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In thinking about the recent events, I am appalled by the current plea by Michael Vick.... 

I believe what appauls me more is the reaction by the general public.  We had a true division of those who supported him and those who did not.  I am definitely not in favor of those who support him.  I do not know of many who do...  But, on the other hand, I am also not in favor of those who do not support him... Let me explain why.

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This week was slightly hectic, but met up with an old friend the past week and also met up with a new friend last night....

I am at this point in my life where I am excited about each and every day and what it has in store for me... I am looking forward to getting out and meeting new people.  A girlfriend of mine asked me a question.. she asked, "If you met the right person, would you settle down?".... for some odd reason, I didn't have an answer...  I am really enjoying my singleness at this point and have met so many interesting people that I am not quite sure.   In the past, in a heartbeat, I would have said yes.  But today, I enjoy coming and going as I please.  I enjoy flirting and making last minute plans with whomever.  I enjoy the freedom of being in my home and not having to call someone to find out how they are or "check in", so to speak.  I enjoy being able to leave a party, place or person at any given moment if I choose to do so at that time.    As time goes on, it will take someone incredible, amazing and outstanding to make me stop and answer "yes" to the above question.. 

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World Series review

Milwaukee Braves, My-Sugar-Na, NFL, Nostalga, Television

Yes, I know the Super Bowl (Side note - The MVP selection was a crockDavid Tyree caught one of the two TDs, and made the catch that saved the game for the Giants, and instead a marketing machine was named MVP) was just played yesterday, but on Saturday, I went to Long's Wong and attended a viewing of Game 4 of the 1957 World Series (the "Nippy Jones" game).

The Ken Keltner chapter of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) and the Milwaukee Braves Historical Association are both very heavy into the history of the Milwaukee Braves.  Overall, the groups do a lot of research projects pertaining to baseball and the Milwaukee Braves.

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So, last night my girls and I went to State Fair... I, of course, as stated per my kids, looked HOT... :))  The three of us are actually 5'11" to 6'1" in height, so we do stand out in the crowd...

I saw a bunch of people I knew which was nice... my kids decided to go to the Midway to hang out with a friend from school, so I was able to walk around my myself....  what an experience.. I was approached by MANY people who not only stated, "gosh you are tall", but would compare their height to mine... some would have their buddies line us up back to back and see who was taller....  I chatted with not only the people I see occasionally during the summer, but also ran into a couple of people who recognized me from grade school and high school....

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Support Charity from your Sofa


Are you, like many people, interesting in supporting global warming or save the rainforest charities, but don’t know how you will fit it into your schedule or your bank account?  I found a way we can help make a difference while sitting at our computers.


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Great, Thompson and Romney are both gone. Now who do I vote for?

2008 Presidential Race, Nutjobs

If that blog title doesn't say it all, there is nothing more I can do.

Russ' friend John and Harlan Huckleby are not conseratives.  Either one may do more damage to the country than the more manly Clinton, and (using my best basketball announcer voice) "From Honalulu and Occidental College, Six-one-and-a-half, Number 42, Buh-rock (pause) Oh-Baaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmaaaaa".

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Words... a poem..


This is my poem, one I wrote a couple of years ago..



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Blog Jeopardy

HBO, Milwaukee Brewers, NFL, Television

The category is - FEBRUARY

The answer is - Bingo Long's Travelling All-Stars and Motor Kings, The Blues Brothers, The Savages and War Games.

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Help with Foreclosure and Delinquent Property Taxes

consumers, Fair housing council, foreclosures, homeowner help, Milwaukee county treasurer, property taxes, UW Extension Office, West Allis Public Library

I don't know how many of my readers read the Real Estate section of the Sunday Milwaukee Journal. Hence, this blog to alert everyone to this article that appeared just this past Sunday. The article is titled Workshop planned in West Allis and it's geared toward homeowners who may be having trouble making their mortgage payments or their property taxes. Foreclosures here in West Allis do exist and people are struggling with rising house payments, property taxes and, in many cases, smaller incomes.

This Saturday at 10 am at the West Allis Public Library, 7241 W. National Ave there's going to be a FREE Homeowners Consumer Alert Session to help homeowners in trouble. There will be helpful presentations and warnings about the so-called "rescuers" who are out there only to fill their pockets along with some in-person help from the Metropolitan Fair Housing Council, the Office of the Milwaukee County Treasurer and the Univ. of WI Extension Office.

