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New Materials Accepted for Recycling

plastic, recycling, #4, #5

West Allis residents who have recycling picked up by the City can now include #4 and #5 plastics in their blue bag. This is for containers or lids that have a #4 or #5 on them and also any caps and rings. It does not include any type of bags.

Any questions regarding the West Allis recycling program may be directed to the Recycling Office at 302-8831 or the Sanitation and Street Division at 302-8800.

Gardening Task for January (While We Wait For Spring)

care, garden, spring, winter, planning, container gardening

Winter is hard to wait out for a gardener, but there are things that you can do now to prepare for the spring planting season...

Inventory and clean your pot collection. New ones are not cheap, and it's easy to get the old ones back into shape. First, scrape out any residue. Soak very dirty pots in a tub or scrub them with a sponge. Finally, sterilize everything in a diluted bleach solution (1 part bleach to 10 parts water) and air-dry.

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Chloe the Collie Puppy Needs Lifesaving Surgery

Help 5-month-old Chloe!
We just picked up this sweet Collie puppy from MADACC this week and she needs your help. There is a local campaign to raise funds to help cover the cost of her surgery to repair a fractured pelvis. Learn more here:

Got a stressed-out pooch?

Tellington Touch Dog Massage Class!
Thursday, February 2, 2012, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Wisconsin Humane Society – Milwaukee Campus, 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue

De-stress your dog and yourself with the therapeutic effects of Tellington Touch (TTouch).
Tellington Touch is a gentle and easy to learn method of touch and movement.  TTouch can help with challenges such as barking, biting, chewing, digging, noise sensitivity, aging, anxiety, aggressive or reactive behavior, shyness, grooming or vet visit concerns and more!
This workshop is for dogs of all ages and their families to discuss what causes stress, signs of stress and how you can help free yourself and your dog from it.
This two-hour hands-on session with your dog will introduce you to the benefits of incorporating TTouch into your pet’s life and will help you and your pet achieve the highest quality of life through mental, physical and emotional balance.

TTouch uses gentle movements and manipulations that help change behavior patterns and teach the animal to think, rather than react, improves learning ability and performance and helps to calm and focus. Register here.


Arrogance & Ignorance

 I recently read an article about a confrontation between a man and a woman regarding a parking spot.  Apparently, the man was waiting for the parking spot - just as the spot opened up - the woman swung into the spot.  The man ended up pulling the woman's hair, police were called, he got hauled off to jail.  I may not have this exactly correct but I believe I got the general storyline.  First off, that would make me mad, as well; however, it a freakin parking spot and not worth getting upset over the rudeness, arrogance and ignorance of others.  I witness things like this almost every other day.  If she wanted the spot so badly, let her have it.  Personally, I prefer to park away from the closer parking spots and walk for exercise.  

And, then there's the "wonderful" folks that park so close to your car that you can't get in to it when you return from shopping/eating or whatever.  We recently had this happen to us while at a restaurant - we were the first to park and were in the middle of our parking spot.  When we came out of the restaurant, we could not get back into the driver's side of our car because someone had parked so close to our vehicle - my husband had to climb over our stick shift from the passenger's seat so we could go home.  Even a stick man could not have gotten into our car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! via the driver's side car door.   My first instinct was to leave a nasty note but it just wasn't worth it - an individual such as this would just laugh it off anyway.

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On the rocks..

It had been upwards of 25 years.  Distant, happy, carefree memories float through my mind.    One day, this past weekend, it hit. Why not, I thought? What’s holding me back? Will I survive? Should I prepare my will, up my life insurance? To heck with it, I’m going for it. And I did.

Don’t get me wrong, the entire drive to the main event was nerve wracking.   Silly, but true.  I reconsidered more than twice. I continued my drive and pulled into the parking lot. I parked the car and proceeded into the building. I paid and walked up to the window. “Give me a size 11”, I stated. I did my very best to maintain my composure. Strong, yet shaking like a leaf on the inside. Breathe and relax, if she can do it, so can I.

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12 Scams to Watch for in 2012

phishing, legal_scams, job_scams, timeshares, pre-paid_debit_cards, sweepstakes, check_scams, contractor_scams, mortgage_scams, BBB, Wisconsin_BBB

The Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin investigates fraud reports throughout the year and reveals twelve of the newest and/or most common scams that consumers should avoid in 2012.   

  • BBB Phishing Frustrations: Businesses and organizations around the country are receiving fraudulent complaint emails from scammers who are abusing BBB's name and reputation.
  • Mortgage Relief Misleaders: Homeowners are tricked into paying large upfront fees for mortgage relief services and then companies disappear abruptly.
  • Hotel Hoaxes: Hotel guests receive calls in their rooms - often late at night - claiming that front desk computers have crashed and credit card numbers are needed again; victims provide information, but callers are not hotel employees. 
  • Cheating Contractors: Homeowners are left with little recourse after door-to-door repairmen promise incredible deals, require large upfront fees and then skip out before completing work.
  • Check cashing cons: Sellers receive checks for more than items are worth and are instructed to wire excess money back. Checks later bounce and victims are responsible for lost funds.
  • Social Media Scams: Victims are sent "popular" viral videos on social networking sites, but must upgrade software to view files. Downloads may install malware or viruses that place victims at risk for identity theft.
  • Swindling Sweepstakes: Consumers who did not enter sweepstakes or foreign lotteries are informed that they have won large sums of money or other prizes and must pay smaller sums in order to collect; payments are made and nothing is received.
  • Canine Cons: Scammers set up a fake website selling non-existent puppies for rock-bottom prices. Victims wire money to the so-called seller, but never receive their puppy.
  • Pay the Con Artist Using Pre-Paid Debit Cards. Since consumers are getting wise to wiring money or fake checks, many scammers now prefer to be paid using untraceable, pre-paid debit cards. 
  • Timeshare Shams: In this tough real estate market, timeshare sellers should beware of companies that claim to already have a buyer and want upfront fees.
  • Job Scams: Scammers are working overtime to take advantage of the high number of people looking for jobs, especially online.
  • Lousy Legal Advice: Some scammers are offering low-cost legal advice, but don't have any legal qualifications. The only problem? The consumer may end up in even more legal trouble.

Report scams to BBB through Scam Source at To find reputable businesses, visit Consumers can also receive news alerts from the Wisconsin BBB by following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.

Wildlife photo contest to benefit WI's wild animals

Wildlife photo contest to benefit Wisconsin’s injured wild animals
To celebrate Wisconsin's wildlife, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the Wisconsin Humane Society is pleased to announce its first-ever photo contest.

There is a $10 non-refundable entry fee per photo, which benefits the wild animals at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Celebrity judges will determine the top three photos, plus 3-5 honorable mentions.

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