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World Series review

Milwaukee Braves, My-Sugar-Na, NFL, Nostalga, Television

Yes, I know the Super Bowl (Side note - The MVP selection was a crockDavid Tyree caught one of the two TDs, and made the catch that saved the game for the Giants, and instead a marketing machine was named MVP) was just played yesterday, but on Saturday, I went to Long's Wong and attended a viewing of Game 4 of the 1957 World Series (the "Nippy Jones" game).

The Ken Keltner chapter of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) and the Milwaukee Braves Historical Association are both very heavy into the history of the Milwaukee Braves.  Overall, the groups do a lot of research projects pertaining to baseball and the Milwaukee Braves.

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Great, Thompson and Romney are both gone. Now who do I vote for?

2008 Presidential Race, Nutjobs

If that blog title doesn't say it all, there is nothing more I can do.

Russ' friend John and Harlan Huckleby are not conseratives.  Either one may do more damage to the country than the more manly Clinton, and (using my best basketball announcer voice) "From Honalulu and Occidental College, Six-one-and-a-half, Number 42, Buh-rock (pause) Oh-Baaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmaaaaa".

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Blog Jeopardy

HBO, Milwaukee Brewers, NFL, Television

The category is - FEBRUARY

The answer is - Bingo Long's Travelling All-Stars and Motor Kings, The Blues Brothers, The Savages and War Games.

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Mayoral candidates, where are you?

Development, Taxes, West Allis

Last Thursday, February 7th, I sent this exact same E-mail to all four mayoral candidates...

Dan Devine; Mark Nisenbaum; Thomas Tilley; and Linda Dobrowski  To this point, not one of the four has responded.  I don't think any of these questions are insulting, rude or otherwise offensive.  They were asked as an undecided voter.

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Is Hillary crazy?

2008 Presidential Race, Free market

Last night in a speech in El Paso, Hilary said she would raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour.

So much for being friendly to businesses.  (Disregarding the issue of illegals for a moment...) If a business can hire a person for $6.00, then that job is worth $6.00.  If an employee feels that he or she is worth more, then that employee should improve themselves so that they can be hired for a job that is worth more. 

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Those were some great steaks!

Cooking, James family, My-Sugar-Na, West Allis

So last night for Valentine's Day, My-Sugar-Na suggested that I grill a couple of really nice steaks that she had purchased recently.  Since I can grill with best of them (charcoal, people; gas grills are like outdoor ovens) I decided it would be quite lovely to stand out in a gentle snowfall and fire up the ol' grill.  I grill regularly - even in winter - and most recently grilled on Super Bowl Sunday.

About 5:30ish I got home from work, pulled the grill from the garage, arranged the coals, spritzed with lighter fluid (I don't know were I got that off-brand from... I don't remember buying it) and lit the match.  Within a few seconds, the coals were ablaze, a beautiful color contrast with the white snow on the ground and flying through the air.

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Change what, exactly?

2008 Presidential Race, Barack Obama

I was playing poker with the guys on Saturday night, and of the seven other guys, most of the table was lamenting the lack of a real conservative still in the hunt.  Two of the players are early-20ish guys, and one said that he really likes Barack Obama because "He stands for change".  The other guy chimed in with comments about young people getting turned away from his rallies and appearances.  I didn't ask (because it was the wrong place) but I've now been wondering for three days...

What change?  And why - just because young adults like the guy - does that make him a good president? 

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Did you see me in West Allis NOW?

Barack Obama, Blogger's Clip Show, Bowling, Catholic church, James family, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, My-Sugar-Na, Other blogs, PBA Tour, Television, They Came to Bowl, USBC Masters, West Allis

I've been told that my grill/FD story made the paper this morning - I'll have to buy a paper now...  Unfortunately, my buddy trumped me... It'll be BO vs. Mc in November, I'm sure I'll pull it together and vote for the RIGHT guy...  It's cold outside...  The lunar eclipse was cool...  Watched the remake of Hairspray; very interesting...  Jesse Martin is leaving Law & Order...  Taking my first trip to New York City in May...  Family didn't die of carbon monoxide poisoning overnight...  I love my job...  I should lose weight...  I miss bowling...  I'm worried about the ice dams on my roof all winter...  American Idol is dopey...  I could spend hours looking at this website...  Trying to get over the fact that Milwaukee lost the USBC Masters...  The cost of every metal I purchase for work is skyrocketing right now...  My birthday is on Holy Saturday this year, and (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Daughter, Gooey, celebrates her birthday on Easter Sunday... My car needs a good cleaning on the inside...  Planning on going to Wrigley Field on April 2 or 3 to watch the Brewers/Cubs game...  Our office is buying pizza for lunch tomorrow, I get to pick the sausage off...  I felt it was a good set of comments on my Obama post, aren't you glad West Allis can talk to each other without it breaking down into this or this?

Catch ya later when I have something interesting to say. 

Don't complain about gas prices to me

Free market, M/$

I have to pay for gas, too, so I don't want to hear about it from anyone else. 

What galls me about people is the same thing that galls me about listening to people who comment after watching the weather on the local “bleeding heart or scare people needlessly entertainment program”.  One dufus says something idiotic, then the sheep all take it as gospel.

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Some of my best stuff is in response to other's blogs

Blogger's Clip Show, Free market, Other blogs, School Board, Taxes, West Allis

In other words, its another Blogger Clip Show.

First, Mary Ann (from a couple of blogs down) blogged that the Pick-N-Save on 67th & National stopped carrying the official West Allis recycling bags.  She writes...

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