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Pre-registration Deadline Extended for WAC Pins for Sam

We have extended the deadline for the 9-Pin Tap Bowling Tournament being held Saturday, February 28, 2009 at Riviera Lanes on 86th & Greenfield to allow additional time for us to reach our fundraising goal of $5,000+ for Sam and his family.

Pre-registration is required for each team participating in the tournament. We must receive the payment and entry form together. Please have them to us no later than February 20. Forms and tournament information are available at on the News & Events page or pick up a form at Riviera Lanes.

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ADOPTED! Smart Scout is looking for love


Looking for a special valentine who will always adore you? Scout is smart, sophisticated and stunning. This Collie/Beagle is seeking a family who enjoys long walks on the beach, outdoor adventures, fine dining and comedies. She's only 1.5-years-old and is a hilarious, goofy girl who loves to show off all her new tricks!   

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ADOPTED ! Puppy siblings Tilly & Thomas

Tilly & Thomas are 6-month-old black Labrador Retrievers with amazing dispositions! They are very social, yet not impolite. They are eager to learn, a delight to play with, and they are pictures of robust good health! This weekend, there are many wonderful dogs and puppies looking for new homes at the Wisconsin Humane Society (including Tilly & Thomas' other littermates), not to mention cats, kittens, rabbits, rats, mice and other small animals. 

Love animals, but can't adopt?  Consider sponsoring an animal while they are at the shelter. You can click on any animal's profile and choose to sponsor a homeless animal awaiting a caring family. 

Sometimes it is hard to title a blog entry

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I just found out that a good friend of mine passed last week.  Sadly, I was unaware until Friday evening.

Tony Klappa had been diagnosed with lung cancer about two years ago, and every time that I saw him since that time (which, unfortunately, wasn't very often) he was in great spirits; always talking about his latest good news.  I even saw him bowl a couple of times.  His wife even kept a blog of the journey, in part to help her cope, but also so that his countless friends could be kept up to date with his progress.

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We are holding our auditions for our spring show, "A Murder is Announced" at 7 p.m. on February 16 and 17 at West Allis Central Auditorium, 8500 West Lincoln Avenue. Five men and seven women ages 18 to 70 are needed. Auditions will consist of reading from the script. Information: (414) 299-0384. The show dates are April 17,18, 24 and 25.
I know it can be intimidating to come out for the first time and audition -- I did it back in 1993. It was also an Agatha Christie murder mystery and I was cast as the housekeeper who had to testify against the suspect in court. I was thrilled to be in the show but was afraid of making eye contact with my family and friends in the audience. My character comes onstage and sits in the witness box looking out over the seats. I solved my problem by asking everyone I knew not to sit in the first five rows. After that, the theater is too dark for us to see any audience members. It worked -- and I have been hooked ever since.
If you need a dose of courage before trying out, come on Monday night just to watch and then come back on Tuesday to audition. Many people do that and it provides just a little more security. Hope to see you there!
I also wanted to mention that I am a former reporter for CNI Newspapers and last week we lost our former managing editor, Mary Lou Stover. Mary Lou could be aptly described as a great old dame -- feisty, interesting and a lot of fun. She hired me back in 1994 and she stayed in touch with many of us after her 1998 retirement. I will miss her.

Valentine's Day on a Budget

budgets, red roses, romance, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day gifts

For me Valentine’s Day has always been a special day. It’s not always turned out the way I wanted and hoped for either. I do try hard to make sure that those I love KNOW they are loved and appreciated all year long but to have just one special day to appreciate someone special and to show them your love is indeed a very good idea.


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I wonder when The Police decided to sing this song if they initially wrote it about a particular issue or if it really had to do with what I am planning on covering today.

Have you ever in your life had the experience of being too close to someone who had less than perfect hygiene?  If you have ever worked in an office setting I am sure you have.  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't plan on naming names here, but, to be honest, once in a while something hits me.  A smell, an odor, a funk so to speak.  Someone within your personal space, needing to talk.  Silently, you sit and smile, wishing you had the words (or a noseplug).  Yet, you don't, because you would't want to offend someone although you are the one being offended.

