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Wisconsin Shares (aka the other Madoff scheme)

“Hey, look, I get free money from the government, all you gotta do is open a day care, enroll “fake” kids, and then submit your info online.  The following week you will get a weekly check.  The more kids in care, they more you make.  No need to worry, they’ll never catch us.” 

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Obama's School Plans

What can I say?  I am an Obama supporter, for now!  However this school idea isn't getting much support with me!

I am all for the kids learning more, but not adding hours or days to the school year.  Well, maybe the days added on.  For example take away these "teacher inservice" days.  Our district gives those every month.  I don't remember getting off school that much.  I have a friend who works in daycare and their continueing learning happens in the evenings or the weekends.

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The Shock of a Loss

Saturday morning I participated in the Memory Walk for Alzheimer's at Mt. Mary College.  Hoping to find a weather report, I logged on to TMJ4's website and found this on their homepage.  Not so unusual to see an article about a murder on any of the TV news web pages, but this particular one stopped me cold. 

I recognized the woman who was killed. 

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Loving our Kids

Journal Sentinal, Bureau of Child Welfare, social workers, foster homes

After reading the headline article in this past Sunday's Journal Sentinal I felt sick. I wondered what sort of desparate situation would cause a mother, father or babysitter to beat, punish or starve a child  to death. Being a parent isn't easy. I've always said that kids don't come with instructions. I know full well how our kids can try our patience as I raised four of my own to adulthood. When there are family problems, financial problems or drug and alcohol problems Child Welfare often enters the picture.

The article reported that a minimum of 22 children died while supposedly under the protection of the Bureau of Child Welfare from 2004 to 2008. These kids were all ages and had been checked on repeatedly by social workers. Some of the kids were in foster homes, some in their own homes and some with family members. Those that were in foster homes and with family members should have been the safest, but obviously weren't or they'd still be alive today. If caring for someone else's child is too much or the child is too difficult for the foster parent why would they get involved with it in the first place?  If the stress of caring for the child or children starts to "get" to the pseudo-parent why don't they just get away from the child? Or, call for help from the agency they deal with? There are other solutions besides beating the child or throwing the baby or punching and twisting limbs till they break.  Perhaps, these folks should be screened first to see if they have the proper temperment to do this job and care for these already stressed kids.

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19th Annual Downtown West Allis Classic Car Show - Biggest One Yet!!

The first rumble of headers could be heard entering the registration area at 5:42am and there was a steady growl of glass packs and dual exhausts from that point until well after the registration cut-off deadline.  In the end, the 19th Annual Downtown West Allis Classic Car Show, which took place on Sunday, October 4, 2009, set a new record as 412 muscle cars, street rods, vintage roadsters and all other classics of yesterday streamed onto Greenfield Avenue to make the show another huge success!  There were plenty of sleek lines and cool chrome as a stroll down Greenfield brought back memories of when these classics ruled the roads.  Accompanied by great food offerings from the variety of vendors, rock and roll music from the DJ and an incredible flow of car enthusiasts, this year's collection of vehicles showed why once again the Downtown West Allis Classic Car Show is one you don't want to miss.

This year's "Best of Show" winner was Bill Wamboldt with his mint 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. A complete list of winners and pictures can be found on our website:

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Rotary Club of West Allis Nathan Hale Interact Club Active in West Allis

Nathan Hale Interact Activities

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2010 Schedule for Neighborhood Partnership Meetings

Since January 2009, we have been conducting Neighborhood Partnership Meetings throughout our community. These gatherings have been extremely valuable in addressing neighborhood concerns, while updating citizens on current law enforcement issues and challenges that impact our quality of life. Due the success of this program, we have scheduled the following monthly meetings for 2010. If you are not sure what meeting date specifically addresses your neighborhood, please use the following link to the City of West Allis Website: 

Keep in mind that you can attend any meeting you wish. Here are the dates/locations for 2010.

