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Unions, Non-Unions, let's battle, oh my!

If you follow my blogs on a regular basis, you probably know my topics of conversation.  I have covered sex, race, religion and other topics many say yet never out loud.  

There are two subjects I have yet to cover; sports and politics.  It’s not because I don’t enjoy them, I just really don’t pay attention until something really big happens.  Actually, the only reason I enjoy sports is because I can go to the game wearing my most scantily clad outfit.  Talk about good clean fun!!

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Genetically Modified Seeds - Made To Live Up To RoundUp

farm, food, garden, plants, seeds

I did not know this, and after I read the article below, I'm not sure that I ever wanted to know this.  I know from living in a farming community that seed companies are making seeds such as corn resistant to RoundUp so that it is easy to spray for weeds as farmers are tending their crops. But I didn't know that they are now genetically altering the seeds, and also doing the same with seeds that we buy as residential back yard garden growers.

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shred, shredfest

There will be a shredfest on Saturday, April 16, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at WaterStone Bank, 10101 West Greenfield Avenue.

Consumers can bring up to 3 boxes of documents such as old checks, pre-approved credit card offers, bank and credit card statements, bills, old tax returns, receipts, and old real estate documents to be shredded for FREE by ProShred Security.
For more information contact the Better Business Bureau at 414-847-6000 or go to

Adoption Discounts at new Ozaukee Campus - 20% through April 30!

Yard Smarts Hotline Serves Up Lawn & Garden Advice April 15 - May 15

events, garden, landscape, plants, yard, lawn

News Release:

Briggs & Stratton Experts Ready to Answer Questions April 15 - May 15 (April 2011) – MILWAUKEE – This spring, homeowners hungry for yard care knowledge can turn to the month-long Yard Smarts Hotline. Staffed by lawn, garden and equipment experts, the hotline is sponsored by Briggs & Stratton Corporation, which makes the engines that power eight out of the top 10 lawn mower brands in the United States.

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Better Business...

Once in a while, I cover a topic regarding businesses and such.  If you read my previous blog, you will understand that I have been through the ringer and back regarding income.  I am the Queen of finding the best deals.  I refuse to spend excessive amounts of money regarding labels knowing that next season I can get the same item for usually 1/4 of what someone else paid.  

Since I have done my research and have a little bit of knowledge in most areas of life, I am able to lower the price on almost anything.  When striking the best deal, the #1 route would be to go to a private seller.  With cash in hand, a bit of humility and a personal touch will create a home run situation for both.  

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Planned West Milwaukee grocery looking at May construction start

West Milwaukee, Retail

Construction could begin in May on a planned 61,000-square-foot West Milwaukee supermarket that focuses on selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cermak Fresh Market is planned for 1541 Miller Park Way, just south of the Target store. The West Milwaukee Community Development Authority recommended approval at its Monday night meeting, and the project will go before the Village Board next week, said Ron Hayward, village president. 

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Church considers purchase of Paradise Theater building in West Allis

West Allis

The Epikos Milwaukee Church "is seriously thinking of buying and renovating" the former Paradise Theater building, according to a West Allis article, by reporter Jane Ford-Stewart.

If that happens, it would be the second time the 83-year-old building, at 6217-6301 W. Greenfield Ave., has been used as a church.

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Food Wars

Weight Watchers, food addiction, food craving

Two weeks ago, Wednesday, I went back to Weight Watchers. Some of you may be aware that I lost 30 pounds a few years ago by following the Weight Watchers Points Plan. I got arrogant, figuring I didn't need Weight Watchers anymore. I knew the plan. I knew how to keep my weight under control.

Next thing I know, I've apparently relocated 20 pounds of the 30 I lost and I've got pants I can't wear because they won't go past my thighs. I would probably fit right in with the kids who wear their jeans hanging off their backsides, but it doesn't look comfortable. Plus, I can't walk like that. I could barely make it from the bed (where I tried to tug the jeans on) to the closet (where I'm going to hang them back up 'just in case').

