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Aging Gracefully?

I’ve hit two milestones during my absence from the blogs. I went and turned 40. I’ve officially reached the top of the hill from which it’s all downhill now, right? Or is it true that 40 is the new 30?

For a few weeks before the big day, I was concerned about how I was going to deal with this new stage in my life. I don’t want to be 40…I want to be 28 or 32, but sadly, those days are long gone. I didn’t know if I’d wake up birthday morning and jump up out of bed or if I would pull the covers over my head and cry myself back to sleep.

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Can you feed baby birds this summer?

Volunteers are needed to help feed and care for orphaned wild birds in the wildlife nursery at the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center from May through September. This is a great opportunity for individuals to learn about urban wildlife and help save the lives of baby animals.

Responsibilities include feeding baby birds, preparing food and cleaning cages.  Volunteers must be at least 13 years old to work without a guardian, or 12 years old with an adult guardian.  No previous animal handling experience is required.  The time commitment is one day per week for three hours.  Four different shifts are available between 8am and 9pm, seven days a week.  This is a great experience to help save local wildlife and build great relationships with other animal lovers! Upcoming orientations will be held on Sunday, May 17 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Wednesday, May 27 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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There is no Peter Lugers in Las Vegas. I checked

Bowling, Craps, Gambling, James family, Las Vegas, My-Sugar-Na, Nostalga, Reno, Restaurants, Television, Vacation

I've never been known for my brevity, so here goes...

Travel - My-Sugar-Na's and my flight to Las Vegas was relatively uneventful, especially compared to (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Parents.  Their flight from Milwaukee was delayed continuously due to weather affecting their inbound plane.  When they finally got on, they sat on the tarmac for at least an hour while a fuel gage problem was checked.  This caused them to miss their connection in Denver.  Their new flight - which was also held up with mechanical problems - got them to Las Vegas a full five hours late.  My pops was a none-to-pleasant soul at 1:00 AM Vegas time.  My sister and her friends, Jendy Wo, Revvy Al and the Slot Jockey came in Monday morning... their flight was to leave Milwaukee only three hours after my parents arrived.  It was kind of cool talking to my sister as she was getting ready to leave - her after waking up and me not having gone to bed yet. 

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Friday, May 8, 2009, was a special day.  Our Very Own Danny Gokey came back home.  It all started out at the Fox 6 studios and eventually proceeded to the Amphitheatre where Danny held a mini-concert for approximately 26,000 fans.  I believe at that particular venue the Mayor announced it would be deemed Danny Gokey day.  He then proceeded to the Brewer’s Game where he graced us with the National Anthem.   From what I saw on television and heard via the radio, it was quite a spectacle.  Young and old, everyone was more than excited.  Screaming mothers and teenage girls chanting, “We love you Danny” with signs adorned with gems, one would think that a rock star was in town.

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Tired of the Nanny State

Free market, Injuries, James family, Naughty businesses, Nutjobs, Restaurants, School Board, West Allis, Nanny State

For those of you griping that for the last couple of months, all I've done was talk about bowling, baseball or Las Vegas, here's something to chew on.

I am very upset at the smoking ban that will go into effect in Wisconsin next year.  Simply put, government should not continue to tell me how to live.  The business owners have done a pretty good job of letting the market decide if smoking should be allowed in their establishments.  We all make choices... the choices to go into restaurants that allow smoking, or the choice to go into one that doesn't.  Why does government feel the need to get involved?  

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Was Michael Landon a pre-teen father?

Some insight into how (Sponsor's Name Here)'s mind works.  I came across this headline while surfing Ye Olde Internet...

Actor Michael Landon's eldest son Mark found dead at West Hollywood home at age 60

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Rotton to the (Tri-) Corp.

Tri-Corp, New Samaria, City of West Allis

I have a guest columnist today.  Mortified in West Allis emailed me about this ongoing situation in the East End of West Allis. It seemed to me to be of interest to all of us citizens of West Allis to be more aware of how a group of disabled and mentally ill are being treated.

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Save me from myself, Mr. Obama

Barack Obama, Taxes, Nanny State

This is the guy in charge of our Nanny State?  Good Lord, my grandkids'll be paying for this until they die of old age. (Note that [Sponsor's Name Here]'s Official Son, Mitten, looks particularly rough.)

From "MyFox New York"....

Dead People Get Stimulus

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I received a text message a couple of weeks ago.  It was from a number which I did not recognize.  I am the type of person who will delete the name and number of an acquaintance who has not been in contact for awhile.  Sometimes it takes me less than a month, but you get my drift.

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A couple of articles caught my attention this morning

2008 Presidential Race, Barack Obama, Bowling, Gambling, James family, Reno, Vacation

First, it looks like Madonna died a week or so ago.  Someone forgot to tell her soon-to-be-hubby.

Also, if y'allns can handle some satire, take a look at Sarah Palin's first 100 days in the Oval Office.

