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We need more bloggers in West Allis

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(Picture me waving my finger at each of you in the international symbol of "shame on you".)

I have posted 11 blog entries since Aaron's last post.  12 entries since Steve posted last. 

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My Veal Schnitzel is gone!

Restaurants, West Allis

Doyle's Milwaukee Inn (on 74th & Greenfield) closed over the weekend, and in its place will be an Italian restaurant.

Doyle's had quickly become one of my favorite restaurants since my family moved to West Allis.  In addition to their Veal Schnitzel, I liked their Hungarian Goulash.  But most of all, I was a big fan of the casual pace of the meal (never feeling rushed, and with each course being brought out separately), and the wide array of steaks, seafood and European dishes offered.

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Do you want to see me with my 42" waist in a Speedo?

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You must be kidding.  There is no way I would try to squeeze myself into a Speedo, much less get a photo taken of such an event, much less post it.

So why did you look?

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I went YouTubing again

Nostalga, YouTube

Some days are just made for surfing the internet.  With the Bears/Oakland tied 3-3, and Cinti beating Balto 6-0, this was the day.


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Believe it! A community that freezes spending in mid-year.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Reno, School Board, Taxes

Since I've been to Reno five times (and Reno isn't really that big) I know the city well enough to occasionally glance at the Reno Gazette Journal and read some of the local news.  For example, when the Mitzpah hotel burned down in October 2006 and killed 12 people, I knew exactly where that hotel was located.  This past summer when fires threatened Lake Tahoe's southern shore, again, I knew the affected area and now check in on the reconstruction of the area.

Today, trying to kill off the last five minutes at work, I surfed over there and read the headlines.  I was intrigued by one, titled Washoe board freezes 5% of budget spending.  I read it, because earlier in the day I had read on JSOnline that the Milwaukee County board overrode most of County Executive Scott Walker's vetoes.

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Oh, craps

Craps, Gambling, Las Vegas, My-Sugar-Na, Reno

As much as I would hate to turn away readers, if you don't know much about craps, this entry might be hard to understand.  But please, try to follow along.

For years, I've wanted to learn how to play craps at a casino.  Pre-Potowatomi, one of my best friends, I'll call him Pete, would drive to the Chicago riverboats every week for a game.  Pete was pretty cool about it, too.  He would crow about his wins, but he would also tell about his sometimes huge losses.  When I asked him how to play, he would always say that he would show me "the next time we were at a casino".  Invariably, the next time we would be in a casino together, he would start throwing $5 cheques all over the place and I couldn't keep up with him.  I would try to interrupt with a "why did you do that?", but before he could answer, the dice were rolled and he was either collecting or making another bet that I didn't understand.

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What's your M/$?

M/$, Nostalga

As we all know, everybody goes mental over the "miles per gallon" of his or her car.  Car companies tout their mileage estimates.  Consumer Reports and various other websites say that by keeping your car tuned up and tires inflated, you can increase your gas mileage.

Great.  But I don't have gas mileage in my wallet (Side note, I don't actually carry a wallet.  My duff is big enough without another two protruding inches.)

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Did you notice the lack of an explosion around State Fair on Thanksgiving Day?

Cooking, My-Sugar-Na, Television

I successfully deep fried my first turkey Thursday... ON MY FIRST TRY!!!!

First the disclaimer.  I don't like the taste of turkey.  I don't know when I decided that, but it was sometime in my early adulthood, probably when eating a sub sandwich, thinking "I could be eating real meat".  (Side note;  I could start my own lsit of culinary no-nos -  turkey, the looks/smells/taste of ketchup, margarine, milk, eggs, baked chicken and a host of others.)  Anyhoo, at some point I decided that I didn't have to eat turkey, and so I've made first the Devil Reincarnate, and now My-Sugar-Na, make a ham for me on Thanksgiving to go with the traditional turkey.

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The 14th Commandment

Cooking, Religion, YouTube

Moses appeared on Mt. Sinai with - not two - but THREE stone tablets.  Unfortunatley, as accurately depicted in Mel Brooks' "History of the World, Part I", as Moses descended the mountain, he dropped one of the tablets, and watched in shock as the tablet broke into pieces.

Recently archeologists have uncovered numerous pieces of this third tablet.  Erosion has not been kind to the stone and biblical scholars are trying to decipher God's thoughts as they relate to four of the five newfound commandments.  Amazingly, the part of the stone that contained the 14th commandment has been found completely intact.

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I feel obligated to post about the NFL Network not being on cable

Free market, Green Bay Packers, NFL, Television

I kind of feel the same way about this as I do about smoking...

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