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Contribute to Your Community & Win $10,000

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The West Allis Charities is having their Crazy Cash Raffle right now! Only 5,000 tickets will be sold = a 1:33 chance for those, who purchase three tickets. It is easy to purchase by mail. Here is the link to the order form. By purchasing these raffle tickets, you could be helping someone like Sam.

Do you remember Sam? For those of you, who don't recall his story, here is a recap of his situation.

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Disasters Can Lead to Peace

On Wednesday, October 28, my dad passed away. Regardless of his health, made difficult by high blood pressure and diabetes, we had no way of anticipating the event that would change all of our lives forever.

I know many of you have lost parents or other loved ones and can relate to the unexplainable feeling of shock and loss that accompanies any death, expected or not. As my family tries to process our feelings and try to move on with our lives, we've taken some comfort in our opportunities to give back to not only the community, but Dad as well.

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Downtown West Allis Meet & Treat

Halloween, Meet & Treat

If you attended the Downtown West Allis Meet & Treat on Saturday, October 31st, you were part of a group of over 400 children and their families who braved the chilly, windy fall Wisconsin weather.

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When One Show Closes...

We finished our fall play and we are already working behind the scenes for our spring show, "Driving Miss Daisy." I am so excited to be directing this phenomenal production and I can't wait for auditions and rehearsals. Unfortunately, this does not happen until February -- and the show opens in April. More details later. Suffice it to say, we will be doing a huge promotion for this warm and fuzzy -- yet powerful -- production. This Pulitzer prize-winning play has not been done in the Milwaukee area for a while and this year is the 20th anniversary of its theatrical release.
In the meantime, a number of us are working on other shows. I have been approached about recreating my very first role -- that of Janet McKenzie in Agatha Christie's "Witness for the Prosecution" (West Allis Players 1993). A friend of mine -- also in the original show -- is doing the show in Indiana at the end of January and as this role is part of the courtroom scene, I will be able to do it with minimal rehearsal. Let's hope the winter weather cooperates on that commute! 

Pair of dogs will warm your heart!

Zena and Cassie are best buds. From napping and lounging to playing and eating, these two dogs do everything together. Zena and Cassie are both nine years old. Zena is a Silky Terrier, and Cassie is a Miniature Poodle/West Highland Terrier mix.

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I. Can't. Wait. 'Til. Saturday.

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Vegas, Baby!

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Senate Unanimously Passes Drunk Driving Reform Package

Sullivan, Drunk Driving, Department of Transportation, felony, Law Enforcement, misdemeanor, OWI, Senate

Senate Bill 66, the drunk driving reform package I authored, passed the Senate today by a vote of 32 to 0.

During my speech on the Senate floor today in favor of drunk driving reform, I read a letter from Matthew Heroux, whose 18-year-old sister Talhia was killed by a drunk driver.

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Breaking News on the School Front!

This will just be a quick posting for now.

The school board has chosen their new board member, Mr. George Sotiros.  Do not know much about him yet, except that he has kids in the district.  A couple at Nathan Hale and I believe a younger son too.  Like I said I don't have all the details yet!  Let's hope he will bring good things to the district!!

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Neither race nor number....

School was and has always been a part of my life.  Similar to eating, breathing and talking.  There was never a question in my mind or in the mind of my parents regarding school.  It was not a question which had a yes or no answer to.  It just was. 


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"Race to the Top" Grant

Governor Doyle's new plan to get federal funding money for the state of Wisconsin, or should I say MPS!

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Little Things Mean A Lot - I Challenge You

There is so much truth to the statement "little things mean a lot" especially in this day and age when there is so much negativity, sadness, frustration, and meaningless violence. I'd be willing to bet each and every one of us, on a daily basis, could change a person's day in an instant. People tend to shy away from a person having a bad day or a person dealing with one or more of life's not so nice lessons.

Why do we tend to move ourselves away from someone, right in front of us, who may just need a small touch of kindness?

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Don't think this was unexpected

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4,800 words, courtesy of's unofficial travel reporter (all times PST and are approximate)...

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Downtown West Allis presents.....Santa's Cafe

parade, West Allis, Downtown, Greenfield Avenue, Business Improvement District, food

Planning on attending the West Allis Christmas Tree Lighting and Parade this year?  Why not stop by Santa's Cafe for a quick bite to eat before the festivities start. 
On Tuesday, November 17th the Downtown West Allis Business Improvement District, along with the City of West Allis Celebrations Committee, WAWM Chamber of Commerce and the Landmark of West Allis are hosting Santa's Cafe.  This is in conjunction with the City's Tree Lighting (6:30pm) and the West Allis Charities Christmas Parade (7pm.) 

Stop by our food tent, located at 75th & Greenfield Avenue, and enjoy a hot dog, chili (prepared by Steakhouse 100), chili dog, coffee (donated by WWBIC), hot chocolate, popcorn or cookie (prepared by Kaiser Bakery.)

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Just say NO, to the Holidays...