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Wither thee, Tomasino Italia?

Bowling, Free market, James family, Restaurants, West Allis

At first it was a failed attempt for a "Last night of bowling" slice of pizza with my team at the end of April.

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What's next? A Woman Cave?

MLB, My-Sugar-Na, Television

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a Dodgers WIN program (short for Women's Initiatives Network) which has been designed to reach out to women and bring them closer to the game of baseball and its lifestyles.

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Remember Those Who Have Fallen

Memorial Day, Soldiers, Wars, Decoration Day

For many of us, Memorial Day is the beginning of summer.  It’s a time to get out of town, have a cookout, go fishing or just have a lazy paid holiday. How many of our kids know what the real intention of this holiday? Tell your kids what the day commemorates. Just the word Memorial itself means to remember someone or something and to either celebrate or to reflect on the event or the person.

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Summer = Festivals

Finally. I've waited all winter for this and we have finally gotten there.


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I'm actually a pretty good cook

Cooking, My-Sugar-Na, Television

Although some have criticized me for linking to Kevin Fischer's blog (on too often, I am a regular reader.  One of his regular features on his blog is his ongoing "Culinary no-no's".  They started as some simple paragraphs that concluded with something like "No ketchup on a brat" (which I wholeheartedly agree with).  In the past year or so, the posts have gotten longer but still lead us to a conclusion about what shouldn't be done with food (Side note; and thanks to the folks at Journal Sentinel Interactive - or whomever decides to change the blogging software every six months - many of Fischer's early "Culinary no-no's" are gone.  Of course, so is the blogger's hit counter and the ability to monitor comments, but I digress.  Somebody is getting rich off of this, however...)

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Stand, sit, kneel.  Stand, sit, kneel.  An exercise, or an exercise in the Catholic Church? 

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Gotta' Comment

Postal Service, Plant a Row, Mel Gibson, Wisconsin NO CALL list

I've got some comments on a few things that got my attention the past week or so. 

The first one is all the attention that Mr. Mel Gibson is getting in the entertainment field. I always liiked him as an actor and his films not just because he's a very attractive man.  Recently, however, I've lost respect for him. Supposedly, he's this extremely Catholic man following the Church to the ultimate. Now I know that everyone is human and makes mistakes. IF and I mean a big IF, he's this super religious Catholic why does he have a pregnant girlfriend? He may be separated but isn't divorced. Having been born and raised Catholic I know how the Church feels about divorce and all the ramifications of it.  Is Mr Gibson's csreer flagging? Is he creating all this chaos in his life and his children's lives for publicity? Why didn't he just go ahead and get the divorce before he decided to find a girlfriend and get her pregnant? Mr. Gibson, you've lost me as a fan. Sorry.

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I'll Take a Large Helping of Technology...

UWM, engineering campus, Wauwatosa, Sullivan, jobs, research, science, County Grounds, development, economy

Utter the words Milwaukee or Wisconsin, and people all over the country will think of beer and cheese. But thanks to a wise move recently made by the Milwaukee County Board, we’re going to add something new to that list—technology.

Last week, the board approved the sale of a portion of the County Grounds to UWM for the development of the school’s engineering campus and research center. UWM can now proceed in its development of a state-of-the-art facility, which will be located near the Medical College, the Children’s Hospital, the Blood Center of Wisconsin and GE Healthcare.

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Remember when... Celebrations were newsworthy?

Nutjobs, Patriotism, YouTube

On Wednesday, May 27th, FC Barcelona (of Spain, duh) defeated Manchester United (of England) in the UEFA Champion's League.  This soccer tournament - played concurrently during the season - is one where all the top teams from the top leagues in Europe work their way through bracket play.  These are league teams (not national teams), therefore some of the best players from the entire world are usually involved in the finals.  In other words, to football loving countries, this tournament is heavy duty.  Barcelona won, 2-0.

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The Nanny State has an evil twin - "One Idiot Is Offended"

One Idiot is Offended, Nanny State, Nutjobs, Patriotism, Religion

Don't get me wrong, being offended is annoying.  This is not the point of my post, but just this morning as I was listening to WTMJ-AM 620 on my ride to work, they were interviewing Alderman Bob Donovan (who has never met a microphone or camera he didn't like).  Ald. Donovan was whining about discussing how cars with the stereos blasting (or cars with bad mufflers, or Harleys, ect) were annoying while he is sitting on the porch or while in his living room watching TV.  He even said (notice the quotations) "Noise pollution is a real problem in Milwaukee".  While most of us normals can agree that stereos, mufflerless cars and motorcycles are annoying, in the big picture they don't cause a problem.  We grumble about it, we turn up the TV volume, we might yell at the driver (safely protected by the offending sound), and then when the motorist leaves we go on to live our merry lives.  Annoying, yes.  Life altering, no.

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