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If you can't stand the heat, go to Hell's Kitchen?

My-Sugar-Na, Patriotism, Restaurants, Television, Vacation

That's right, folks.  The easy wilting duo of me and My-Sugar-Na leave bright and early on Sunday morning, July 4th for three days of 95 degree fun in New York City, including time in Hell's Kitchen.

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Seatbelts and Helmets

 Before anyone gets smart about "their personal rights and lifestyle" regarding the use of seatbelts and helmets, this blog is FACT driven and MY OPINION.  You, as an individual, can choose to use seatbelts and/or helmets as you wish.  And, yes, I realize the use of seatbelts is a law.  I use mine all the time.  

I work as a Claims Representative and process death claims and disability claims each and every day.  I read autopsies and police reports.  I have read about single vehicle wrecks that involve people who did not wear their seatbelts who were tossed out of the car they were in, thrown into another  lane of traffic and hit by oncoming vehicles.   Not much left.  The same goes for individuals who did not wear helmets while riding motorcycles or bicycles....brain damage resulting in a lifetime disability and/or death.  

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Smoking Ban in Action

As I see it right now, the smoking ban could become a be-careful-what-you-wish-for situation. In our honorable attempts to make public places safe for all, we've perhaps created a new monster. Health is important and I've heard the reports about second hand smoke, but now for those of us who live near a restaurant/bar (and in West Allis, who doesn't), we're about to have a new problem.

I'm watching out my window as the local bar builds an "outdoor dining area" which is just a fancy name for an outdoor smoking patio. So now, instead of the bar noise staying inside the bar, people will be taking their various levels of drunkenness in and out of the building till bar close every night of the week to have a cigarette, and, essentially, move the bar atmosphere into our backyards.

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Paradise Theater, in West Allis, sold, undergoing repairs

West Allis

The Paradise Theater building, in West Allis, has been sold and is undergoing repairs.

That's the word from Courtney Hollis, registered agent for Paradise LLC. Hollis told me via email that Paradise LLC now owns the building, 6229 W. Greenfield Ave.

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One week later

Being the optimistic type of girl I am, I recently went on a journey to the past.  For the most part, I believed that it would be a positive situation yet for a minute here or there, I would ask myself, “What are you doing, are you crazy?”  

I stepped back to 1989.  The year of, well, who knows, but it was the year I fell in love.  It was a year I recall time and time again, one which appears at times in my dreams.

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This one's for Mortified West Allis Resident

Restaurants, Vacation

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Even Hell's Kitchen was looking for air conditioning

My-Sugar-Na, Patriotism, Restaurants, Soccer, Vacation, YouTube, New York

Didja ever have a vacation that you knew – as it was happening – that it will be a much better memory when viewed in the rear view mirror.

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West Allis city agency might buy former Hub Chrysler site

West Allis, Retail, Office

The West Allis Community Development Authority will consider a resolution authorizing the city to begin negotiating a possible purchase of the former Hub Chrysler site.

That item is on the agenda for Tuesday's meeting, which begins at 6 p.m. at City Hall. The eight-acre Hub site, 3007-3035 S. 108th St., has been vacant for three years.

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Securitas moves offices from West Allis to downtown Milwaukee

Downtown, Office

Securitas has leased 7,800 square feet of office space at Wells Fargo Plaza, 735 W. Wisconsin Ave., from Towne Investments, it was announced Tuesday.

The private security firm moved its headquarters downtown from Summit Place office park, 6737 W. Washington Ave., West Allis, to better serve its broadening downtown client base, according to Towne. The lease was brokered by Marianne Burish and Dan Mickelson, of Siegel-Gallagher.

When no means no

All around the country we're seeing budget cuts as the result of the current rcession. This ultimately reduces the amount of taxes paid in to local, state, and federal coffers. Less people working means less people buying things, means less taxes being collected. Its the way things work.

The largest public school system in the state has announced that, due to budgetary constraints, they will need to eliminate some jobs within the school district. The result was as expected. The MTEA (Milwaukee Teacher's Education Association) is upset and the teachers themselves showed up to protest the cuts. Last I've heard, it appears there are as many as 89 jobs opened back up.