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The "Rumors" are True

The West Allis Players have changed our spring production and wanted you to be the first to know. Instead of doing "Fuddy Meers," a show that was not familiar to many actors (and directors) we decided to present Neil Simon's comedy, "Rumors." This classic Simon involves an anniversary party with a missing wife, a husband with a nasty head wound and a group of close friends who add to the mayhem. (Yes, we promise this is a comedy!) This show will be directed by James Lentz, Jr. Call our hotline at (414) 299-0384 with any questions.
Our auditions will be held next week at 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, February 18 and 19 at Central Auditorium, 85th and Lincoln. We need five men and five women of various ages.
If appearing on stage is not your thing, then why not consider coming to see our show. We deeply appreciate the support of West Allis residents and promise to show you a good time! "Rumors" opens  April 11, 12, 18, 19th.

Mayoral candidates, where are you?

Development, Taxes, West Allis

Last Thursday, February 7th, I sent this exact same E-mail to all four mayoral candidates...

Dan Devine; Mark Nisenbaum; Thomas Tilley; and Linda Dobrowski  To this point, not one of the four has responded.  I don't think any of these questions are insulting, rude or otherwise offensive.  They were asked as an undecided voter.

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Is Hillary crazy?

2008 Presidential Race, Free market

Last night in a speech in El Paso, Hilary said she would raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour.

So much for being friendly to businesses.  (Disregarding the issue of illegals for a moment...) If a business can hire a person for $6.00, then that job is worth $6.00.  If an employee feels that he or she is worth more, then that employee should improve themselves so that they can be hired for a job that is worth more. 

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Those were some great steaks!

Cooking, James family, My-Sugar-Na, West Allis

So last night for Valentine's Day, My-Sugar-Na suggested that I grill a couple of really nice steaks that she had purchased recently.  Since I can grill with best of them (charcoal, people; gas grills are like outdoor ovens) I decided it would be quite lovely to stand out in a gentle snowfall and fire up the ol' grill.  I grill regularly - even in winter - and most recently grilled on Super Bowl Sunday.

About 5:30ish I got home from work, pulled the grill from the garage, arranged the coals, spritzed with lighter fluid (I don't know were I got that off-brand from... I don't remember buying it) and lit the match.  Within a few seconds, the coals were ablaze, a beautiful color contrast with the white snow on the ground and flying through the air.

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Please, I can't be sick now

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, but I’m having one of my twice-annual knock-you-to-the-sidelines colds.  Last week, I had a migraine that wouldn’t go away and this week, it’s a wicked chest cold. 


This has all come along at the worst time – on Thursday I’m having my first Partylite Candle Party as a consultant.  I’m taking a huge step into working for myself, selling a product that I absolutely love, and I can barely squeak out “Partylite candles liquefy and completely consume themselves.”  Maybe I should make some cue cards.


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Change what, exactly?

2008 Presidential Race, Barack Obama

I was playing poker with the guys on Saturday night, and of the seven other guys, most of the table was lamenting the lack of a real conservative still in the hunt.  Two of the players are early-20ish guys, and one said that he really likes Barack Obama because "He stands for change".  The other guy chimed in with comments about young people getting turned away from his rallies and appearances.  I didn't ask (because it was the wrong place) but I've now been wondering for three days...

What change?  And why - just because young adults like the guy - does that make him a good president? 

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Did you see me in West Allis NOW?

Barack Obama, Blogger's Clip Show, Bowling, Catholic church, James family, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, My-Sugar-Na, Other blogs, PBA Tour, Television, They Came to Bowl, USBC Masters, West Allis

I've been told that my grill/FD story made the paper this morning - I'll have to buy a paper now...  Unfortunately, my buddy trumped me... It'll be BO vs. Mc in November, I'm sure I'll pull it together and vote for the RIGHT guy...  It's cold outside...  The lunar eclipse was cool...  Watched the remake of Hairspray; very interesting...  Jesse Martin is leaving Law & Order...  Taking my first trip to New York City in May...  Family didn't die of carbon monoxide poisoning overnight...  I love my job...  I should lose weight...  I miss bowling...  I'm worried about the ice dams on my roof all winter...  American Idol is dopey...  I could spend hours looking at this website...  Trying to get over the fact that Milwaukee lost the USBC Masters...  The cost of every metal I purchase for work is skyrocketing right now...  My birthday is on Holy Saturday this year, and (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Daughter, Gooey, celebrates her birthday on Easter Sunday... My car needs a good cleaning on the inside...  Planning on going to Wrigley Field on April 2 or 3 to watch the Brewers/Cubs game...  Our office is buying pizza for lunch tomorrow, I get to pick the sausage off...  I felt it was a good set of comments on my Obama post, aren't you glad West Allis can talk to each other without it breaking down into this or this?

