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Early Fall Colors

Everyone longs to see the wonderfully vibrant colors of autumn appear and turn an otherwise unremarkable landscape into something really special. While we are enjoying them, there are a few things to consider to help evaluate the health of our trees.

Almost always, when these colors appear earlier than other trees of the same species, it means trouble. It can mean that the root system has root rot, girdling roots or other issues. The trunk can have cankers, girdling wire, borers, sapsucker or animal damage, or anything that restricts sap flow up or down the trunk. It can mean that health has deteriorated badly, drought stress is catching up with it, or that physical trauma to roots or trunk is significant.

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Things to Think About Now

The growing season is winding down and another summer has passed. Our trees and landscape plants are going dormant – dormant but very much alive. Fall is the time to think about protecting your plants for the winter and preparing for next year.

·         Protect young trees and shrubs from deer feeding and antler rubbing. Install wire mesh fencing supported by stakes to create a physical barrier. The fence needs to be 4’ tall at a minimum.

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Happy Birthday

October 14th, 1992 is my youngest daughter Auburn's birthday.  I remember being in labor throughout the night and walking around.  My contractions lying would be close together yet the minute I began to pace, they would space out and eventually cease. 

My Doctor informed me that afternoon that I was at 4.5 centimeters and required my admission into the hospital.  My labor had ceased alltogether at which time I was informed that I would be given a labor inducing drug.  Not knowing how long or how hard, I was more than happy to see my new baby. 

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Has it been 50 weeks already?

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Let's see, there was...

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How Often Should a Tree be Pruned?

Pruning is one of the most important ways to care for your tree(s). Regular pruning provides ongoing maintenance and routine care. The art and science of pruning is to determine how much to remove, where to remove it, and how often to do it.

                Regular pruning helps:

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Big Bad Wolf

As far back as I can remember, I was bullied.  Not just by one, but by numerous classmates.  This began as far back as I can remember and continued throughout high school.  Despite the fact I forgave and eventually confronted my tormentors, this is not something I will ever forget.

Bullying also occurred within my home.  I have three siblings and all three ganged up and had their fair share of verbal attacks.  "Put some butter on them rolls," they would say about my extra weight which circled my midsection.  Many other memories cross my mind yet still creep up once in a while when I'm not feeling my best.

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 We've all done it.  We've all had it done about us and to us about others.  I've tried hard over the years to stay away from people who just can't keep their mouths shut and like to spread false information about others.  When we lived in West Allis, we had a woman on our block who really enjoyed herself as far as gossiping about everyone - mostly false.  We were often the subject of her gossiping because we chose not to associate with her and didn't take any crap from her - others on the block were actually afraid to confront her because they were afraid she would "go after them".  Unfortunately, when a gosssiping individual gossips about one person, they do it about others, as well.  No one is immune.  

I see this type of behavior where I work, in our condo complex and at get togethers with others.  Gossiping can hurt a person's feelings; affect their reputation (if the gossiping is false); cause arguments because of incorrect information; and the list goes on and on.   Walk away from people like this or just try to change the subject.  Of course, realize that because of this, YOU may become the subject of their gossiping!

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Drought Damage – What is it? Do My Trees Have it? and What Does it Mean for Them?

These are the questions on everyone’s mind following the deepest drought on record for southeastern Wisconsin. It is easy to see the problems for annuals, perennials, and turf, but how about the trees? Many look “ok” now – are they?

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Supporting youth bowling in the Milwaukee area

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Not too often that I use my blog to promote something other than myself, but sometimes the mood strikes me.

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Fall Gardening Tasks

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There's still time to plant fall bulbs - the ground doesn't really freeze until about Thanksgiving.  Water them well and mulch after planting for great results in the spring.

Evergreens, roses, shrubs, perennial herbs, and rhubarb need a good soaking watering before the ground freezes.  This is their last chance to get the moisture they need to keep them through the winter.  The drying winds of winter really dry out the branches of evergreens so this is the one thing that you can do to take care of your plants for the winter.

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Upon graduation from high school in 1988, I attempted a semester at Milwaukee Area Technical School.  To be honest, I wasn't "into" school, studying, classes and such.  I decided instead, to head up to the game room and major in darts.  I joined the dart team, and eventually finished the semester with a trophy. 

Wandering about, dying to get out of my house, I decided to join the U.S. Army.  Serving two out of four years active duty, I became pregnant, got married and received an Honorable Discharge for my pregnancy.  Despite the fact that one must serve 36 out of 48 months active duty in order to receive the G.I. Bill for education, I chose, instead to raise my daughter.  Nothing was more important, or had been ingrained, than a child being raised by his or her parents.  Within a year, we were pregnant with a 2nd daughter.  Once again, I decided to put everything, including my career, on hold to raise my daughters.  It is a choice I have never regretted.

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Dear Staff of Wachtel Tree Science

Allow me please to describe our recent experience with the staff of Wachtel Tree Science

Compassionate, understanding, warm, sincere, friendly genuinely are interested in the health and love of trees, truly listen to the customers words, concerns, not just hear but truly listen with their hearts, courteous respectful of property, knowledgeable and share that knowledge with their customers, offer realistic hope, options to save our tree, care for our tree and maintain a healthy tree,

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