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Shih Tzu puppy needs a valentine.

Please and Thank You.

 My parents always taught me to say Please and Thank You.  I still use these words alot.  I rarely hear it from others anymore - the grocery store checkout employees at one of the grocery stores I go to NEVER use  these words even though the shoppers are the ones that keep them working, the bank tellers at one of the banks I frequent don't use them, and sometimes people I help out don't use them.

However, THANK YOU to those who do know the importance of these words.

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Refuse and Recycling Collection Delayed

Due to the weather conditions on Wednesday, February 2, 2011, refuse and recycling collection will be delayed by one day.  Wednesday's routes will be collected on Thursday, February 3; Thursday's routes will be collected on Friday, February 4; and Friday's routes will be collected on Saturday, February 5.  Any questions may be directed to the Sanitation Office at 302-8800.

Some thoughts about Stormageddon

In no particular order -

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Packers, , Easter Seals Adult Day, Waukesha, Wauwatosa

It’s the Friday before Super Bowl and all the Packer supporters are decked out in green and gold today.   Like many others, today at the Easter Seals Adult Day Programs, participants showed their green and gold spirit by hosting pep rallies and tailgates to celebrate the Packer’s Road to the Super Bowl XLV.

See how the Easter Seals Adult Day participants made today, their Green and Gold Day.

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Plott Hound Puppy Ready for spot on Packer Game Couch!

Lilo is one of several Plott Hound puppies available for adoption today!  He is a 3-month-old boy with a brown and black brindle coat and the sweetest chocolate brown eyes. This smart, polite and affectionate dog would do great in a training or agility class, plus it's a positive bonding experience, too!  Meet Lilo at the Wiconsin Humane Society, 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, or see his profile here:

Another Super prediction

In 2009, my Super Bowl picks went 2-1.  Last year, I was an amazing 2-0.  Can I continue my 80% streak this season?

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I was recently informed that “finding my soul mate won’t come easy for me”.   As we all know, good things come to those who wait, so no problem there.

Let me give you a little insight.  I went on a date.  The date in and of itself went really well.  Yet, when it came to our single parenting styles, I did not feel that we would be compatible for long term.  No big deal, right?  Well, it wasn’t really a big deal until I informed him that although I had a great time, it was just not in the cards for us.  This lead him to make the above “soul mate” statement and he bid me farewell.

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Adoption Discount Ends Sunday Night!

Even our companion animals get lonely sometimes, so in honor of Valentine's Day, 
the Wisconsin Humane Society is offering $25 off of cat and dog adoption fees for former adopters seeking a furry companion for their furry companion.
This offer is for people whose animal was adopted from any rescue group or animal shelter, through Sunday, February 13.

Meet some of our current bachelors and bachelorettes
seeking a lifelong companion!

Valentine's Idea for an Animal Lover

Teddy is an adorable puppy who was recently treated in the Veterinary Clinic at the Wisconsin Humane Society. You can sponsor Teddy and his friends in ICU and send an e-card to let someone special know. All donations are tax-deductible, and this makes for a very unique gift. Sponsor Teddy! 

If I Were a State Budget Copy, Where Would I Be?

As taxpayers and voters, we have a right to be able to make good decisions based on credible and accurate facts. The issue Wisconsin is facing with the budget is the lack of COMPLETE information available to us to determine for ourselves the exact impact Scott Walker’s decisions are going to have on our daily lives and families as a whole.

I am awe-stricken at how unavailable the ENTIRE copy of the budget is. If I were a state budget copy, where would I be? I know I am not in the hands of the individuals, who are directly affected by the first round of budget cuts. I know I am not in the hands of the people, who will be affected by the budget cuts to follow. I am certain, I am not in the hands of the Wisconsin people to aid them in comprehending and understanding what lies ahead, so they can better prepare and make sound decisions for the future.

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New Berlin, WAC wrestlers fall short of state

West Allis Central's wrestling team fell short of the WIAA Division 1 state meet, competing against Arrowhead in Tuesday night's team sectional at AHS.

Brian Smith (152 pounds) and Eric Vis (160) pulled the Bullodgs within 27-14 with consecutive victories, but the Warhawks clinched a victory when Nick Truog (171) inadvertantly touched his shoulder blades to the mat trying to cradle Arrowhead sophomore Logan Corlett.

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World Seed Banks

farm, garden, plants, seeds

Every once in awhile I would hear or read something about world seed banks, but they always seemed shrouded in mystery and hidden away.  Articles never really said much about where they are and how they worked.  Could I make a withdrawal if I wanted to plant something exotic?  Could I send them seeds of my favorite marigold?  Can I trade my snapdragon seeds for some heirloom sunflower seeds?

All kidding aside, there are many seed banks around the world.  Some specialize in preserving seeds for specific food crops, like potatoes or rice. Others, like the Millennium Seed Bank Project at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew (United Kingdom), preserve the native plants of their countries.  The Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry was established in 1894 in St. Petersburg, Russia and is the oldest seed bank in the world.

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Poor Customer Service from Automobile Dealerships

 Boucher Volkswagen Promise (written on the large selection of service receipts we now "own" on our VW Jetta):  We are DIFFERENT, ORIGINAL, HONEST.  We sell cars that offer a unique combination of German Engineering, Safety, Driving Enjoyment and Value.  We are FRIENDLY and APPROACHABLE.  There is a segment of the public that admires our character.  We are different and proud of it!