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You give God... a bad name!

Church every Sunday, Christian sticker on your car and what appears to be a happy marriage.  All of these represent what a “good” Christian family would be.

Time and time again, I am faced with individuals who claim to be Christians.  You know who I am referring to, the ones who actually carry around and read the bible every chance they get.  How about the ones who quote scripture and only scripture?  If there is a #1 pet peeve, that would be #.05 for me!

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The highs and lows of "This Weekend in Charcoal"

Cooking, My-Sugar-Na

I blame my boss.

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West Allis CDA holds off on possible ex-Hub site purchase

West Allis

The West Allis Community Development Authority has suspended plans to negotiate a possible purchase of the former Hub Chrysler site.

That's because there are private parties that might be interested in buying the site, said John Stibal, city development director.

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As My World Changes

I know most everyone has navigated the loss of a loved one. I'm also sure most of you have made trips to a nursing home that you would prefer to forget.  As you know, I lost my dad in October of last year. A week ago, my grandma had to be put in a nursing home.

Nothing new to those of you have have preceded me in this experience, but it feels like life is catching up with me in a big way. Before Dad's parents died a few years ago, people told me how lucky I was to have both sets of grandparents still alive.  Most of them had lost at least one grandparent already, some had lost all of them. I would smile and agree with them, but couldn't really imagine a day when they wouldn't be there. I had picked an age that seemed appropriate for them in my head and they never got older.  I think I missed my grandparents' 70s all together because I was convinced they were only 68 the whole way through.

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WAPD Neighborhood Partnership Meeting

The next Neighborhood Partnership meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 21, at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at West Allis City Hall, 7525 W. Greenfield Ave. This meeting will focus on the neighborhoods east of 84th street; however, anyone can attend. 

Members of our Training Division will giving a demonstration of a Taser and Segway.

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2010 Summer Band Concerts


The concert scheduled for Thursday, July 22, has been cancelled due to rain and rescheduled for Thursday, August 5.

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Welcome to Worth & Value!

                 Hey there, thanks for dropping by!

                 I am a 20 year old West Allis native, although I have moved away and then returned. I graduated early from WAC, in January 2008. I declined to start college right away, as I had no concrete idea what the heck I wanted to do with my life! So, I worked several different jobs, line cook, detail tech at a car dealership, apartment complex manager, landscaping, and even a job as a personal assistant. I finally settled into what I thought would be a career I would enjoy, CNC machining.

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Love yourself enough!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl.  She was told by her Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and older sister that she would one day meet her Prince Charming and they would ride off on into the sunset on his white horse.   This went on for years and years and re-affirmed via Disney, Pixar and TriStar entertainment.  What everyone failed to mention is that her Prince Charming could change his mind 5 years into the relationship and go for her best friend.  Go figure.

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Downtown, Greenfield Avenue, West Allis, Business Improvement District

Do you want to ride your bicycle?  Then Downtown West Allis is the place to do it!  The newly added bike lanes in the Downtown West Allis Business Improvement District, located on Greenfield Avenue, between 70th & 76th streets, are ideal for making bicycle transportation a much easier way to get around town.

Not only are the bike lanes new, but the City of West Allis has recently polished up the area by repainting the center lines, crosswalks and parking lines as well.  So long to the old, chipped paint and hello to a cleaner, new look.  Come to Downtown West Allis and try out our new bike lanes and see the other improvements yourself!

Lennon & McCartney

 There have been (what I consider to be) many, many great songwriters throughout the years.  Two of the best from my generation (and forward) have been John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  Not all of their songs were worthy of mentioning but I am sure that if you read the words to their songs, one or more will remind you of something or someone in your life that makes the words POP for you..a special meaning, thought, or period of your life makes a song or songs "special" in some way.  How about checking out the words on the internet to some of these songs:  Let It Be; The Long and Winding Road; Lady Madonna; Yesterday; and so forth.  

"What is to become of our future generation when they listen to these songs written by these  long haired youngsters from Liverpool?"   A lot of our parents said that.  

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