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Laura's Corner

I work very hard and am attending college to obtain my degree in the Human Service field. Writing makes me feel alive and gives me the opportunity to touch those whom I would not be able to otherwise. Last but not least, I have been blessed with two amazing daughters who love me completely and support my dreams. Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or feedback.

Happy Birthday

October 14th, 1992 is my youngest daughter Auburn's birthday.  I remember being in labor throughout the night and walking around.  My contractions lying would be close together yet the minute I began to pace, they would space out and eventually cease. 

My Doctor informed me that afternoon that I was at 4.5 centimeters and required my admission into the hospital.  My labor had ceased alltogether at which time I was informed that I would be given a labor inducing drug.  Not knowing how long or how hard, I was more than happy to see my new baby. 

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Big Bad Wolf

As far back as I can remember, I was bullied.  Not just by one, but by numerous classmates.  This began as far back as I can remember and continued throughout high school.  Despite the fact I forgave and eventually confronted my tormentors, this is not something I will ever forget.

Bullying also occurred within my home.  I have three siblings and all three ganged up and had their fair share of verbal attacks.  "Put some butter on them rolls," they would say about my extra weight which circled my midsection.  Many other memories cross my mind yet still creep up once in a while when I'm not feeling my best.

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Upon graduation from high school in 1988, I attempted a semester at Milwaukee Area Technical School.  To be honest, I wasn't "into" school, studying, classes and such.  I decided instead, to head up to the game room and major in darts.  I joined the dart team, and eventually finished the semester with a trophy. 

Wandering about, dying to get out of my house, I decided to join the U.S. Army.  Serving two out of four years active duty, I became pregnant, got married and received an Honorable Discharge for my pregnancy.  Despite the fact that one must serve 36 out of 48 months active duty in order to receive the G.I. Bill for education, I chose, instead to raise my daughter.  Nothing was more important, or had been ingrained, than a child being raised by his or her parents.  Within a year, we were pregnant with a 2nd daughter.  Once again, I decided to put everything, including my career, on hold to raise my daughters.  It is a choice I have never regretted.

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