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Miller tastes too good to hurry through

January 1st's Favorite Thing - Mass produced beer

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Yep, you heard it, size DOES matter, and more than one person agrees with me. 

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Not A Lot For A Gardener to Do In The Winter

garden, indoor, plants, yard

This time of the year we gardeners can't garden. This is one of the many reasons I hate winter.  With time on your hands your mind starts to wander - you worry about your plants freezing, you are wondering if bunnies are eating the tender bark of your shrubs and hoping that the birds are using your plants for food and shelter.  What else can you do?  Many of us take this time to make plans for the changes they want to make to their landscapes in the spring.  One of my favorite things to do is to go through seed catalogs.  Another favorite thing I do is to hit my stack of gardening magazines that I never seem to have time for during the growing season. 

One of my favorite gardening magazines is Gardening How-To created by the National Home Gardening Club.  They have a great website too:  .  You can also get on their email list and they will send you their weekly Extra Dirt newsletter.  At least for a few minutes I can forget about the cold and snow and take delight in their beautiful pictures and informative articles about birds, featured plants, tips from members, photo contests, and even pest advice.  Take a look for yourself and escape - even if it's for a couple of minutes.

Rosie the Personal Trainer Stars in Video

Check out this adorable video! (Featuring adoptables, of course.)

Three skilled animals intervene as a man struggles with his New Year's resolution...

My all time favorite thing

Just being me.

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My Love Affair with Tires

flat tire, car, change tire

Tires are my nemesis. So much so, that I have a reputation. I can't tell you how many times I've gone out to my car to find a flat tire. I run over more nails, develop more bulges and suffer from more random slow leakes than anyone else I know. Until recently, this has never occurred while the car was actually moving.

My ultimate driving fear is blowing out a tire doing 70 on the freeway. Wait, members of WAPD might be reading ultimate driving fear is blowing out a tire doing 55 on the freeway. Regardless of my speed, with my history of tire maladies, you might have expected this to have happened far earlier in my decades of licensed driving. Somehow, I've managed to avoid this particular peril.

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Spay Day offers low-cost surgeries for cats

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) invites low-income cat guardians to have their cat spayed or neutered in celebration of Spay Day USA on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.  Spay Day USA is a national day of action to reduce animal overpopulation and thus, prevent animal suffering.

Guardians will be charged veterinary fees on a sliding scale ranging from only $10 and up, based on family income, size and other factors. Last year on Spay Day alone, WHS spayed 110 animals!  WHS veterinarians, volunteer veterinarians and WHS vet technicians all contribute to this impressive effort.  

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Yes, you have muscles too!!

I know it’s been awhile, maybe since high school, possibly back to grade school.  Remember that time when you ran around, hung with your friends, played on the playground?  Maybe you were a book worm, possibly even rode to and from the library on your bike.  Either way, there was a time in your life when your body was fed to fuel your mind and activity level.  

Over time, which didn’t occur overnight, it happened.  The weight stuck and decided to reside.   No one really knew what to do so they did nothing.  “It’s baby fat”, said Grandma (the same gal who believed in the clean plate club).  Family events surrounded by tables of pasta, breads, meats and desserts.  Food; part of the festivities or simply used to deal with Uncle Stressor or Auntie Nagsalot.  Eat more, try this, the women urge.  How easy to say when the same gals can’t make it off the couch for 2nds, or worse, 5ths.

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Ella's Journey from a Three-Pound Preemie to a Happy Three -Year-Old

Birth to Three, Easter Seals, Early Intervention,

We all have moments, when life throws us curveballs and the obstacles in our way never seem to end. Be inspired by a little girl named Ella who has faced numerous health obstacles in the past three years, but has  those and other hurdles to successfully develop into a happy typical little girl.

During an ultrasound in her mom, Melissa’s, third trimester, doctors discovered that her unborn baby girl had a bowel obstruction. Trying all they could to extend delivery to full term, Ella was still born prematurely at 29 weeks on January 11, 2008, weighing only 3lbs, 5 oz and 15” long. 

