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As a career professional, volunteer, mom, wife, and friend, I focus on the positive aspects of life, even when the road is rough getting there. Life is funny. How you treat others, how you handle situations, and how you live each day is your responsibility ... so are the outcomes.

Eminent Domain - The Only Avenue to Get What They Want

I am hardly able to contain my extreme disgust and frustration. I am one of the chosen few going through the eminent domain "process" with the DOT. As of today, all I have been witness to are a lot of lies and misrepresentations of first; what the project was supposed to be and second; there was missing, legal information in the preliminary packet and untrue statements in our proposal for purchase. 

The first meeting we went to for viewing of what was proposed for design and how it would affect our and neighboring properties revealed we would not be affected. A few months later, we received a flyer to come to the planning meeting to discuss the design change, which now was taking between 13 - 15 feet of our back lot! The reason - the utilities need to put a straight access road in, so they can service the power lines. Are you kidding me; they want to destroy my back yard to place a service road there. To what public purpose does this benefit?

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