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Just a column full of rants

Nanny State, Barack Obama, Bowling, Coffee, Fantasy Football, James family, Las Vegas, My-Sugar-Na, Restaurants, Taxes

For some reason, more stuff is getting me angry than makes me happy.  Time to get some off my chest.

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Prostitution 101

Within the past couple of months, there was an article about prostitution within the city of Milwaukee.  To make a long story short, it stated that the women who chose this life do so out of desperation.  The pull of the drugs and other reasons override the safety and common sense these women should put in the forefront. 

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This is why baseball is the best sport

MLB, Television, YouTube

In case you haven't been paying attention, the MLB Playoffs are in full swing.  On one hand, three of the series have been sweeps (and the fourth series went four games).  But the thirteen games that we have been treated to includes...

  • Tuesday 10-6 - Before the playoffs even started, the Twins completed Detroit's collapse by winning their tiebreaker game 6 - 5.  Two Tigers relievers (Zach Miner and Fernando Rodney) blew saves, as the Tigers team blew a 7 game division lead with 26 games to play.  Of note is that the Twins closer, Joe Nathan, also blew a save in this game.
  • Thursday 10-8 - The Cardinals were leading 2 - 1 in the bottom of the 9th inning with their closer, Ryan Franklin on the mound and the third out in the air.  However, rental player Matt Holliday lost the fly ball in the lights, and the ensuing Franklin choke job gave the Dodgers a 3 - 2 win for a two-game series lead.  Former Brewers infielders Ronnie Belliard and Mark Loretta had the game tying and winning RBI, respectively.
  • Friday 10-9 - In scoring two runs off of SuperCloser Mariano Rivera, the Twins held a 3 - 1 lead going into the bottom of the 9th with closer Joe Nathan pitching.  It didn't take Nathan long to blow his second save of the week, as Alex Rodriguez hit a game tying home run with nobody out.  In the 11th inning, the Twins Joe Mauer was robbed of a likely double when umpire Phil Cuzzi errantly ruled the ball foul.  The Cheater's Proof was not in effect, as the Twins loaded the bases anyway but didn't score, and then the Yankees Mark Teixeira deposited a pitch into the bleachers in the bottom of the 11th for a Yankees 4 - 3 victory and two game series lead.
  • Saturday 10-10 - The Cardinals slept-walked through the only game of the day, and in doing so lost their series to the Dodgers.  With the snow-out of the game in Denver, this day was not-so-exciting in the annals of MLB history.
  • Sunday morning 10-11 - In a game that few people saw as they were getting their Favre fix, the Angels battled back from a 5 -1 deficit mid game by scoring a pair of runs in the 8th inning.  The Red Sox got what was thought to be one insurance run before entrusting the game to closer Jonathan Papelbon, who promptly gave up three runs and let the Angels win the game 7 - 6 and the series sweep (Side note; I thought the same thing as Joe Posnanski when the Red Sox chose to intentionally walk Torii Hunter).
  • Sunday evening 10-11 - In a game that few people saw as they were in bed when the game ended at 1:15 AM (Side note; Well, I stayed up for it.  Something to do with a wager that I had made for entertainment purposes only) and played in 30 degree weather, the Rockies and Phillies traded punches for eight innings, with the score tied at 5 - 5.  The Rockies brought in closer Houston Street, and he did what most closers all week had done, namely puke the game away.  The Phillies scored a run in the top of the 9th to make it 7 - 6 and entrusted that lead to the pukiest closer of the season, Brad Lidge (he of the 0-8 record, 7.21 ERA and 12 blown saves in 2009).  Though he did make it exciting, Lidge did save the game and gave the Phillies the series lead.
  • Monday 10-12 - With the Phillies leading 2 - 1 in the bottom of the 8th inning, they brought in closer-when-Lidge-is-being-benched Ryan Madsen who blew his second save of the short series and allowed the Rockies to take a 4 - 2 lead.  Since Rockies manager Jim Tracy hadn't been paying attention to the trend, he brought in Street (again) to try to close the game and take the series back to Philadelphia for a final game.  Instead Street (who had been paying attention) correctly gave up three runs to the Phillies.  In this alternate universe week, worst-closer-in-baseball Lidge closed out the game 5 - 4 to give the Phillies the series win.

