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Goodbye Dad...

My Dad, Thomas Hendricks, recently went to sleep and woke up in heaven.  Funny thing is that he never mentioned that he was planning a permanent vacation. 

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Hello everyone,

My name is Kim and I am the newest member to the blogging community for West Allis.

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Shooting for the 12-18 demo with this one

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nanny State

ths is 4 kds tht reed my blog. i thnk it gr8 that u r txtn frnd n fmly. u pay 4 fon so u use fon. 2 bd ur 2 slfsh 2 care 4 us. ur life is bout u nd y u hat us its not fare. life is al bout wat u mak of it.

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Who Are They?

charity, West Allis, Fundraising, Music By The Mile, money, philanthropy

They could be your neighbors. They could be your family. They could be your friends. They have been providing temporary, monetary support to the West Allis community for 45 years. They brought you the Western Days Parade for over 40 years. Their largest, annual fundraiser was West Allis Western Days. They believe in people, programs, and progress in the city of West Allis. They are the volunteers of the West Allis Charities, Inc.

They may be a local, charitable organization, but they pack a punch when it comes to providing support for residents and community programs. 45 years and $1.4 million later, they are like the Energizer Bunny...they keep going and going. The West Allis Charities has been positively managing change in their organization since the retirement of West Allis Western Days. Their core team has been working toward increasing volunteer membership, reorganizing their leadership roles / responsibilities, identifying new fundraisers (such as Music By The Mile), using a new & consistent branding strategy (including logo, website, sponsorship categories, & blog),  and have a Five Project Focus covering the growing needs in the West Allis community.

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Day 1 Part 1 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Free market, James family, My-Sugar-Na, Blogger's Clip Show, State Fair, West Allis

It's Here!

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Day 1 Part 2 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Nanny State, Barack Obama, Free market, James family, Las Vegas, My-Sugar-Na, State Fair, West Allis

So I turn left off of 92nd St onto Orchard Thursday night at 5:30, and I see My-Sugar-Na waving lines of cars onto our yard. The State Fair is in full swing.  This is our fourth Fair in West Allis, and we've never had more than a couple of cars parking in our yard the first day, so this was a little quite unexpected.  I didn't even have time to change clothes, I opened up the garage doors, quickly shoved a couch (Side note; we bought this beautiful sofa sleeper from a friend a couple of weeks ago and we couldn't get it into the family room.  No way it gets through the back door, so we went through the living room... damn swinging dining room door.  Couldn't get it off of its swinger, so now it sits in the garage until I can figure out how to get that door off.  Ticks me off, too, as the money from the couch came out of my Vegas fund. [Special double side note; did I mention that in June I managed to get a round trip ticket to Vegas for the weekend of November 7 for only $138?  I couldn't NOT buy that ticket.  Now I have three more months to save up to the amount of money I want to take.  Having a 2-Benjamin couch in my garage is a contraindication.]) up against a wall and quickly slid some bikes into the storage locker.  I no sooner had the garage cleaned out when a Foreigner fan parked her SUV there.

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Day 2 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

West Allis, State Fair

Rain, rain.  Go away.  Now, dammit.

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Day 3 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

James family, My-Sugar-Na, State Fair, West Allis

So when it finally stopped pouring and degraded to a summer shower, the traffic in the neighborhood started to trickle in.  My-Sugar-Na and I started parking cars around 2:00 PM (In contrast, by 11:30 AM on the first Saturday in 2007 I already had about half a dozen).  We had ran a couple of errands in the early afternoon, and though Mitten did park one car, there really wasn't the crush of traffic that I had expected.

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Walk outside of your house into any establishment and you may hear the above words.  At least 50% of those living within the United States can translate the meaning of the question.  I have utilized it many times in the past and can be assured to use it just as many times in the future.

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State Fair Headaches

My husband and I managed to squeeze out a couple good hours late yesterday to head over to the fair.  It was a rained on or sweat your pants off.  The rain and the heat not withstanding, our biggest problem yesterday, once we did a large enough circle around the fairgrounds to NOT have to make a left hand turn, was actually being able to put the dang car somewhere so we could go get our annual order of deep fried cheese.  

I suppose parking at the fair worked out just fine in 1940, but the only way I can describe it now is bedlam.  It took us a half hour to actually set tires in the grounds and get onto the racetrack to park.  Add that to the half hour it took us to get close to the grounds (with all the "no left turn" signs everywhere) and we're already an hour invested in this trip.  We live five minutes from the grounds.  Having this process take an hour is insane. Maybe for next year we could find a more productive way to handle traffic?

