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Prediction time

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This is the fifth year in which I offer my Super Bowl picks.  To recap...

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Tale of Two Lives

Sandy* and I have known one another 15 years.  We met through work and have been two peas in a pod ever since.  I am fortunate to call this individual a friend and trust her completely with my thoughts, feelings and experiences. 

A recent call brought a sense of sadness, distraught and also an increase in pulse.  Sandy had received a text message stating that the guy she's been seeing has a girlfriend on the side.  Not the type of text one wants to receive, yet it happened and is now the main topic of conversation. 

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Donald Driver

 I really appreciate this man.  He's is actually an athlete that kids can look up to and learn from.  He isn't afraid to thank God first before anyone else for the blessings in his life.  In today's world it isn't often that athletes who make a lot of money thank God for what they have been blessed with.  Donald has a wonderful work ethic, does a lot for charities and those less fortunate than he, loves his family, can dance, has one heck of a smile AND appreciates what an organization like the Green Bay Packers has done for him.  

He's stil a young man and has many, many years to continue to make Packer fans proud of him.  And, he will.

Path of least resistance....

I've been pondering since my last blog.  How do I wrap things up given the sensitivity of the situation?  I came up with a few thoughts, ideas and such and believe I have insight.  This may or may not be of necessity to you, but it sure has helped put things into perspective for my girlfriends and I.

In the age of divorce, a certain amount of individuals have chosen to take the path of least resistance.  Booty call, casual sex or friends with benefits, a great many have chosen this alternative.  No matter the reasoning, some are claiming it's easy and breezy to have commitment free dates.  As stated in a previous comment, I have had casual relationships at times.  I am still friends with a majority of individuals I have spent time with and am fortunate to have been involved with some amazing persons.  

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Let's Fill The Lanes for HFOT

Deadline Approaching

Homes for Our Troops Bowling Benefit Entries must be received by April 26th.

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What Can a Gardener Do In the Middle of Winter?

indoor, winter, pets

This is from Stein's Gardening Calendar. I plan to try this for my kitty!

"Consider planting a pot of ryegrass for your cat.  Fill a 6-inch pot with a well-drained potting mix.  Sprinkle ryegrass seeds on the soil surface.  Lightly rake the surface to ensure good seed-to-soil contact.  Water thoroughly until the excess runs out the bottom of the pot.  Cover with plastic, or water often enough to keep the soil surface moist.  Move to a warm, sunny window.  The grass should sprout in one to two weeks.   Water until the excess runs out the drainage hole.  Water again when the top few inches begin to dry."

Miss Respected

My sisters and I were taught respect for our elders.  This meant when Grandpa walked into the living room, we were to part faster than the Red Sea.  If any adult walked into the room, children were required to sit on the floor, giving up all rights to their favorite seat in any room of the house.  Although we didn't say "Yes Maam, Yes Sir", we were taught to listen, obey and be pleasant.  Oh how far we've come.

My daughters were taught respect for themselves and others.  They knew how to communicate with adults and refrained from causing chaos out and about.  If they got out of line, it was dealt with immediately.  I recall one time, a confession took place.  I was informed my oldest had written with permanent magic marker on a sign attached to her school yard.  Low and below, as I arrived home and headed that way, a sign, with her handwriting appeared before my eyes.  We immediately went to Walgreens, picked up some Comet Cleanser, water and a towel.  We went back to the school and scrubbed that sign clean.  I then had her write a letter of apology to her Principal and went straight to school the next day for her to read the letter and make a confession.  The Principal told my daughter, "You are lucky to have a mom like her, you will never forget this when you have children of your own."

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A Little Pruning Can Be Done Now

prune;, winter, bloom, tree, shrub, wisconsin

Now that February is coming to a close, some shrubs and trees can be pruned.  This is an especially good time to do this because the leaves are not in the way and you can see where branches are rubbing on each other and causing weak places where insects and other diseases can get in.  Here's information from the Steins Gardening Calendar:

Prune winter damaged branches as they are found on your shrubs.  Wait until the snow melts and the worst of winter has passed to start major pruning.  This way you can see what winter and the animals have left for you to work with.  Summer and fall blooming plants can be pruned now until their growth begins in spring.  Wait until after flowering to prune spring blooming shrubs or you will prune off the flower buds.

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Let Me Tell You About Our Carnival Cruise from Hell

 Back in the late 90's we booked a cruise on the Carnival mid-sized ship - The Tropicale.  It was an older ship but still going strong.  This would be our second cruise - the first cruise was on a beautiful ship called the Royal Majesty and was not a Carnival ship - a slightly larger ship than the Tropicale.  

A few months before we were to take our cruise on the Tropicale, the ship was in the middle of the ocean when one of her engines caught fire.  It crippled the ship and the ship was right in the path of a tropical storm that was headed towards the ship.  Long story short, the ship got back to port and all cruises up to ours were cancelled.  We were assured that the ship would be in tip top shape mechanically and clean and ready to set sail.   We were a bit concerned and hesitant but decided not to cancel our vacation on the ship.  

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