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(You should) Kiss that baby goodbye???

Those of us who live within a certain mileage from the City of Milwaukee must have heard the news.  The most recent: one more baby dies while co-sleeping with mother.  Are we surprised? 

This is the fifth death regarding co-sleeping within the last 10 weeks.  Is 2009 the Year of the Adult Smothering Baby?  Is this what Milwaukee is going to be known for? 

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Water Privatization Flushes Local Control Down the Drain

Water, Privatization, Sullivan, Bauman, Comptroller, Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Rates

The air we breathe . . . the water we drink . . . You cannot live without them. But while some of us consider these elements a basic necessity, others are viewing them as nothing more than a bargaining chip.

Milwaukee’s comptroller recently proposed privatizing the city’s water services as a way to raise funds for other city services. And he’s getting support from folks who are looking to the suburbs to pick up the tab. In a recent radio interview, Alderman Bob Bauman said: “While the city may be reluctant to charge the highest rate the traffic will bear in terms of water rates, I guarantee the private sector would, and the citizens of Milwaukee would benefit from that because rates do not have to be uniform . . . Water rates might very well be higher for suburb communities than the city of Milwaukee . . . That could be stipulated as part of the lease agreement.”

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It’s Time to Right a Wrong for Victims of Drunk Drivers

Sullivan, Drunk Driving, Senate Judiciary Committee, IID, OWI, Felony, Victims, Repeat Offenders

Losing a loved one to drunk driving—it’s a profound loss, the gravity of which cannot be captured by words alone. As a legislator who works to remedy problems for the people of the 5th Senate District, it’s frustrating to realize there is nothing within the power of the legislative body to make up for that kind of tragedy. At the same time, we can make a few wrongs right in the name of those who senselessly lost their lives to a preventable crime.

In honor of the victims of repeat drunk drivers, I have proposed a comprehensive proposal aimed at getting those offenders off the streets through tougher sanctions and prevention programs.

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Independant thoughts

Free market, My-Sugar-Na

Who says that I am just a follower?  Twice in the span of a few hours on Tuesday, I've had issues with some of my favorite columnists and personalities.

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Ask your neighbor

Free market, West Allis

Shortly and simply... I am looking for new homeowners insurance.

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We Are In Rehearsals

The West Allis Players' rehearsals of "Beauty and the Beast" are in full swing five days a week. Director James Lentz, Jr. cast more than 90 talented individuals and we are so excited. Although other commitments meant that I could not audition, I listened to a musical rehearsal and I thought it was amazing. And this is just Week Two!
There are a number of West Allis residents in the cast, starting with Nick Zajdel who plays The Beast. Theater regulars may remember him from last year's musical, "All Shook Up."
Bobby Schmeling plays Cogsworth, Gene Schuldt is D'arque and Ryan Krueger is one of the Cronies.
These West Allis singers and dancers are part of the Ensemble: Jenny Anderson, Ashley Bruski, Anne Clark, Allison Drury, Maureen Georgesen, Tim Jesse, Catlin Koller, Allison Koller, Christian Koller, Anna Lewein, Don Mulholland, Francesca Steitz and Kristin Walters. Our board member -- and brand new West Allis resident -- Ruth Caves is our Stage Manager.
We also picked our 2009-2010 season that officially starts in the Fall. Details will be announced soon. This year we celebrate our 40th anniversary and are always so grateful for everyone who comes to see our shows. Thanks for letting us entertain you!

Hard times = Mayhem?

1930's, Great Depression, violence in the city, baby deaths, killings in the city

As times are getting tougher for folks it seems that there's more violence, theft and general mayhem in the city (that includes, Milwaukee, West Allis and the rest of the county). I wasn't around during the Depression of the 30's so I don't know if the same things happened then. All I know bout that time period are the soup lines, people doing without, people helping each other and bankers jumping out their high rise buildings. It seems to me that people who grew up in the recent affluent times have always had their "wants" met. The bankers don't jump anymore cause they got their hefty bonuses and their bailouts.