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I Sustain You!


What is your definition of love?  According to the dictionary, it is defined as; a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties, attraction based on sexual desire, warm attachment, enthusiasm or devotion, unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another, among many others.  One could say this happens after a few cold ones or a night on the town.  Sad, yet true.

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Fast Food Establishments and Cleanliness

 One of my pet peeves is going to a fast food restaurant and finding no clean tables to sit at while the employees of the establishment are busy standing around.  Ditto for the full garbage containers that need to be emptied.  I have gone so far as to ASK for a wet, clean cloth to clean a table off for myself and the person I am with.  If one of the employees does take the initiative to clean a table or two off, they don't use elbow grease and just do a quick wipe - not removing anything stuck on on top or the sides of the tables.  And who knows what we are sitting on as far as the chairs and/or booth cushions.  With the exception of one, I have encountered this more often than not.  Yuck.  Unfortunately, very few have the little cards to fill out about the "experience" we had at the establishment.  

Home Landscape Work – What Do You Do First?

safety, education, garden, home, landscape, perennial, plants, travel, spring

It’s Spring! You want to get out there and do some of those landscaping projects you didn’t get to last year.  A new flower bed would be nice, or you want to plant a tree, maybe create a retaining wall.  You have been thinking about what you want it to look like all winter.  Maybe you have already purchased materials for your project.  I’m sure you have also drawn a rough sketch of what you want to do.  It should be easy, right? You have a free weekend, let’s go!


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Double Edged Sword

Stereotypes regarding men and women in the sexual world have existed since the beginning of time.  You may recall a few biblical stories.  One refers to the woman at the well.  It said she had lived a “bad” life, had been married to several men and now lived with a man who was not her husband.  The other is the story of the adulterous woman dragged into the temple by the scribes and the Pharisees.  The law during that time was to stone “such women”.  

Let this sink in.  Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, is brought to light regarding the men these women chose.  If that doesn’t wake you up faster than a double shot of espresso, little else will.  

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Volunteer at the Auction & Support West Allis' Featured Artist

     Believe it or not, the Channel 10 Great TV Auction is right around the corner. I have been a supporter and volunteer at the auction for 10+ years. It is such a fun and rewarding experience. If you are looking for a volunteer opportinity, you may want to give the Channel 10 Great TV Auction a try.

     The staff and other volunteers are very personable and with the variety of tasks, there is something for everyone to do. You can come with a group or by yourself. I can't wait until the auction starts!

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Letters, We Get Letters...

Steve and I are finally getting to catch our collective breaths as we finished a wonderful run of "On Golden Pond." Thanks to all who took the time to see this fantastic show!
We wanted to respond to a few blog comments.
One reader expressed interest in us doing more shows that are updated versions of Shakespeare (ie: "West Side Story" and "Kiss Me Kate" and wanted us to do more movie reviews. We are looking into shows for Fall 2011 and beyond (yes, we know we should have done this sooner, but we promise to announce our season very soon) and while we do not believe that any Shakespeare-inspired shows will appear this year, we will take that to heart. (We did "West Side Story" in 1994 and hard as it may be to believe, it is too soon to repeat it. We had someone in our "On Golden Pond" audience reminded us that we did the show before -- 23 years earlier!) As for reviewing more movies, we are going to do on a regular basis. Many of our blogs will now consist of our theater news PLUS more general arts topics. As I write this, I am on a business trip with my husband and intend to see a few new films while he is at work!
Another reader wanted to know if we, The West Allis Players, had ever considered any other venues. We did read about the potential new owners of the Paradise Theater, but at this time our budget makes the school auditorium a good fit for us.
Still another reader had questions about our play and our ticket prices. All our show information is on our web site, including ticket prices and coupons for reduced-price tickets. If for some reason, we are missing something on the web site, please let us know.
And last, but not least: AUDITIONS for "THE KING AND I" are fast approaching. A large cast is needed and auditions are as follows: Children 6 - 15 and dancers will audition at 6:30 p.m. May 2 and 9; adults 16 and older will audition May 4 and 5. Auditions will consist of singing a prepared piece (children may sing "Happy Birthday" and those under 9 most likely will not have to sing,) a dance/movement and reading from the script if desiring a speaking part. We audition at 8516 W. Lincoln Avenue -- West Allis Central Auditorium. Complete details on our web site. Parents will have to sign a form when their children audition. NOTE: The role of the King has been cast.
Some people wonder at casting before open auditions, but we sometimes do this when a role demands a particular strength. Many groups do this. It is hard to go on with rehearsals if a leading role remains open. What we will never do is secretly precast a part and then allow people to audition for a role that is no longer available. We will always be honest about our auditions.
Keep reading and keep writing!