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WAPD Significant Arrest - Officer Recognition

The intent of this press release is to keep the citizens of West Allis informed about recent arrests of individuals from incidents that have been previously reported on the WestAllisNow website. On a frequent basis, a release of this nature will be shared with the citizens of West Allis. These relases reflect only a small portion of the arrests that occur on a monthly basis, but reflect the hard work, dedication and teamwork exhibited by the men and women of the West Allis Police Department.

As always, we encourage citizens to call the West Allis Police Department (414-302-8000) or the West Allis/West Milwaukee Crime Stoppers (414-476-CASH), if you have information on any ongoing investigation and/or knowledge that may lead to an arrest. 

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Responsible Bar Owners?

I really don’t like to complain and I’m usually rather tolerant with neighbors, but at some point, a line is crossed. We live close to a neighborhood bar. When I use the term “neighborhood” bar, there are certain neighborly behaviors I expect from the local bar. I expect them to be respectful of the homes that surround their establishment, and I expect them to be serious about the responsibility they take on by serving alcohol to their patrons.

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Life changing!!! This is the reaction from a recent Rotary World Affairs Seminar West Allis Hale high school student.

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National Safe School Czar-Kevin Jennings

This week we will go national. One of our readers brought this article to my attention in the last blog posting. This too makes me wonder if I am an Obama supportor.

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Police Department receives $30,000 grant to combat DRUNK DRIVING in 2010

The West Allis Police Department will receive a $30,000 grant from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation - Bureau of Transportation Safety to crackdown on drunken driving in 2010. The funds will be used to pay for officers’ overtime and to purchase new equipment for improved enforcement.

Driving while impaired is not a victimless crime. In 2007, alcohol-related crashes in Wisconsin killed 337 people and injured 5,552. A person is killed or injured in alcohol-related crash in Wisconsin approximately every 90 minutes, according to Michael Panosh, regional program manager with the WisDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety.

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You want to be President because?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an expert on this subject.  When reading the paper, I skim over anything regarding government unless it has to do with scandal.  While others get their panties in a bind over who is voting for whom, I hit Starbucks for my favorite Double Blended Grande Caramel Frappucino.  While sipping, I realize just how good life is because I refrain from these types of conversations.


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A day in the life of our hero

Gambling; Poker; Football, Restaurants, Coffee

Don't say that (Sponsor's Name Here)'s life is all that glamorous.  Here's how my day shook out this past Saturday.

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District wants to raise tax levy 6.6%

Here we are with the school budget at hand. The board is proposing a 6.6% tax levy increase to make up for lose of government funding.

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Police Department receives $25,000 grant to combat SPEEDING in 2010

The West Allis Police Department will receive a $25,000 grant from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation - Bureau of Transportation Safety to crackdown on speeders in 2010. The funds may be used to pay for officers’ overtime and to purchase new equipment for improved enforcement.

Speeding is prevalent and deadly in Wisconsin. In 2007, speed-related crashes killed 251 people and injured nearly 11,000, according to Michael Panosh, regional program manager, WisDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety.

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Theft in our Schools

My focus this week is on theft in our schools. My son contacted me last week and informed me that his $80 Nike shoes were stolen from him in gym class. He set them down, turned to his locker, turned around again and they were gone. Luckily for him he had an extra pair in his locker, unlucky for him he didn't tell the gym teacher right away!

His gym class is at 9:30AM and he finally reported it to one of the asst. principal's at Noon. Needless to say the VP told my son go back to the lockers, look in them and if they are not there, well that is that. I requested to speak to the asst. principal. 45 minutes later he called me back and told me he could do nothing because my son waited too long to report it. After some arguing and threatening to inform the West Allis Police Department, the asst. principal said he would do what he could but also stated I was over reacting to the situation!

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