The service manager at Boucher Volkwagen said we should go right ahead and contact the Media about the issues we have with his dealership and their poor customer service.  So, that's what we are doing and will do in the future.  Wonder where I would be if I used a statement like that at my work with my customers.

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Guilty as charged!!

Rarely do I delve into my personal life or struggles I am going through on an intimate level.  I may gloss over ideas or experiences from past, yet today I am going to expose myself.  I am going deep which may assist others with a touchdown or two of their own.

I have two daughters, ages 18 and 19. I have been a single parent since mid-2000 and have done a fairly decent job.  Decent enough that I have one in college and the other accepted to various colleges for the fall semester as well.  We have gotten through the high school years without serious problems and for that I am grateful. 

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Heroin and Heartache

drugs; Heroin

Two weeks ago today, I found my 23 year old son in the bathroom; he had overdosed. When I called you, I was in shock and panicking over the discovery that my son was a heroin user.

You gave me some very solid advice, as well as a direct referral to an outpatient treatment clinic. Apparently the norm in the substance abuse recovery world is that the person needing help has to make the effort to find the appropriate help on their own – which usually requires visiting or calling many places.  As you correctly identified, I was not in any emotional shape to go on such a mission, nor was I willing to let my son do it on his own. I needed help and you gave it to me. 

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Just know what you're talking about

You knew that there was no way I could avoid talking about the protests in Madison, but I was kinda waiting until it reached a resolution so that I could crow about my side's victory and stomp on the losers.

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I got gas

Driving to work this morning, I see numerous gas stations with pricing for unleaded gas as high as $3.399/gallon, until I get to one of my new favorite places, Jetz on Hwy 100 & Forest Home, which had posted a cash price of $3.259/gallon.  Though I didn't need gas, per se, I did have money in my pocket and decided to pull in.  Musings are below, in the order of occurence...

  • Jetz has a rewards program (like Speedway, but different) in which you swipe your tag after paying.  (Side note; My favorite reward is a free carwash with a 30 gallon purchase in a month.  I get that one every month).  But one thing I don't like about the program is that each pump has a speaker attached that is a constant advertisement while you are pumping gas.  Today, that speaker was either not working or had the volume turned down.  "This", said I, "will be a good day".
  • As I am pumping, next to me a van pulls up, the driver gets out with the van running, and starts to pump gas.  Besides the fact that fueling into a running vehicle is a no-no, I've now got this 20-year old Ford Econoline rattling and shaking and belching out some gawdawful fumes (and making a whole lot of noise.)  I am thinking the driver left it running because it might not start up again.  But it made me wonder - why does every Econoline last about 40 years, but only run well the first two?  Have you ever seen one that idles well?
  • Another Jetz special is a 20 oz coffee and a sweet roll for $1.59 with a rewards tag.  I treat myself to this once (or twice, if I need gas during the week).  They also offer a cinnamon roll to all guests before 8:30 AM.  Because of the cinnamon roll offering, I try to get a croissant for my coffee, but on this day, they are out (again).  I grab a free cinnamon roll and also a donut with my hazelnut coffee.  But they really need to order more croissants on Fridays.
  • I am now in line to pay for my gas-n-grub, and both tellers are working with customers cashing and buying lottery tickets... and it may as well have been the same customer in each line.  They each have a stack of tickets for the cashier to check, each wins a few bucks (between $10 and $20), each make some stupid comment about "finally being a winner", then each are standing over the scratch-off display picking one of these, one of these, and one of these... and each have to dig back into their pockets because their spree went beyond their winnings.
  • My purchases came to $25.58... and I had exact change!  Yowza!
  • On my way out, I see four or five people in line at the Subway restaurant inside the building.  I know Subway has been open before 7:00 AM for a year or so, but I've never seen so many people in line.  I guess the $5 footlongs are timeless.
  • Back in my car, I look at the gas gauge and it occurs to me... I just spent my bowling league money for the night.  Good thing that little blue card in my wallet has an unlimited supply of funds (as long as I beat My-Sugar-Na to it).
  • It's Friday (Good!)
  • I am on my way to work (Bad!)

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Anna's Linens opening in West Allis

Anna's Linens

The grand opening for the new Anna's Linens store in the West Allis Town Center is set for 9 a.m. Thursday, March 3.

The store, at 6834 W. Greenfield Ave., is the fourth Anna's Linens in the area. Other locations are in Milwaukee and Brown Deer.

4th Annual West Allis Ala Carte Seeks Sponsors, Vendors and Volunteers

Ala Carte, Downtown, food, Greenfield Avenue, West Allis, Business Improvement District

Downtown West Allis Business Improvement District, along with the City of West Allis, is hosting this year's 4th Annual West Allis Ala Carte on Sunday, June 5, 2011 from 12noon until 6pm.  Greenfield Avenue between 70th and 76th and all adjacent side streets will be closed to traffic to provide the space for the many activities that are in store.

Last year's event attracted over 3,500 visitors to the downtown.  This year we hope to increase the number of vendors, entertainers and activities for families of all ages to enjoy!  Free Admission - Free Parking!  To achieve this goal we must begin now raising funds, seeking volunteers and recruiting vendors.

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