While I had the news on tonight, my grandson commented that the news was too depressing and why wasn't there any good news. All we hear and see on the news are stories about stabbings, shootings, police standoffs and deaths of babies by careless people. Doesn't LIFE matter to anyone anymore?  Don't people realize that guns make huge holes in people, paralyse people and sometimes make them go brain dead? Don't they know that a knife plunged into a human body can cause death by a bleedout? Or, that a baby asleep with the parent can get smothered, or that if one drives a daycare van and five children are picked up then five children should be taken out of the van? Is a check list that difficult to adhere to that now daycares are required to have alarms in the van? If one doesn't have the money to buy a crib, use a deep dresser drawer or a wash basket. That's what poor folks did in the 30's from what I was told by my deceased mother-in-law.

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A bit of advice for convenience stores and gas stations

Free market, Television

I know that in many instances, technology is replacing workers.  Workers may not be laid off as a result, but through attrition the head count is reduced when a departing employee is not replaced.

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You chose the Bass-Turd!

Yes, I know, the person you reside with makes your life a living heck.  I understand.  I am sure more than one of my ex’s has referred to me in the same manner.  I will be the first to admit at times I can push a button (or two).  Yet, when it comes down to it, the truth of the matter is this: each of us has chosen whom we want to relate to.

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Jody Gerut lost Thursday's game for the Brewers

Brewers players, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Star-Spangled Banner

I was at Thursday afternoon's Brewers game (which lasted an excrutiating 3 hours and 50 minutes) as the Crew lost to Colorado 5-4 (Side note: Warren Wiegratz played The Star Spangled Banner on the saxaphone, and it was the highlight of the day!)

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Dangerous Dog Slope

I know I'm probably a bit behind the eight ball here, but I just saw the article about the dangerous dog ordinance having been finalized and approved by the WA License & Health Committee. The article refers us to the city's website to view a copy of the ordinance, but I've got to say, I couldn't find it. I'm not sure I want to read word for word of legal verbiage, but apparently, we are moving forward and sending the ordinance to the Common Council.

As we already know, they removed the specific breed references, but are leaving it up to the WAPD and  Milw. Area Domestic Animal Control employees to decide whether a dog is dangerous or not. The line that most interests me is the one about the definition of a dangerous dog:  "one that has an apparent attitude of attack."  

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2nd Quarter Lightning Round

Barack Obama, Bowling, Brewers players, Craps, Free market, Gambling, Las Vegas, Miller Park, Milwaukee Brewers, PBA Tour, Restaurants, Taxes, Television, Vacation, West Allis

I can't understand the $4.1 million in state funds to help with LAST June's flooding.  Thanks to Guv Luv, the state is somewhere between $6.5 billion and infinity in debt, but yet the taxpayers have to pony up because of bad luck 12 months ago.  My house has flood insurance and it shouldn't be the state's responsibility to cover those that don't... I also can't understand how Obama can think that our health care system needs to be gunked up with government intervention.  As if the home run he hit giving beau coup bailout funds to GM and Chrysler this past winter wasn't indication enough, now we own them...  GMAC holds my mortgage, do you think this gives me leverage to renegotiate?...Buy a semi-trailer or locomotive radiator, please... Last week I suggesed that Jody Gerut of the Brewers lost Thursday's game.  In watching Sunday's loss, it was a case of the White Sox being a better team that day.  Their pitcher hit a home run, and they scored a run in the last inning against the best closer in baseball history.  Just gotta tip the cap to the Pale Hose and get on the plane to Cleveland... The late Little Cafe is in the process of becoming Big Al's Cafe... I found my cell phone... I dug up about 20 square feet of back yard and replanted grass seed yesterday.  How long before its smokable (I'm kidding!)... True or false - If a vehicle can't achieve (or a driver chooses not to drive) at the speed limit on the freeway, then that vehicle or person should not be on the freeway?  I am not a crazy driver (maybe 5-10 over the speed limit), but I get tired of being stuck behind dump trucks and blue hairs in the left lane... Speaking of the freeway - specifically the Zoo Interchange reconstruction - does anybody think that these public hearings are nothing more than to say that they've had public hearings?  The reality is that the engineers and the Department of Transportation who are [sarcasm on] way smarter than us [sarcasm off] already know what they want (see the 9th paragraph of this link) and the only hang up is how much money will ultimately be made available... Former Professional Bowlers Association mega-star Mark Roth had a stroke two weeks ago, and is still paralyzed on his left side.  The Associated Press never reported this... Did anybody really think the Iranian elections were going to be legit?... After a Craps-tastic week in Vegas in April, the sevenout gods are getting even with me... Don't laugh, but how long before we start getting rumblings about replacing Miller Park.  Consider the facts; (1) Bud Selig first floated the idea of replacing County Stadium in 1986, (2) Ground was broken in 1996, (3) The stadium opened in 2001, (4) the stated "useful" life of Miller Park is 30 years, (5) If it took 15 years from idea to opening, then these talks need to start happening in 2016, (6) That's only seven years from now, gang... The new season of Dexter starts on September 27th, John Lithgow is the celebrity serial killer this season... Tweet, tweet, tweet.