As a child, memories of Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas run through my mind.  Family gatherings, delicious food and laughter.  Every birthday was celebrated.  After numerous cousins, nieces and nephews these gatherings have become less and less as Grandma grows into the ripe old age of 90.

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Santa's Cafe...Next year, Plan For More Hot Chocolate

Christmas, Parade, Tree Lighting

For all those who attended this year's West Allis Tree Lighting, Community Sing and Christmas Parade on Tuesday, November 17th, you know exactly what this title means.

The Downtown West Allis Business Improvement District, along with the West Allis Celebrations Committee, WAWM Chamber of Commerce and the Landmark of West Allis, hosted the first Santa's Cafe.  We understand how hectic it can be for families to leave work, get the kids bundled up and still make in time for the Tree Lighting by 6:30pm.  So we decided to put up a tent, add a few lights and welcome children and their families to a hot meal.  We served hot dogs, chili (prepared by Steakhouse 100), chili dogs, hot chocolate, coffee, popcorn and cookies (prepared by Kaiser's Six Point Bakery.)  We even sold glow sticks to help light the way along Greenfield Avenue.

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Endless Trail of Events

Thanksgiving, oral surgeons, wisdom teeth, Microsoft tech, ITT, virus scan, anti-virus programs

Its been a while since I last blogged. Many events occurred toward the end of summer, not all pleasant.  There was a hospital stay of a week and the "black screen of death" on my computer that were the unpleasant events. I did get "up north" to Waupaca too, a couple of times so those were good times. That's a synopsis of my end of sumer.

One Friday in August, I suddenly had a toothache in one of those back molars. Now, everyone knows that you can't get in to see a dentist on a weekend unless you have scads of money, which I don't. So, I figured I would tough it out with the help of Aleeve for the weekend and get in on Monday. Well, that worked ok til Sunday evening when I noticed a swelling in the jawline below where the offending tooth was located. Notice I say WAS located. I knew that this wasn't a good thing so first thing Monday morning I called my dentist and explained what was going on. I was told to come in that same morning. He took X-rays and informed me that I had a broken tooth and an infection and he was referring me to see an oral surgeon.  Now y'all have seen the cartoon characters eyes flash dollar signs, I'm sure. That's exactly what my eyes did. So, not having much choice, I hustled myself to the oral surgeon who poked and prodded and checked the X-rays. Then, he told me, "Ive got good news and bad news".  I just told him to spit it out. He agreed about the broken tooth and the infection. That was the good news! The bad news was he wanted me to check into the hospital that same day for "a few days" so that he could remove the broken tooth and probably the wisdom tooth that was directly behind it.  All I could spit out was, "what"? He said that the infection was bad and needed to be drained. Surgery would be tomorrow.  So, off I went to make arrangements for Bob (the cat) and a ride to the hospital.  To make a long story short, a "few days" ended up being almost a week. I'm type 2 diabetic plus hypertensive to all those systems had to be ok before they would release me.  The surgery went fine and I'm all recovered at this time. The whole thing was traumatic to say the least.

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Operation Trail Dust - The Legacy of Destruction

I've never given much thought to Agent Orange or any of the other herbicides used in Vietnam. Born in 1969, I missed most of the war and was too young to remember the rest of it. I knew Dad served in the Air Force in Vietnam, but that pretty well summed up my knowledge on the subject.  Anything learned in school has been long since forgotten and I don't think I really connected the war to my father during most of my education.

That all changed the Monday following his funeral when my mom, brother and I went to the local VA office to see about ordering the special headstone veterans were now eligible for as part of a revamped benefit plan.

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Three Zoo Interchange Bridges to be Rebuilt Immediately

Construction, Crashes, Department of Transportation, DOT, Highway 45, I-894, I-94, Roads, Sullivan, traffic, Zoo Interchange

I commend the Department of Transportation (DOT) for rebuilding three bridges on the Zoo Interchange, but I am also urging the state to finally make the commitment necessary to redo the entire interchange as soon as possible.

After reviewing a forensic study conducted on the Zoo Interchange, DOT has decided to do an emergency rebuild of the following ramps:

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West Allis Makes Business Week's "Best Place to Raise Your Kids" list

Business Week Magazine has named West Allis as a runner-up in the "Best Places to Raise Your Kids - 2010" rankings.

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What do YOU suggest we do next?

The West Allis Players are starting to fashion our 2010-2011 season and so far we have come up with a number of interesting suggestions for the plays and musicals. Anyone out there have any ideas to contribute?
We generally do two straight (non-musical) shows and then our summer musical. The Children's Show series (we open with a non-musical "Beauty and the Beast" December 20) are not shows we pick out. These are shows other groups do and we simply provide a venue.
Anyway, if you happen to have a show you would like to see us do, drop us a line at our website and we will add it to our discussion list. Hopefully, our season will be set in time to be included in our spring show program. Our spring show, by the way, is "Driving Miss Daisy" so be sure to spread the word on that. We are very excited to be bringing this fantastic story to the stage and know it will be a real crowd pleaser.

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