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For the Birds

bird, , yard, outdoor activity, garden, food

Why do we feed the birds? Because we want to watch them! I always feel bad for the birds that have to brave our cold winters, so I make sure that they always have something to eat if they are anywhere near my yard.  You can provide most any type of bird seed and you will attract birds, but if you'd like a variety of birds, you need to use the right type of feeders and fill them with their preferred food.

If you want simplicity, put out black-oil sunflower seeds. This one seed will attract the widest variety of birds.  If you'd like to see finches, bluejays, and other pickier eaters, read on.

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Footprints in the snow

 It is frustrating to see the tiny paw prints in the snow and the strays looking for food or a warm place to lay down.  I cannot understand why people toss their pets "away" when they don't want them anymore or can't  "deal" with them.  It is not that difficult to take them to a shelter for a chance at a better life.  I know there are quite a few no kill cat shelters.  I'm not sure about dogs.   Pet owners need to be responsible - taking into consideration that pets need food, water, love and to be taken to the vet for yearly shots or when they are sick or need some other type of care - like teeth cleaning, etc.  

Actress/Board Member Joan Boudro Has a Supernatural Addiction

I am a huge fan of the television show, “Supernatural.”Just ask my friends, including Katherine Beeson. They have threatened to have an intervention for me. I am not obsessed with the show or the stars of the show. I have a…healthy…affection for them. Yes, that’s it, a healthy affection. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Puppies for Adoption Today!

Looking for a puppy?  The Wisconsin Humane Society has many adorable pups looking for new homes. Vanessa, an 8-week-old Shepherd mix, is just one of the cuties looking for a new home.

She will brighten your winter with her silly antics, keep you toasty warm, and will help you cheerlead during the big game this weekend.  Not only can your family bring home a new companion today, you can also enroll in a Puppy ABC class, held at WHS! 

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Just something to set the mood for Sunday

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Jessica, 11-week-old Border Collie mix puppy

Who could resist this sweetheart? If you are looking for a puppy to bring into your heart and home, look no further than the Wisconsin Humane Society.  Jessica is one of many puppies looking for new homes - check out the Dachshund mix puppies, too.  And, if you are interested in a mature companion, Ruger has it all. His contagious grin will light up your cloudiest winter days.

We're open from 10-9 Tues - Friday, 10-6 Sat, 11-5 Sunday.  Come see us at 45th & Wisconsin today! 

Flanner's moving to Colder's West Allis site


Flanner's Home Entertainment will move by the end of the month to a new store carved out of the Colder's building on S. 108th St. in West Allis.

Colder's, a longtime Milwaukee area furniture and appliance retailer, bought the bankrupt Flanner's business last summer. Since then, Colder's has operated the high-end electronics operation in its existing store at 16220 W. Blue Mound Road in Brookfield.

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For those of us who have heard of a casual or friends with benefits situation, this blog may strike home.  

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Packer Fan $10 Discount!

$10 OFF for Packer Fans

Get $10 off any dog, cat, or rabbit adoption fee at the Wisconsin or Ozaukee Humane Societies if you are wearing any Packer attire, through February 6! Steelers gear will not cut it. And don’t miss WHS’s new YouTube sensation, Packer Backin’ Puppies at

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Easter Seals Welcomes New Board Members

Easter Seals, Wisconsin, nonprofit, disability services

Easter Seals Southeast WI welcomes new members Pete Papageorge, Jeff Blakely and Robert Ranus to their volunteer board leadership. Board members Roger Schaus, Jr. and Greg Schoepke are the new Board president and vice president, respectively. We want to thank all of our board members, current and past, for their commitment to our mission.

Our New Board Members

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Do You Grow Dishcloths?

annual, food, fun, garden, plants, yard

I know, the headline grabbed you, right?  It grabbed me too, and I had to read on.  I get a daily email from and this was in with today's tips.  I thought they must be kidding, but they aren't.  Take a look at it!

It's called the dishcloth gourd, Luffa acutangula.

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