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I have no idea what to expect

So I was happily minding my own business at work earlier this week, when I get an E-mail from my cousin (Side note; I am still not going to divulge names of friends and family, so go with me on this.  This cousin is one I'm reasonably close with, but with a first name - and I didn't remember her husband's last name - that made me first think "That damn SPAM filter missed one") with the subject line "It's Me".

I almost didn't open it.  And by 5:00 tonight, I may wish that I hadn't.

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Are we headed to Hotlanta this summer?

So I teased you last Saturday with a promise that I'd let you know how my Family Feud tryout went, so I suppose that I shouldn’t make you wait another month or two for me to get around to it.

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