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Regional Transit Must be Truly Regional

RTA, Regional Transit Authority, Doyle, Veto, Milwaukee, Budget, KRM, Rental Car Fee, Business

I applaud Governor Doyle’s veto of the Milwaukee Transit Authority and echo his call for a truly regional transit authority. I am also concerned with the remaining provision which funds the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee (KRM) commuter rail line with a significant car rental fee increase. Increasing this fee puts an undue burden on business in Milwaukee, and makes it difficult for our region to attract visitors and conventions. In addition, a rental car fee increase is unlikely to secure necessary federal funds for this project.

Moreover, the rental car increase further demonstrates that our would-be regional partners want Milwaukee County to bear the burden. The proposed sales tax just included Milwaukee, and the rental car increase disproportionately affects Milwaukee, as most of the rental cars are located at our airport. You can't say you're for regional transportation or a regional KRM line if your only funding plan is to get Milwaukee consumers, businesses and visitors to pay for it.

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What turns me on??

Turn off to the max…

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Open Enrollment Cap Vetoed

Sullivan, Open Enrollment, Veto, Budget, Governor Doyle, Schools, Wauwatosa, West Allis, West Milwaukee

I joined several Milwaukee area legislators last week in urging Governor Doyle to veto a cap on open enrollment. Hundreds of parents from throughout Milwaukee County have chosen to enroll their children in school districts within the 5th Senate District, including Wauwatosa and West Allis-West Milwaukee, and this provision would have a negative impact on them. Below is text from that letter:

Dear Governor Doyle,  

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A Special Fourth of July Thank You to Service Members, Veterans and Their Families

Sullivan, Fourth of July, July 4th, Independence, Service Members, Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Military Families, Freedom, Operation: Families First, Wisconsin Guard

On the eve of the celebration of our independence, I would like to issue a special salute to uniformed service members, veterans and their family members. Your continued sacrifices have made celebrating the Fourth of July possible for 233 years and counting.

Wisconsinites fight for our freedom every day. The Wisconsin Guard has roughly 3,600 soldiers and airmen on active duty.

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Improved Roads, Jobs Coming to West Allis

Sullivan, Traffic, Stimulus, Roads, Governor Doyle, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, West Allis, Beloit Road, Oklahoma Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Arthur Avenue, National Avenue, Jobs, Infrastructure, Department of Transportation, Construction

I applaud the Joint Finance Committee for approving three road projects in West Allis last week. The projects, which will be constructed with federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, include the following roadways:

*76th Street from Beloit Road to about Oklahoma Avenue

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Bet you thought this was another “Love Letter” to Michael Jackson.  Oh how wrong one can be.

Michael Jackson was a man who will be known as; the-man-who-left-his-children-nothing-but-memories-of-a-man-who-slept-with-pre-teen-boys-who-also-made-them-wear-masks-in-public-while-refusing-to-allow-them-to-play-with-children-their-own-age.

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Public Hearing on Indoor Air Quality in Schools

Sullivan, Indoor Air Quality, Schools, Department of Public Instruction, Association of Wisconsin School Administrators, Wisconsin Association of School Boards, Wisconsin Association of School Business Administrators, Wisconsin Council for Administrators of Special Services, WEAC

The Senate Committee on Education is holding a hearing this morning on Senate Bill 41, a bill I authored that will help districts address indoor air quality in schools. Below is text from the testimony I submitted to the committee just moments ago.

Testimony of Senator Jim Sullivan Regarding Senate Bill 41

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We sure could use this guy right now...

Free market, Milwaukee Wave

I've made my season ticket pledge to keep a valuable community asset, have you?

"Be Our Guest!"

We are so proud to announce our summer show, Disney's "Beauty and the Beast!" Opening night is July 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have a cast of almost 90 talented actors, singers and dancers and this production is phenomenal!!! Director James Lentz, Jr. has put in many tiny touches that bring so much to this tale of love. I enjoy watching musicals like this just to see all the special bits included. Just watch the opening sequence and you will know what I mean! Every cast member brings something to each scene -- the village is alive, the castle truly enchanted. And I may have said this before, but I don't care -- this show has the BEST line in musical theater EVER -- "I use antlers in all of my decorating!" It doesn't get any better than this.
Show dates are 7:30 p.m. July 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th and 2:00 p.m. July 12 and 19.
July 12th and 19th 2:00 PM

We are located at West Allis Central Auditorium, 8516 W Lincoln Ave. Tickets are sold at the door. Our box office opens one hour before show time. We are air-conditioned!!! 
Steve will be working the box office for every performance and I will be there the second weekend. Be sure to say hi and let us know you are reading our blog!


We're on YouTube!

Our "Beauty and the Beast" opened last week to standing ovations and huge crowds. This is the last weekend to see our enchanted production.
Visit the behind the scenes clip at
See you at the theater -- and thanks so much for being our guests!
By the way, here is our 2009-2010 40th Anniversary season:
  • Fall 2009 "Three Murders and it's Only Monday." A murder mystery spoof directed by Mary Beth Topf.
  • Spring 2010 "Driving Miss Daisy." The beautiful story of an unlikely friendship directed by Katherine Beeson -- hey, that's me!
  • Summer 2010 "Jesus Christ Superstar" directed by Mary Beth Topf.
Our Children's Series will be announced at a later date.