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USBC Masters update

Bowling, Las Vegas, Miller Park, PBA Tour, State Fair, US Cellular Arena, USBC Masters

Although I don't think that there was much of anything that AMF Bowlero or the bowling leaders of the area could have done, I still feel gypped that one of bowling's most prestigious tournaments - the USBC Maters - was pulled from Milwaukee after four years.  For this reason, it seems a little hollow to be following the action as it happens in Las Vegas, while trying to convince myself it is as important as it had recently been to me.

Traditionally since the 1950s, the ABC Masters (the American Bowling Congress being the forerunner to the United States Bowling Congress) was held at the site of the ABC national tournament and held on the tournament lanes during the first week in May.  Beginning with the 1999-2000 tournament season, the ABC Masters was aligned with the Professional Bowlers Association and moved to the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV and bowled in January.  After three years in Reno, it was moved to Milwaukee for four years and was contested in October (which was convenient for the PBA as the midwest tournaments are primarily conducted in the fall).  With the announcement last year that the Masters was leaving Milwaukee, it was also announced that it would again be tied to the USBC national tourament.  Although a blow for Milwaukee, a gain for tradition.  (Side note; the cynic in me says that this arrangement will last only three years as the 2010 and 2011 national tournaments are both in Reno, and the PBA's west coast swing is always in January and February.  Therefore, it is reasonable to assume the event has been moved to the tournament lanes more for convenience than tradition.  We will see where and when the tournament is held in 2012 when the USBC national tournament is in Baton Rouge, LA).

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Friday morning USBC Masters update

Bowling, Las Vegas, PBA Tour, USBC Masters

Local pro Chad Kloss has been eliminated from the USBC Masters, being contested in Las Vegas, NV.  In his first match (all matches are three games), he beat Bill O'Neill 669 - 643, before losing his second match to Mike DeVaney 690 - 609.  With the Masters being a double-elimination format, Kloss moved to the Loser's Bracket where he lost to Steve Jaros 636 - 630.  Kloss earned $2,000 for his finish.

Kenosha's Lennie Boresch was also eliminated on Thursday evening.  Boresch's exit was a little quicker as he lost both of his matches; first to Jason Sterner 634 - 621, then to Lonnie Waliczek 595 - 589.  Boresch earned $1,700.

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The field is set for the finals of the USBC Maters

Bowling, Las Vegas, Miller Park, PBA Tour, State Fair, Television, USBC Masters

The USBC (which at this time last year was based on Greendale) Masters (which was last contested in Milwaukee) field is down to four bowlers, who will bowl for the $60,000 prize on ESPN on Sunday at Noon CST.

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Think you know Valentine's Day?

Today is the day when men around the country buy flowers to stay out of the doghouse.  No seriously...

On this Hallmark driven holiday, I thought it might be fun to share a little bit of trivia I found.

  • 110 million roses, mostly red, will be sold and delivered within a three-day time period.
  • 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day.
  • About 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged each year.
  • More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine's Day.

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How to approach a woman...

So, you are a guy, and you are out and about.  She walks past you, or, she may be standing in the frozen food aisle.  You want to say hi, but you don't.  She walks past and appears busy.  What if she's married, you wonder.  You try to catch a glimpse of her ring finger and see it bare.  You walk forward, but hesitate.  A million and one thoughts flow through your mind.  You don't think that she thinks that you are her type.  Or, you think that she doesn't think that you are her type.  You're too tall, not tall enough, have hair that is too short, too long, your gut has expanded over the years, you wore the wrong shoes, socks, or shirt.  You forgot to shower and/or shave.  You haven't worked out in a a few months and aren't at your peak.  Your only six pack is in the fridge, so on and so forth.  Yet, as soon as you take a few deep breaths and muster up the courage, she walks out the door, or as it seems, out of your life forever.

From what I hear, this is the story of the single guy.  The plight, the anxiety and the journey of the man who has yet to meet the girl of his dreams.  

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Fill The Lanes for Sam - Ladies and gentlemen, this event is for you.