Yes, I am one happy girl!  In years past, the term gay meant happy or joyous.  Today the word itself represents something quite negative.

My friends and family know me as a heterosexual female.  It usually does not come up in conversation, as we have more important things to discuss.  Sure, some of us single folks talk about our dating lives, but in general, it’s mostly casual.

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Chief Flynn

Latest news: man has affair.  I know, mark this one on your calendar, because this type of activity has not occurred in the history of mankind. 

It was stated recently in the Journal Sentinel that Local journalist Jessica McBride confirmed Friday that she had an affair earlier this year with Police Chief Edward A. Flynn, someone about whom she had written a glowing profile for Milwaukee Magazine.”

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Bonus impulse blog!

Nanny State, Taxes, West Allis

When I considered my short-term blogging, I didn't expect to post anything new for a few days and thought that this week's Lightning Round would be it for awhile.

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Wake up Oak Creek and Franklin - Some "Knowitalls" are going to screw up your businesses

Development, Free market, Nutjobs, Restaurants, Taxes

Oh, to have a blog in one of those communities.  Instead, I will have to just try to shout louder.

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People Watching at the Lake

Summerfest is the ultimate music experience in Milwaukee. I haven't gone the last several years for one reason or another, but I was there last night for KISS. My brother and I have gotten together with friends several times over the years (mostly when we were younger) to see his favorite band. No matter that I know exactly what's going to happen during Gene Simmons' guitar solo, the spooky demon bass solo with the blood spitting gives me chills everytime. No matter how often I see Paul Stanley stick a guitar pick on his tongue and then spit it into the crowd, I want one...real bad.

But let's not forget the other two ultimate's about Summerfest:

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More East End Observations

customer service, K-Mart, Target, Space Bags,

This morning I had occasion to shop at my local K-Mart. You know the one on 70th and Greenfield. I wasn't sure if they carried Space Bags which I sorely needed. So, logically, I went straight to the customer service desk and asked the young lady behind the counter. She said "sure we carry them". I asked "where might I find them"? She started to describe where they were located and I must have had some sort of confused look on my face. Imagine to my surprise, she came out from behind the counter and said "Follow me". 

Now as many times as I've shopped there, finding a clerk who will actually walk you to the item you're seeking was totally astonishing. It's happened to me at Target down on 43rd Street a few times so I'm used to it at that store.  This same customer service lady also did a price check for me on another item which she found for me too. So, huge KUDOS to her for her customer service skills. K-Mart has a true gem  If she reads this, she'll know who I am because how many customers ask for Space Bags?

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Let's hope to avoid a rerun of the fall of 1987

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nostalga, Milwaukee Brewers, Brewers players

Now, the thirteen of you that read my blog regularly probably know that I lean to the right side of most issues.  But that doesn't make me heartless.

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That is all we can say at this point about West Allis Players' auditions for "Beauty and the Beast." We had more than 200 talented people come out and we want to thank them all.
Our director, James Lentz, Jr. is now huddling with his production staff and making the very difficult decisions as to whom to cast. This will be a blockbuster show -- with a cast hovering around 80 -- and James has so many fantastic ideas.
Suffice it to say, this will be the don't miss show of the season! We open July 11. More details later.
By the way, this is our 40th anniversary and we will be announcing our 2009-2010 season very soon so stay tuned!

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