Catch ya later when I have something interesting to say. 

Revisiting a Favorite Store

 The other day after getting a haircut I ended up in one of my favorite stores on Greenfield Avenue, Booked Solid. Amazingly, I knew exactly where to look and knew that what I wanted would be there, unlike the local Pick and Save which seems to get great delight from moving their stock around to different locations in the store whenever we as customers get used to where things are. Obviously, they just did this recently and were handing out maps to everyone. Customers were walking all over trying to find the items on their lists. This is most irritating. Anyway, I digress.A very dear friend wrote an article that was published in a national magazine for writers and I wanted a copy of the magazine. So, where was the first place I headed to? Booked Solid of course. I've known Danielle the owner for years since I worked for her for a short period of time. I know that if a magazine exists she will have it for sale. I know if I want a major newspaper or one of the freebie newspapers she will have it. I know that if its something special she will order it for me. Danielle is one of those rare people who truly cares about the people who work for her and for her clientele. Let me tell you how it ended up that I worked for her. I was between jobs, collecting unemployment and had to do a weekly job search. On a whim, mostly since my major vices are writing, reading and books, I walked into her store and asked her if she ever needed help working there. I explained that I was out of work and was looking for something part time. I wrote down my name and phone number thinking I'd never hear from her. Lo and behold, a few days later, I got a phone call asking me if I wanted some hours. I jumped at the chance and started working at Booked Solid the next week getting about 20 hours a week. It sure helped me out financially. It felt good to be trusted and to get a paycheck again. Danielle gave that to me.Her store is one of those rare places where browsing is encouraged, no one bothers you and there's even a bench to sit on. She carries the latest in paperbacks, some standard paperbacks, magazines on just about any subject and snacks can be purchased to enjoy. Everything is always in the same place too, unlike the local Pick and Save. Her customers are loyal to her and she's on first name basis with many of them. You always know there'll be a friendly face, a greeting and what you are looking for will be there exactly where you're used to finding it. Its also the place that everyone seems to think "knows" what's going on all over the city, that is a true place for information. It must be all those books, newspapers and periodicals that give off that aura. Take the time and visit Booked Solid. By the way, I'm not getting anything out of this, except giving some recognition to a favorite store and the lady who owns it. 

Don't complain about gas prices to me

Free market, M/$

I have to pay for gas, too, so I don't want to hear about it from anyone else. 

What galls me about people is the same thing that galls me about listening to people who comment after watching the weather on the local “bleeding heart or scare people needlessly entertainment program”.  One dufus says something idiotic, then the sheep all take it as gospel.

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A Situation at Pick and Save

Pick and Save, recycling, West Allis recycling bags

This past Saturday I was shopping at the Pick and Save on 67th and National. I needed the West Allis recycling bags as I was using the last one I had. In the area that they stock the plastic bags, trash bags and such I searched for at least five minutes, looking up and down, left and right. Then I walked to the other end of the store where I usually saw the bags stocked. Nothing there. HHMMM! There was a young man stocking so I asked him. He called "someone" in the office and was told that this Pick and Save would NO LONGER be carrying the West Allis recycling bags and would only be carrying the Roundy's brand. I was furious!

In the checkout lane, the clerk, being polite, asked me if I found everything I needed since the store switched all their stock around. Her question was the last straw. I kind of sounded off on the store's new policy. I know it wasn't the checkout clerks fault but I did tell her to pass my unhappiness to the powers that be.

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Some of my best stuff is in response to other's blogs

Blogger's Clip Show, Free market, Other blogs, School Board, Taxes, West Allis

In other words, its another Blogger Clip Show.

First, Mary Ann (from a couple of blogs down) blogged that the Pick-N-Save on 67th & National stopped carrying the official West Allis recycling bags.  She writes...

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