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This blog is on hiatus

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The singular, A-number-1, positively, absolutely most important time in a young man's life is upon us.  For that reason, I can't blog for awhile.

My fantasy football draft is this Wednesday, September 3rd.  Blogging will resume on Thursday.  Other than rib night tonight, nothing else matters. 

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"The Mouse That Roared"

Our theatrical friends, The Village Playhouse of Wauwatosa, are putting on an early fall show and we wanted to take a moment to tell you about it. Two of our board members, Ruth Caves and Rick Anderson, are part of the cast. It is directed by James Lentz, Jr. -- who directed our spring show and appeared in our fall show last year.
Anyway, the show is "The Mouse That Roared" and it tells the comedic tale of a tiny duchy that decides its economic woes are so great that the only way out of itsdifficulties is to declare war on the United States, lose that war and then accept the generous financial aid that the US is sure to offer. When the tiny empire -- through a complete fluke -- actually wins the war, the real fun starts.
We, the West Allis Players, are creatures of the theater and are happy to be able to promote another great production. The show will be presented at the Wilson Center for the Arts, 19805 W. Capitol Drive and runs September 5,6,12 and 13 -- 8 p.m. curtain on Fridays and Saturdays and a 2:30 p.m. matinee on Saturdays. Call 1-262-781-9520 for complete ticket information.
Now back to OUR show -- Director Dave Dombrowski has cast "Play On" and we will be giving you updates in the coming weeks. We had 40 people audition for our show and our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to try out. We also have a dynamic crew working backstage and you will be hearing more about them too!

ADOPTED! Double the fun

BJ and PeeWee are 8-year-old Schipperkes who are seeking a family with room for two!  These inseparable sisters will keep you laughing as they play together with their favorite squeaky toys.  At 8-years-old, they already know the ropes and understand basic cues like "sit" and "come."  You'd never guess that they are 8-years-old, despite the cute gray beards they've both developed.  These two are quite spunky, outgoing and play off each other's energy in very silly displays of play. 

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This past weekend, I went to dinner and my friend and I decided to go for a walk.  It was Friday night and the weather was slightly chilly. I had not truly dressed for the occasion, but fortunately had remembered a light jacket in the trunk of my car.  As we walked along the river, we noticed a flurry of activity.  I love the east side, especially along the lakefront. Walking is what I do, usually around the pond and also the four sets of stairs from the pond area up to Prospect.  It literally takes your breath away, and no, I am not only talking the scenery.  After 25 sets, a total of 100 flights of stairs, you are literally drained and exhilirated all at the same time.   Occasionally, I will sit and do your average people watch session, but normally it is in and out for me.  No matter what, I always feel safe. 

Getting back to last Friday.  My friend and I are casually strolling along the river.  It is quite a stretch, but I love to walk.  We reach a point that I have heard of so often.  Yep, you got it, I see "The Fonz".  How cool is that?  The statue sits on the river, with a plaque very close to it.  Within 15 feet of the sculpture sits a woman, on a chair of some sorts.  She is wearing a smock with the words "Miss Katie" across the front.  She is around 5 feet tall and has a cute roundish face.  She reminds me of my grandmother, yet younger.  She is comfortable, yet I wonder.  Who is this woman?  And, why is she here?  Does she need help, does she have a home?  So many questions run through my mind.  She offers to take a picture of my friend and I next to The Fonz.  "No thanks", we respond.  I am slightly hesitant to hand my electronic devices to strangers.  Although she seems safe, the inevitable always pops into my mind.  The traveling adventurer, the seemingly harmless "photographer".  One hands over the camera, and the next thing you know, the photog is running as fast as he or she can with their new possession.  Quite a few things ran through my mind.  Yet, a journey of an adventure began.  Miss Katie begins to describe The Fonz, head to toe.  She mentions in his right thumb-print there are initials, representing Henry Winkler and his wife.  Also, along the hand are initials of I believe the creator and his wife as well along with a heart.  Miss Katie pulled me in.  She began to describe her family history.  At one point I glanced down and noticed a smock.  Inside she carried paints.  I questioned her motive for being in this particular place.  She stated that she paints faces and arms.  I request that she paint my arm and she happily obliges. 

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ADOPTED Have room for two?

Calvin and Hobbes will exceed your every expectation when you visit them at WHS. Large in both size and personality, it's hard not to fall for these confident, affectionate and outgoing cats. Hobbes has a luxurious coat of thick fur, so perhaps that's why he's first to greet you at the door. This kitty LOVES being groomed and will need brushing to keep his coat healthy and shiny. Calvin is never far behind Hobbes and will eagerly crawl into your lap for chin rubs and neck scratches.