It is plain & simple, WE NEED BOWLERS & A FOOD SPONSOR!  "WAC Pins for Sam" is a special fundraiser to benefit Sam, an extremely needy child, who just turned 13. The tournament format is scotch doubles; one male & one female per team. It will be held at Riviera Lanes (86th & Greenfield Ave.) on Saturday, February 28 starting with check-in at 10 AM. Pre-registration and $40 entry fee for the event are required!

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State Fair says it has a new racing promoter

Wisconsin State Fair officials announced today that they have a new race promoter for the Milwaukee Mile.

As expected, the new group is Wisconsin Motorsports LLC, which just happens to be a group headed by Claude Napier, who until today was the president and CEO of Milwaukee Mile Holdings, the former promoter.

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Think you know this guy?

     Each afternoon, I am greeted by a co-worker.  Although we hold different responsibilities within the same facility, we get along pretty well.  After our formalities, we chat about things in common.  Work, children and the previous weekend activities fill our conversations.  Since our initial meeting, each day has been pleasant and intriguing to say the least.  

     Jeff is your typical single guy.  He lights up when he talks about the celebrities he has met.  He is a mechanic by trade.  I recall one instance when he had to run to throw a belt on his sister's car.  It is within his nature to help others. One day, he stated his son would be stopping by.  I asked if this teenager would be someone I would recognize.  As proud as a peacock, he stated, "He looks just like me".  When his teenager arrived, I noticed the same demeanor within this child as I do his father.  Humble and reserved, yet within him, the spirit of a man.

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The Wind Between the Property Lines

Have you all read this article about wind turbines?  We are now able to "mount a small wind turbine either on the ground or on the roof of their garages or houses."  Sounds great, but it can't be any closer than 1 times it's height to the lot lines, power lines, roads or alleys.  So a 40 foot tall turbine (which the article mentions is an ideal size because it's high enough to pick up a strong, consistent wind) wouldn't work for most of us on our average West Allis lots. 

We are allowed to install smaller ones, and I'd be interested in putting one in to save on my energy costs, but first, I have questions.

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"That's Good Squishy"

Development, James family, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Restaurants, State Fair

I scooped the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Sonic on Miller Park Way and Burnham had a soft Grand Opening this evening.  Officially, they open at 6:00 AM on Tuesday, February 24th.  (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Son Mitten, will begin his employ at Sonic on Wednesday.  But as he and I were running errands this evening, I told him that I had a hankerin' for a Limeade.  He mentioned that there was a special opening for the corporate and local bigwigs tonight, but not for the general public.

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A Fantastic Day For Sam & His Family

Saturday, February 28 at 10 AM kicks off WAC Pins for Sam at Riviera Lanes on 86th & Greenfield Ave.

For those of you, who have been following Sam's story, you will not want to miss this event. It does not matter, if you bowl or not, you can come and participate in the many raffles throughout the event. Donations will be taken at the door. Walk-in bowlers will be taken until 10:30 AM male and one female equals a team. Entry is $40.00.

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What the fat cats at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel won't tell you...

Bowling, Injuries, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Riviera Lanes, West Allis

(Side note; [Extra side note; starting a post with a side note is very unique. That's what makes this writer - in this writer's opinion - very cool.  Even my mom thinks I'm cool.  Right, Mom?] the blogging software has not been running smoothly.  This blog was originally meant to post Friday morning, but when I couldn't get on the server, I saved it.  Then later on Friday I had an even better idea for a post but still couldn't get on the server.  So that one is being saved until next Friday (when you see it, you'll understand).  But obviously the server is all better now.  So sit back, and pretend I posted this Friday morning at 8:00 AM).

I have been bowling in the same league on Thursday nights since 1997.  Originally started in the early-1990s as the Grand Classic League at Red Carpet Celebrity Lanes, the league moved to AMF West after Celebrity closed, before moving to Riviera Lanes in 1999 and becoming the 1070 Classic league. 

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I am sure everyone has heard multiple reasons why we are in a recession.  Some would say it is due to the mortgage industry and extensions of credit to unworthy individuals.  Other would say that the men at the top, the greediest of greedy were to blame.  Stories of suicide regarding investors have been a part of the news.  Yet, I believe that we have overlooked some basic injustices which have been going on for a long period of time.

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