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$5,000 in Scholarships Awarded

Deserving students from West Allis Nathan Hale and West Allis Central High School will be receiving their scholarship awards in the coming week. They have worked hard to achieve above average grade points, are involved in the community, and showed a financial need. We extend our congratulations to the following students.

Natalie Liberto (Nathan Hale) $1250, Jennifer Walker (Nathan Hale)  $1250, Megan Navarrette (Nathan Hale) $550, Matthew Neary (West Allis Central) $550, Logan Marg (West Allis Central) $550, Evin Hirschi (Nathan Hale) $550, and Heather Kurcharski (Central High School 2008) $300

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Day 4 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Naughty businesses, State Fair, Television, West Allis, Local news

First, let's dispatch the preliminaries.  Casa de James housed one automobile on the first Sunday of the State Fair.  Uno.  Eine.  In about five hours of sitting alone outside waiting for that rush to start at any time...

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Storm Watching on 45 S

storms, Dodge county, Washington County, Wisconsin's tornado alley, cloud formations

Yesterday, three of us drove back to Milwaukee from a another lovely and fun-filled "Waupaca Weekend". Of course our timing was perfect since we drove down in the height of the storms that battered lower Wisconsin. When the weather is like this, I'm always happy to make it through Dodge and Washington counties as they are Wisconsin's "tornado alley".

The wind was really trying to push the van we were in all over the road. We could see it actually moving other vehicles and cars pulling trailers. Gotta watch those trailers.  Ahead of us the lightening strikes were quite spectacular as they came down from the sky in beautiful jagged lines.  The rain came and went depending on which black cloud we happened to be travelling under. It was either heavy, hard and fast then tapering to a soft drizzle as the van moved away from that black or dark grey clouds.

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School Supplies

School is right around the corner.  Time to start shopping for school supplies and filling out those lovely forms.  Forms and fees days are coming up, make sure you know the date for your school.

This week I would like to concentrate on school supplies.  Like many of you, I have started and think I have finished my school supply shopping for my three kids.  There are a couple items that I don't buy and here is what they are and why!

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Auditions for: Three Murders and It's Only Monday

The West Allis Players will be holding open auditions for our next production of:

Three Murders and It's Only Monday

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Day 5 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Free market, My-Sugar-Na, State Fair, West Allis

Well, it isn't the weather that exclusively dictates the Home Game version of the Milwaukee Mile infield.  I got home from work, thinking that the nicer weather would draw many more to the Fair.  I must have been wrong as the neighborhood was again devoid of traffic, and the James Gang car park tally remains at 34 cars in five days.

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Day 6 Part 1 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Blogger's Clip Show, James family, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, My-Sugar-Na, State Fair, West Allis

Welcome to both of you that navigated over here from the JS Online home page, clicked the link under the Newswatch section on the right side (above the fold) that's called "Read More From Our News Partners".  MyCommunityNOW editor Mark Maley was fascinated enough by this content that he is linking by blog for the remainder of the State Fair (unless he didn't like that picture.  In the event the link is removed, pretend you didn't read this paragraph and continue after the break).

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Trailer Parking at Hale Leaves Bad Taste?

Any of you familiar with this story?  Various trailers that transported animals to the fair are being parked in Nathan Hale's parking lot.  Apparently some of the neighbors are less than excited about it.  One mentioned, this "...will set a bad precedent, which will permit the degradation and devaluation of the subdivision."

The article goes on to say that security will be stationed at Hale and all trailers are clean.  What would be the problem that is so bad that we are devaluing the subdivision?  Seems a little exaggerated?  It sounds like a decent money making opportunity for the school to boot.  Money that will, hopefully, be put back into our children's educations.  Couldn't we put up with a short lived, potential discomfort for that?   

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Day 6 Part 2 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

My-Sugar-Na, Restaurants, State Fair, West Allis, YouTube

After arriving home at work, changing clothes and parking the 11th car (and last) on our property by 6:00 PM, My-Sugar-Na walked to the State Fair.  I knew it was Crazy Grazin' day, and I knew my wife had some stuff she had wanted to try.

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Day 7 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

West Allis, State Fair

Honestly, there isn't a lot to report about from my point of view on Wednesday.  My-Sugar-Na took a day off of work, and had six cars parked by the time I got home from work (but that's not the reason you took a day off, is it honey?)  Shortly after Mitten and Gooey were dropped off, they were able to park one more for a daily total of seven, and a seven-day total of 55.

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