Gearing up for the Second Half of the Season

Sullivan, Milwaukee, Brewers, Miller Park, All-Star, Playoffs, National League

As we slowly move toward the dog days of summer, I am ready to throw all my support to the Milwaukee Brewers making another run at the playoffs. Last season, the Brewers raced to their first post-season appearance in 26 years. Southeastern Wisconsin, desperate for a baseball winner, rallied around the young Brewers, pushing them to the top of the Wild Card standings.

This season, the Brewers once again find themselves in the thick of the playoff race. July 14 marked the unofficial midway point of the summer as the world's best baseball players participated in the 80th Major League Baseball All-Star game. Two young Brewers were showcased, as Prince Fielder thrilled the crowd by winning the home run derby, and Ryan Braun earned a spot as the National League's starting right fielder.

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Me? Apologize???

This is a recent quote from an article in the Journal Sentinel titled, “Senate calls for apology over slavery” dated 06/19/09:

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Peapod Was Here

Maybe I'm lazy. Maybe I'm just too darn busy to take a trip to the grocery store. Probably, it's some combination of them both. 

I placed my first grocery order through Peapod. It arrived today in little refrigerated containers that the driver brought to my door and unloaded for me on my kitchen table. I have to admit, I was a little embarrassed at first...what did the neighbors think?  Probably that I'm too dang lazy to go to the grocery store.

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A Report from the Six Points Meeting

block watch city of West Allis, grafitti, Department of Public Works, Police Department

This past Wednesday,  I went with one of my sons and his wife to the satellite police station on 70th and National for the Six Points area meeting.  I only recognized one other person from my neighborhood. All in all I'd guess there were about 20 to 25 people attending. I was surprised that there weren't more folks interested enough in their neighborhood to come to the meeting.  So many of the comentators on these blogs are concerned about crime in 'Stallis. Y'all should have been there to find out what the police in West Allis are doing about it instead of just complaining. Here are some of the highlights of the meeting.

Several of the new police officers have recruited 220 new block captains in the area.  Having block captains makes our neighborhoods safer especially when neighbors are watching out for each other. Do  you know who lives across the street or a few houses down from you? Do you ever walk around in your area to get to know people and be on the alert for troubling signs? Do you keep an eye out for odd things happening and for strangers hanging around? When people are interested in their neighborhoods they are ever so much safer.

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So much going on, so little to say

Bowling, Free market, Gambling, Milwaukee Wave, Brewers players, Nostalga, Other blogs, Television, West Allis

You'd think I would have posted more, what with some of the big news headlines the past month...

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Beauty and the Beast -- Merci!

Wow. I don't know how else to describe our production of "Beauty and the Beast." We had more than 1,800 people come to see our show and we are so deeply grateful. Kudos to director James Lentz, Jr. choreographer Amie Ferrante, Musical and Vocal Director/Conductor Megan Justman Sweeney, Stage Manager Ruth Caves and every member of our talented cast and crew. (My contribution? Did you see Gaston's crony, the one with the black pants and red vest? Yeah, well, I sewed his shirt.) Set strike happened Monday night and while it was sad to see the castle taken down, it was one more chance for the cast and crew to share memories. Once again, my contribution was limited to helping sort costumes because, frankly, no one wants me anywhere near power tools. I'm fine with that. There are still a lot great theater productions this summer. I will be seeing Off the Wall's production of "Sweeney Todd" this weekend. I've heard that tickets are going fast. As for the West Allis Players, we are not resting too long on our laurels. Auditions for our fall show (yes, summer is going by very fast) will be August 17 and 18. The show, a murder mystery spoof, "Three Murders and It's Only Monday," will be presented October 2,3,9 and 10. Come and help us celebrate our 40th anniversary during the 2009-2010 season!

I hope Suzanne gets eliminated soon, or else wins the prize

Cooking, Fox 6, Nutjobs, Television

Damn you, Tim Cuprisin.

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Can I see your license Miss??


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Historic Downtown West Allis Hospitality Group presents.....

I would like to introduce you to the Historic Downtown West Allis Hospitality Group and the rewards cards that they are offering.  Six of the areas 'Hot Spot' restaurants have joined together with an invitation to sample and experience the variety of foods each establishment has to offer.

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Jewel Discovered

So, June and July have been tough in the Shea household.  We've been on the go almost every weekend, traveling to Kentucky, going to Summerfest, the Dells, cat name it.  The tough part is the way we've been eating during this free for all.

Many of you will remember I'm on Weight Watchers.  Well, let me tell you, I haven't been watching much weight the last month and a half.  In fact, if I don't lose 6 pounds by August 5, I'm going to have to pay the weekly rates until I do lose the weight.  (I'm a lifetime member, and I don't pay fees anymore for meetings unless I get 2 pounds or more over my goal weight.)  The idea of having to pay again is not putting the same smile on my face as Sonic's Limeade Chiller. Which, I have to say, is AWESOME!

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