected on Thursday, November 22, and Friday, November 23.
• The Municipal Yard will be open to accept drop-off materials on Saturday, November 24.
• Please note the holiday schedule below and plan ahead to set out your refuse and, if appropriate, recyclables by 7:00 a.m. according to this modified schedule.
• Be aware that a snowstorm may further alter this collection schedule.

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U.S. Army

Upon graduation from high school, I attempted one semester at a technical college.  I spent more time in the game room rather than class, made some friends and studied a bit. Yet, I knew it wasn't for me.  Not being sure of what my long term goals were, I knew the Army was a full time gig and would give me some employable skills.  At the ripe young age of 18, I signed on the dotted line.  Little did I know what would happen upon my enlistment. 

This is an experience I rarely discuss.  When asked, I can honestly say I joined to get away from my home.  My mother and I didn't have a close relationship, older sister was doing her thing.  Having my own bedroom for the first time in my life didn't suffice for a good enough reason to remain.  I knew I had to do something to get away. 

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The primary objective of pruning young trees is to develop a framework of sturdy, well spaced branches on a strong trunk. Good branch structure, proper form, and tree strength all develop with training pruning.

Pruning done early in a tree’s life removes weak branches and corrects form when branches are relatively small. This reduces the size of pruning wounds, which results in faster closure and less opportunity for decay.

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So, how did that bowling dealy go?


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Do You Have Faith in Your Tree Service?

The old Webster’s dictionary defines faith as being firm to ones promises; contracts and of being worthy of confidence and belief. At Wachtel Tree Science, we work as a team to build and maintain your faith in us as leaders in the tree care industry.

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Christmas Shopping

 Wow - I've heard that cyber Monday is off to a fantastic start.  Hopefully, this is because people are finding good deals, have the money to pay for these deals, and are purchasing useful items that will make friends and family happy for years to come. ...with a few goodies for themselves, as well.

I did not shop on Thursday or early Friday of last week but I did venture out to a few stores later on Friday afternoon.  I encountered a few impatient people on the roads but other than that, the shopping experience was fine.  Most people within the stores were courteous and in good spirits.  The clerks were a bit "worn out".  

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