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This one didn't star the Griswold family, instead we follow the exploits of me and my step-family for the past weekend.  (Side note, this may only be interesting to me and My-Sugar-Na, but if you read this far, my blog hit-o-meter has already registered your visit, and I thank you.)  The actual points I want to make are in bold, the rest is just filler... er, I mean backstory so you understand the context of my comment.

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I support Simmons in '08

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Poor Larry Harris.  The underqualified guy with a nice hairdo is out as GM of your Milwaukee Bucks.

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Need help with your NCAA bracket picks?


Want to win My-Sugar-Na's company's pool?  So does she.  Although she didn't ask me to, I decided to give her some help.  Looking at it, here are a couple of tips for filling out her (and your) brackets.
(For entertainment purposes only)...

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Free market, MLB

I will hold my comments to a later post.  I am curious what y'alls think of this (from the Cape Cod Times).

Major League Baseball plays hardball with Cape League

var isoPubDate = 'March 07, 2008'

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Get up, get up and get out of here... GONE!

Bowling, Naughty businesses, Taxes

The United States Bowling Congress made official today what I had predicted weeks ago... they are moving to the Dallas-area by the end of 2008.

  • 230 jobs?  Gone.
  • The income taxes and potential spending of those 230 jobs?  Gone.
  • Prestige as the Bowling Capital?  Gone.
  • The Milwaukee 7's credibility?  Gone

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