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LaRaza de Monterrey is your 2010 MISL Champion

Milwaukee Wave, MISL, US Cellular Arena

Congratulations to the fans that travelled from Monterrey (and the ones from Chicago that you can't see in this picture).  LaRaza defeated the Wave 12-6 this evening at the US Cellular Arena.

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Franklin's 5th district Aldermanic race

Bowling, Nostalga, They Came to Bowl

Kudos to good friend Doug Schmidt, who was elected Alderman in Franklin this past week, defeating former FranklinNOW blogger Brian Maersch (who once told me how much he likes my State Fair blog entries.  Of course, Doug has never admitted to actually reading my blog.  Come to think of it, which one is really a friend?)

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Restaurant comparison - Mongolian style


My ample (some would call it luscious) frame isn't just good for making sure a small car doesn't skid on an icy road, it also is a good indicator that I like to eat.  And eating, I feel, is a major qualifier to discuss restaurants. 

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I'm getting older every day

James family

Prom night!

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