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Wisconsin cities get federal grants for schools security

West Allis and Wauwatosa are among nine Wisconsin cities getting a share of $15.91 million from the federal Community Oriented Policing Services to help make schools safer.

COPS, and its Secure Our Schools program, are part the U.S. Department of Justice. The grants are meant to pay partial costs of locks, lighting, fencing, metal detectors, surveillance systems and the like at schools. The nearly $16 million will go to 167 agencies and municipalities in 40 states and Puerto Rico.

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Mother help me

Nanny State, Free market, New York, One Idiot is Offended, Patriotism, School Board

The Nanny State is alive and well -

  • In Cincinnati, the Reds are in trouble for smoking victory cigars (in violation of Ohio's state indoor smoking ban) in the clubhouse after clinching their first playoff berth in 15 years.
  • In San Francisco, city officials are in discussions about an ordinance to ban toy giveaways in fast food meals.  The proposed ban may really be a push to get fast food companies to change their offerings.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 requires substantial testing of products designed for children 12 and under.  This likely eliminates science and chemistry kits.  Inquiring minds want to know, just wait until you are 13.
  • In Florida, there is a proposal to drop chocolate milk in the schools as a way to fight childhood obesity.  Apparently not offering an alternative to those (like me) who despise white milk is OK, although the snub of white milk would cause a different kind of health problem.

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Widespread disease....


When pondering diseases we face within the United States and abroad, many come across my mind.  HIV, alcoholism, drug addiction, STD’s and many others which steamroll at times.   Each year a new strain of the flu or cervical cancer pops up.  I could go on and on, but prefer to touch on something rarely discussed. 

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Rainforest Night at the Domes Fri. Oct. 8

Bring your flashlights and spend an adventurous night in the rainforest at Mitchell Park Domes, 524 S. Layton Boulevard, on Friday, October 8 from 6pm to 9:30pm. Enjoy an educational tour of the tropical dome (for all ages) only guided by the glow of your flashlight and Tiki torches. Observers will get glimpses of trees and plants that supply us with cocoa, vanilla, coffee, chicle, lumber, medicines, spices, fruits and juices. 

NEW this year is a Make-Your-Own Tropical Sundae and the grand opening of the New Education Center! Participants will learn about the life-sustaining role the earth’s rainforests play in our everyday lives while sampling tasty treats from chocolate and nuts to exotic fruits and juices. Meet exotic birds up close and enjoy a live musical performance in the Show Dome by KT’s Universal Love Band, a returning favorite by all. All samples are included in general admission. Sandwiches will be available for purchase by Zilli’s.

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West Allis Fall Yard Waste Collection

fall yard waste collection, yard waste

  • yard waste includes leaves, weeds, thatch, flowers, vines and other non-fruit or vegetable matter
  • place materials in the street September 19 through November 14
  • yard waste should be placed in the curb-line of the street only during the designated dates listed above
  • DO NOT MIX BRUSH INTO THE YARD WASTE PILES (placing brush in the street is illegal and subjects the property owner to a fine--property owners can be held liable for any personal or vehicular damage occurring as a result of brush placed in the street)
  • yard waste materials may also be taken to a drop-off center or composted on-site
  • remove pots and soil from potted plants before placing in the curb-line

Calling All Boy Scouts!

Calling All Boy Scouts!    

Join us at the Wisconsin Humane Society to work on the requirements needed to earn your Dog Care Merit Badge and have a howlin’ good time!  The Boy Scouts of America and the Wisconsin Humane Society have teamed up to offer this fun and informative clinic.  Now all we need is YOU!

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FREE WindowAlert Clings to Save Birds

Get up to ten FREE 4-packs of WindowAlerts for just $2.50 shipping and handling per pack, while supplies last, from the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Up to one billion birds die every year in North America due to window collisions, but their deaths can be prevented by applying simple clings to windows! This initiative to save wild birds is made possible by the generosity of the Rusinow Family Foundation. Fall migration begins in mid-August and continues into November, so get your clings now to save birds heading south for winter.

