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There IS Strength In Numbers

 We cannot do everything on our own.  With assistance from others who are attempting to reach the same goal as us, we can get things done.

If there is a drug house(s) in a neighborhood, neighbors can get together and work with the police department and the city/municipality to get the illegal activities out of the area.  One neighbor cannot do it alone and should not be expected to.  Working together, neighbors can make their neighborhood a safe place to call home for their families.  I'm not talking about becoming a vigilante but just letting people know that illegal activities are not going to take down your neighborhood.  If no one does anything, soon the good people start moving out and the bad start taking over and moving in.  I've seen it happen.

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Buy pink? Not so fast!

Better_Business_Bureau, BBB, Breast_Cancer_Awareness_Month, pink_products, charity

by Susan Bach, Director of Communications, Wisconsin BBB

If you’re like me, you’ve been watching a lot of football lately and have noticed all of the pink gloves, cleats and other accessories that NFL players have been wearing in October to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s hard NOT to notice when a 300-pound football player is wearing hot pink shoes! I applaud the NFL, and hope it makes a lot of money when it auctions off those items – since I know that all of the proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society.

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I am getting to the sticky stuff first.   Wish me luck.

I am skirting outside of the realm of the Catholic Church and going straight to the anatomy of it all.  Albeit, I am no science major, yet I’ll do my best. 

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FREE Showerhead at Hazardous Waste Collection

hazardous waste, showerhead

The first 500 customers to use the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s (MMSD) Household Hazardous Waste Collection at State Fair Park this Friday and Saturday will get a FREE, 1.5 gallon per minute showerhead. 

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, motor oil and rechargeable batteries are some of the many items (Milwaukee County resident ONLY) that can be brought to the mobile collection at State Fair Park or one of three facilities open all year long in Milwaukee, Franklin, or Menomonee Falls. 

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Squirrels & Lawsuit in West Allis

 I know only what I've read and heard on TV regarding the gentleman who feeds the birds, squirrels, etc. on South 72nd Street in West Allis.  I also heard he keeps the yard immaculate...,meaning he is trying to keep the place up - however, peanut shells, bird food, etc. and get into other yards just the same.  Now, this is only what I've read and seen on the TV newscasts.  

My husband and I lived for about 32 years in our duplex in West Allis and my husband grew up in West Allis.  It was time to move when the area we lived in became infested with drug dealing, usage and home/yards that were not maintained.  Therefore, I'm not quite sure where I stand pertaining to this issue of peanut shells and feeding squirrels.  For neighbors to do property damage and take this situation to court, I believe they are dealing with more than we have been told through the media.  When my mom was alive, she would give peanuts to the squirrels and when some neighbors mentioned the peanut shells in their yards (not many), I asked if they minded it - they said no and got a kick out of my mom enjoying herself.  I did eventually put a stop to it because the squirrels started to get a little too close to mom and watched for her to come outside.  

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My mind is taking over

James family, Las Vegas, Reno, Vacation

Usually I try to keep my blog postings light and humorous, and though occasionally serious, I don't often get too deep.  This is an exception.

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Cheating Schmeating

It’s time to tackle the subject which makes the faintest of bloods boil.   Cheating. 

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Stop the Pulling! for dogs and their humans.

Stop the Pulling! A Lesson in Loose Leash Walking
Date: Monday, October 24, 2011
Time: 7:45 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.
Wisconsin Humane Society, 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Does your dog take YOU for a walk?  Are you tired of being embarrassed in front of the neighbors due to your dog’s lack of good walking manners?  If so, it’s time for you to take an hour out of your schedule and bring your dog to the "Stop the Pulling!" workshop at the Wisconsin Humane Society - Milwaukee Campus located at 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue.

Teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling in this game-like lesson using reward-based training.

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Is the third time the charm?

Craps, Football, Gambling, Las Vegas, Milwaukee Brewers, MLB, Poker, Restaurants, Vacation

Won't you join me as we relive 5100 words of the not 1st, not 2nd, but 3rd Annual Poker Guys Trip to Las Vegas for Playing Poker?

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Halloween on the Cheap

Halloween, costumes, mummy, pirate, scarecrow, online_shopping, Better_Business_Bureau, BBB

By Sheila Julson
Wisconsin Better Business Bureau

Whether it’s a last-minute invite to a Halloween party, or just procrastination, coming up with a quick and reasonably-priced Halloween costume can leave one in horror. Come late October, a trip to the store will often lead to all the good costumes being picked over, leaving one with a choice of parading around as last year’s Hollywood blockbuster character, or cobbling together mismatched costume pieces discarded on the shelves.  Even the fun props and fake blood have been snapped up.

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Get Ready for a Spooktacular Saturday in Downtown West Allis

Come to Downtown West Allis for this year’s Halloween Meet & Treat! Our doors will be open so be sure to visit us on October 29th to do some quick trick or treating as well as see what the area has to offer!

From 10 am to 12 noon, come into any of the participating businesses between 70th and 76th and Greenfield and receive a treat for Halloween!

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