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That's Life

As a career professional, volunteer, mom, wife, and friend, I focus on the positive aspects of life, even when the road is rough getting there. Life is funny. How you treat others, how you handle situations, and how you live each day is your responsibility ... so are the outcomes.

A Commitment to Community

I have been a member of the West Allis Charities, Inc. since September 1998. I have found, it is important to contribute and give to those, who need help when times are tough. I figure, if I can start in my own community (city) and get others to join the "bandwagon of support" for neighbors in need, I am fulfilling one of the many blessings I have been given. The blessing I am speaking of is bringing others together for a common goal of bettering people's lives one-by-one.

There is no greater life-high than receiving a hug, handshake, or tear of joy from a person or family you have impacted in a positive light. It doesn't take much effort when it is a genuine, unconditional part of your heart and soul to recognize the suffering of others and selflessly take action to do something about it. Life and living is empowering when you use your abilities to increase other's chances for success.

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