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Heath Ledger - role model or pathetic druggy?


I am not particularly the most well-versed in Hollywood stuff.  Going to the movies is always difficult for me, because unless you study them (and I don't), the only movies you've ever heard of are usually the ones with marketing tie-ins... which I have learned means that those movies are usually too lousy to stand on their own without the marketing blitz (side note - do you remember the movie Congo from the early-90s?  If you bought a 32 oz soda from Super America, you could get refills forever for $0.59.  I still have TWO of those cups!)

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Some of my best stuff is in response to other's blogs

Blogger's Clip Show, Free market, Other blogs, School Board, Taxes, West Allis

In other words, its another Blogger Clip Show.

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Don't complain about gas prices to me

Free market, M/$

I have to pay for gas, too, so I don't want to hear about it from anyone else. 

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Did you see me in West Allis NOW?

Barack Obama, Blogger's Clip Show, Bowling, Catholic church, James family, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, My-Sugar-Na, Other blogs, PBA Tour, Television, They Came to Bowl, USBC Masters, West Allis

I've been told that my grill/FD story made the paper this morning - I'll have to buy a paper now...  Unfortunately, my buddy trumped me... It'll be BO vs. Mc in November, I'm sure I'll pull it together and vote for the RIGHT guy...  It's cold outside...  The lunar eclipse was cool...  Watched the remake of Hairspray; very interesting...  Jesse Martin is leaving Law & Order...  Taking my first trip to New York City in May...  Family didn't die of carbon monoxide poisoning overnight...  I love my job...  I should lose weight...  I miss bowling...  I'm worried about the ice dams on my roof all winter...  American Idol is dopey...  I could spend hours looking at this website...  Trying to get over the fact that Milwaukee lost the USBC Masters...  The cost of every metal I purchase for work is skyrocketing right now...  My birthday is on Holy Saturday this year, and (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Daughter, Gooey, celebrates her birthday on Easter Sunday... My car needs a good cleaning on the inside...  Planning on going to Wrigley Field on April 2 or 3 to watch the Brewers/Cubs game...  Our office is buying pizza for lunch tomorrow, I get to pick the sausage off...  I felt it was a good set of comments on my Obama post, aren't you glad West Allis can talk to each other without it breaking down into this or this?

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Change what, exactly?

2008 Presidential Race, Barack Obama

I was playing poker with the guys on Saturday night, and of the seven other guys, most of the table was lamenting the lack of a real conservative still in the hunt.  Two of the players are early-20ish guys, and one said that he really likes Barack Obama because "He stands for change".  The other guy chimed in with comments about young people getting turned away from his rallies and appearances.  I didn't ask (because it was the wrong place) but I've now been wondering for three days...

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