Change what, exactly?

2008 Presidential Race, Barack Obama

I was playing poker with the guys on Saturday night, and of the seven other guys, most of the table was lamenting the lack of a real conservative still in the hunt.  Two of the players are early-20ish guys, and one said that he really likes Barack Obama because "He stands for change".  The other guy chimed in with comments about young people getting turned away from his rallies and appearances.  I didn't ask (because it was the wrong place) but I've now been wondering for three days...

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Those were some great steaks!

Cooking, James family, My-Sugar-Na, West Allis

So last night for Valentine's Day, My-Sugar-Na suggested that I grill a couple of really nice steaks that she had purchased recently.  Since I can grill with best of them (charcoal, people; gas grills are like outdoor ovens) I decided it would be quite lovely to stand out in a gentle snowfall and fire up the ol' grill.  I grill regularly - even in winter - and most recently grilled on Super Bowl Sunday.

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Is Hillary crazy?

2008 Presidential Race, Free market

Last night in a speech in El Paso, Hilary said she would raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour.

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Mayoral candidates, where are you?

Development, Taxes, West Allis

Last Thursday, February 7th, I sent this exact same E-mail to all four mayoral candidates...

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Blog Jeopardy

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The category is - FEBRUARY

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