West Allis Memorial Day parade

West Allis Memorial Day parade, Memorial Day Day parade, parade

The Allied Veterans Committee, in conjunction with the City of West Allis, will sponsor a Memorial Day parade on Monday, May 30, 2011.  The parade will step off promptly at 10:00 a.m.

The parade starts at South 70 Street and West Greenfield Avenue.  It will proceed west on West Greenfield Avenue to South 75 Street, and south on South 75 Street to West National Avenue.  The parade will then follow West National Avenue to Veterans' Memorial Park and will disband on South 69 Street and West National Avenue at the east entrance of the park.

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Weed Wars

lawn care, weeds, yard work, homeowner, green grass

I'm sure I've written before about my battle with the weeds in my lawn. It was obvious when my husband and I bought the house that the weeds had been allowed to run amok with little supervision on the part of the previous homeowner.

But my husband and I were naively confident that we could wrestle them back under control. We've owned the house for six years now and, not only have we not conquered the weeds, we now have a lawn full of dead grass. This is not entirely our fault -- the neighbor had a patch of dead grass first and it spread to our lawn faster than chicken pox spreads through a first grade class at the elementary school. Not only that, but it's killing grass so fast that every time I blink, I swear I see it moving diligently across what is left of the grass I've managed to keep alive. I'm sure I hear it taunting me when I go out to get the mail.

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Prescription Drop Off Site

Today, the West Allis Police Department joined the many local police agencies by establishing a 24/7 drop off site at 11301 W. Lincoln Avenue. This drop off site was funded by the West Allis-West Milwaukee Community Coalition. This program is completely anonymous and helps our environment, prevents accidental poisoning, prevents identity theft and helps reduce substance abuse and drug distribution.

Items that are ACCEPTED include: Prescription and Over-the-Counter medications, Vitamins, Medication Samples, Pet Medications, Inhalers and Liquid Medication in a leak proof container.

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Yard Problems To Look For

education, garden, home, landscape, yard, tree, water

There has been a few days in the last couple of weeks that were nice enough to get out into my yard.  I was itching to get out there!  I moved into my current home in late November, so I had no clue as to what types of perennials or bulbs or woody shrubs I had.  I'm anxious to assess the yard, see what is already there and determine what stays and what goes. There are a lot of things I want to change about it - and I was making mental notes as I did a thorough walk around.  There are many aesthetic things I want to change, but there are a few things that if not corrected quickly will result in bad things happening. Here's a few of the bad things I found:

1. The previous owners used ugly scallopped brick things to make a ring around a tree out by the front sidewalk. They heaped soil and wood chips inside the ring which added about 6 inches of material over the regular ground level. Adding or removing more than one inch of soil to the area under the canopy of the tree will usually kill it in three to five years from suffocation or exposure.

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Where's your daddy??

Present or not, fathers are a vital part of every child’s life.  When dad fails to parent, mom must step up to the plate to put in her 150% to ensure that child does not fall to the wayside.   

We are not guaranteed that our children will turn out to be “practically perfect in every way”.  The bible does not include the word fair at all.

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