These amazing cats have lived together their whole lives and have formed a deep bond of love and friendship. We don't want to split them up. Do you have the room in your heart and home for two? See them at

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Executive Board Reinstated for 2008-2009

Executive Board

On September 4, 2008, the Executive Board was reinstated by a unanimous vote. Claudia Derringer, Second Vice President, decided to step down. Her compassion, dedication, and hard work will be missed. The General membership requested the appointment of Patti SanFillippo to Second Vice President, and she accepted. 

The 2008-2009 elected positions are as follows; Bill Potocic - President, TJ Meyers-Jansky - First Vice President, Patti SanFillippo - Second Vice President, Marge Larson - Treasurer, Sue Jean Ceel - Secretary, Dave Wied - Past President, Scott Adrian - Officer, Joyce Halliburton - Officer, Eric Christensen - Officer, Sheila Kuchenreuther - Officer, and David Radowicz - Officer. 

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The story of "Mitten vs. That Poor Little Crippled Kid"

James family, Miller Park, Milwaukee Brewers

On Tuesday evening, September 9th (Side note; coincedentally, I was at County Stadium exactly 16 years earlier watching Robin Yount get his 3000th hit), I took (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Son, Mitten to the Brewers game.  It was a cool but comfortable evening, but with the Miller Park dome closed, it was a great night for baseball.  And except for Jeff Suppan and some guy that I've never heard of going to a 3-1 count on every batter before every batter started fouling off pitches, we had a great time.  (Side note; on Saturday, September 6th, My-Sugar-Na and I watched the Brewers beat the Padres in 2 hours and 7 minutes.  By comparison, at 9:14 PM on Tuesday, we were in the top of the 6th inning.)

As the game meandered on way past Mitten's bedtime, Ray Durham (who clearly doesn't respect a child's need for sleep) hit a game-tying 3-run home run in the 7th inning, and the hapless Reds and ice cold Brewers played on into the night.

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Dogs in tuxedos, anyone?

Cruise on down to Pier Wisconsin for a lovely evening of good cheer and good deeds for our four-legged friends. Benefiting the Wisconsin and Ozaukee Humane Societies, the Paws & Claws Gala will be held on Saturday, September 20, 2008.

Emceed by The Biggest Name in Milwaukee Radio, Phil Cianciola from 620 WTMJ, the annual fundraiser for the Wisconsin Humane Society boasts an impressive array of silent and live auction items, Bartolotta’s finest fare and live music. You’ll meet cats in ball gowns and dogs in tuxedos! There’s even a raffle and the top prize is sensational!

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High School Reunion...

 Ok, so I may be dating myself here, but I recently attended my 20 year high school reunion.   Yep, believe it or not, Laura "Hendricks" decided to go for it. 

I had gotten a couple of emails from previous classmates throughout the past couple of months.   I was excited because not only had I know most everyone in the graduating class, but had also attended grade school with a few as well. 

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I'm still for sale

Milwaukee Brewers, MLB

I might have a line on a ticket for myself for tonight's Brewers/Cubs game at Wrigley.

Refreshing everybody's memory, the Brewers are now 4-3 at Wrigley, and I have been to two of the Brewers losses there in April.  Also, I have been to four Brewers/Cubs games this season, and the Brewers are 0-4 in those four games.

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Of My-Sugar-Na, Trees, and parking for the State Fair

Blogger's Clip Show, My-Sugar-Na, Taxes, Vier Pogo Squad 51, West Allis

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Animals and those creepy alien-type things on Stargate:  Today I am pleased to turn over my humble little blog to my favorite wife, My-Sugar-Na!  Please give her your undivided attention. 

After attending a MyCommunityNOW bloggers meeting last night I decided that my husband doesn't talk about West Allis enough in his blog so I am guest blogging.  Here goes.....

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Straight from the Soldier's Mouth....

With the current election closing in on us, most of us are pretty set regarding who we are going to vote for.  One of the main concerns of us as an American people is our National Security and the War at this time.  

Being a member of the United States Army, I can honestly state I support our troops.  I have many friends who have not only served, but have been deployed numerous times.  I received an honorable discharge in 1991.  My children's father served a 1 year tour in Kabul, Afghanistan which I believe changed his life.   My children and their father kept in touch via letters and email. 

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Executive Board Meets for the First Time

The Executive Board met for the first time last evening, 9/18/08

Will There Be a Christmas Parade Dec. 6?

The planning is in process for this year's Christmas parade in West Allis. We have been organizing & bringing the parade to the downtown streets for over 10 years. The sweat equity is a lot of fun. Working with the Business Improvement District and the WA/WM Chamber of Commerce, to bring an entire day of community activities together, is well worth our efforts.

We wish parades would come free, but they do not. In order for us to put on a quality parade, we need to raise additional funds. WaterStone Bank has come forward with $2,500. Their gracious donation is a good start, but we still need $7,500 or donations of bands and attractions.

