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This past weekend's KIDSfest at State Fair Expo Center

James family, My-Sugar-Na, Vacation, West Allis

Metroparent Magazine is close to being onto something with KIDSfest, but unless something bold is done before next year, this may turn into an idea whose time has come and gone.  The event planners, who probably think that having something for everyone is a great idea, instead turned it into a mish-mosh of stuff.  I feel they would have been better served by picking a focus and developing it.

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Didja ever get the feeling that things weren't meant to be?

HBO, Television, Vacation

Last July, I ordered each of you to watch the show "Flight of the Conchords" on HBO.  Well, somebody must have watched it with me, as it was renewed for a second season, albeit to start in 2009.

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Welcome to "National Lampoon's Iowa Vacation"

Craps, Gambling, M/$, My-Sugar-Na, Restaurants, Vacation

This one didn't star the Griswold family, instead we follow the exploits of me and my step-family for the past weekend.  (Side note, this may only be interesting to me and My-Sugar-Na, but if you read this far, my blog hit-o-meter has already registered your visit, and I thank you.)  The actual points I want to make are in bold, the rest is just filler... er, I mean backstory so you understand the context of my comment.

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I support Simmons in '08

Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, NBA, Other blogs

Poor Larry Harris.  The underqualified guy with a nice hairdo is out as GM of your Milwaukee Bucks.

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Need help with your NCAA bracket picks?


Want to win My-Sugar-Na's company's pool?  So does she.  Although she didn't ask me to, I decided to give her some help.  Looking at it, here are a couple of tips for filling out her (and your) brackets.
(For entertainment purposes only)...

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