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R.I.P. my "love"...

Alright, the title of my work may have been a bit drastic.  Chances are, you are wondering, “who passed away”.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t who that passed away; it was WHAT that passed away.

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It's a little chili out there

Recently, while attending Should've Brought the Invasion's birthday party at Taylor & Dunn's Public House in Mequon, my gaze was transfixed by a sign that said "3rd Annual Cool Beans Chili Cook Off".  I was intrigued, and inquired further (expecting to come to eat chili) and before you know it, I had signed up to bring a batch to be judged.

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New Health Care Program From the Obama Administration

 I've been reading much about the new health care program and what will take affect as it progresses.  So far, I feel it may only add more costs to the already burdened middle class.  Many of you out there are very knowledgeable.  Please let me know if you think the new healh care program under the Obama Administration is good and if so, why?  If not, why?  Who do you feel it will benefit, in the long run?  Thank you.

Smoking Patio Revisited

Some of you may recall when the bar near my home decided to build an "outdoor dining patio," (a.k.a. smoking patio).  I shared my concerns with Mayor Devine and Alderman Narlock.  My impression was that I couldn't do anything to stop the construction and that the City would make sure to impose restrictions and rules under which the bar could conduct activities on the patio.

Since it didn't seem I had any say in the matter (not my single voice alone, anyway), I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this really wouldn't be the quality of life issue I was convinced it would become. Maybe I was over-reacting.

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The New York Yankees get it

For years, I have tried to impress upon the dozen or so readers of my blog that The Star Spangled Banner is NOT a love song.  Implied in that statment is that God Bless America isn't, either.

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Beyond the Pink Ribbon: Learning How to Advocate

sullivan, breast cancer, Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition, Beyond the Pink Ribbon Advocacy Seminar & Luncheon

1994 was a very difficult year for Dawn Anderson. Both her mother and her grandmother died of breast cancer, within just six months of each other. She learned firsthand that people who care for those with cancer are deeply affected by the outcome.

“Cancer’s impact permeates the lives of everyone who loves someone who is waging their own personal battle with the disease,” said Anderson. “They are survivors too.”

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Dog Opens Savings Account at US Bank

U.S. Bank for Bowser
U.S. Bank has launched U.S. Bank for Bowser, a fundraising initiative for animals at the Wisconsin and Ozaukee Humane Societies. Many branches in the region will be selling raffle tickets on behalf of WHS. Bowser, a WHS shelter dog, will also be opening up a special savings account at the Bayside branch on Friday, October 22. You can deposit a donation directly into Bowser's account from any U.S. Bank

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Scary Things Are Happening In Downtown West Allis!

Meet & Treat, Greenfield Avenue, Downtown, West Allis, Business Improvement District

Don't miss the Downtown West Allis Meet & Treat on Saturday, October 30th from 10am to 12Noon.  Be one of the many children and their families who come to Downtown West Allis, located on Greenfield Avenue between 70th & 76th Streets.

Businesses throughout the Business Improvement District will give away candy, toys and special treats to children, ages 12 and under, who come in costume and accompanied by an adult. 

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I am not white...

and you, my friend, are not black, brown, pink or yellow…

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Photo of the week

Sometimes, I even impress myself. 

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Music Under Glass at the Domes Begins

The Mitchell Park Domes will swing open its doors on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 4 from 6:30-8:30pm for the fall season’s opener “Music Under Glass” concert featuring Reverand Raven & The Chain Smoking Alterboys, a soul and rhythm & blues band.        

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All dog, puppy and kitten adoption fees will be reduced by 25% today - Wednesday, Oct. 27!  A free tote will also be offered with the adoption of each adult cat. As usual, fees for adult cats are entirely waived, every day of the week!  

We have many puppies and dogs looking for new homes right now. Check out the sweethearts here.

Dog Parade at 1:00p.m. Kicks off Kids Day - TODAY!

Don't miss the Annual Halloween Parade at 1:00 p.m. today! 
All costumed canines will be available for adoption.

Wisconsin Humane Society, 4500 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee

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