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End of Summer Blues

It's been a little while, I know, but I've been busy trying to soak up the last few bits of summer before we head down that all too familiar road.  The pathway through the crunching red and gold leaves isn't so bad.  It's the cooler temperatures that inevitably dead end in Wisconsin's winter wonderland that I fear the most. 

Soon I'll be packing away my flip flops and capris and pulling out boots and mittens.  It's sad.  I absolutely adore summer.  I absolutely hate winter.  OK, so maybe hate is kind of a strong word, but I think it's justified here.

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East End Observations

Farmers' Market, Rupena's, Six Points Area, Summit Place, Walgreen's, West Allis History, Wisconsin Highway Dept.

I've had several distractions in the past several weeks. I won't weary your minds with all the events but, for the most part, things have come back to normal whatever that word means.

In my travels around the East End I've made a few observations. The first one is that all the work that was supposed to be started on 60th Street beginning on Lincoln Ave. hasn't begun outside of some infracture work. Instead of the roadwork starting, the residents on either side of 60th St. got a patch job. I can't imagine how this patch job will hold up through the winter. Upon asking my alderman and the state representative who actually came to my house on a campaign mission, I was told by both of them that the money to pay for the work wasn't available. My questions are: Was it there when the city of West Allis had the big meeting at city hall with the engineers? Was it never there? If it was there what happened to it? Was it diverted to some other project that was deemed more important? Perhaps the city should let the citizens of the East End know what's going on.

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Institution of....

When you hear the word "institution" what is the first thought that comes to mind?  Is it more in the direction of positive or negative? 

When I think of institution, I recall a conversation with a Great Aunt years ago.  About 50 years ago my Aunt gave birth to a daughter with down syndrome.  The doctors and nurses at that time had very different ideas regarding children who were "different" .  They stated that the best care for my cousin would be to eventually allow her to be raised in an institution.   Fortunately, my Aunt and Uncle disagreed and raised their daughter on their own.  She is one of the most loving and kind persons you would ever meet.   She is very active, holds a job and has a boyfriend as well. 

Today, regarding the word institution, we now associate it with something which should be a very positive experience.  The Institution of Marriage.  I am sure you have heard of it used in that way, correct? 

Marriage today is quite different than 50 years ago.   Divorce was a curse word, at least in the Catholic Church.  Men worked and women stayed home.  Oh how times have changed.   More likely than not, most children will have numerous step parents and siblings as well.  It is more common than not to be divorced and multiple marriages are on the rise.  Dissolution is not prejudice.  It hits every race, age and sex.  We have now opened the doors and the word marriage has a completely new definition.  Instead of this union being approved between a man and a woman, it is now open for everyone regardless of sexual orientation.  It almost appears that if you STAY married for more than 10 years, you are a rarity.  Marriage extinction is on the rise and soon enough we will be at a 75% divorce rate for all persons. 

What has changed something which was the core of our society? Can we pinpoint an exact point in time when this institution became so very negative?

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Play On!

We, the West Allis Players, are busy rehearsing our fall show,
Play On!" This comedy concerns a group attempting to put on a play while the overbearing playwright continues to make changes and changes -- and changes. Hilarious complications, anybody?
This is a pretty exciting time for the cast and crew. The set is taking shape and the cast has put aside its scripts. Suddenly -- and almost by magic -- each actor and actress is transformed into their characters. Truly a lot of work -- and a lot of fun.
Come join us in the audience! Our show runs October 3, 4, 10 and 11 at 7:30 p.m. Ticket prices are very reasonable -- $12 for adults and $10 for students and seniors. Use your Entertainment book for big savings. If you have not yet purchased your Entertainment Book, you may do so in the lobby and enjoy the savings immediately!
We have just announced our spring show. We will be presenting Agatha Christie's "A Murder is Announced." I love Christie and am really looking forward to this production. But more on that later.
For now -- to quote the Bard -- "If music be the food of love, play on." We intend to! To director Dave Dombrowski, cast and crew, we say, "Break a................." well, you know.

Save what remains of the County Grounds

In the late 1990s, former County Executive Tom Ament proposed selling more than 300 acres in the County Grounds Northeast Quadrant (see map). Almost overnight, “Save the County Grounds" lawn signs were everywhere!

This outpouring of public opposition led to the creation of a Northeast Quadrant Land Use Plan that set boundaries for a business development zone of approximately 66 acres on the west end of the property and set aside approximately 55 acres of naturalized parkland in the middle of the property. To create holding ponds to address flooding, the easternmost section of the property was allocated to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District.  This plan was developed by Kubala Wasatko Architects and served as the consensus plan representing all interests.  

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West Allis Fire Department


If any one of us has ever lived in the City of West Allis, I am sure at one time or another you have spotted the WAFD logo on the side of an ambulance cruising down your street. You will notice, for those neighbors who are home during the day, a crowd gathering out of “curiosity”. I am sure each and every one of us hopes for the best possible outcome for any patient who needs assistance and transporting.

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