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West Allis Winner

Katherine: I had the good fortune to be paying attention a few days ago when "Jeopardy!" ended and "Wheel of Fortune" began. I was working in my home office and just caught the words "from West Allis" as the contestants were introduced. Matt Bilitz, a teacher at Wisconsin Lutheran High School, was the lone male on that day's episode and before the show was over had managed to win the game and then take home another $30,000 in the bonus round, solving the puzzle that read, "OH MY GOSH."
Later that night I went with family to Club Paragon on Highway 100 and one of my son's friends, who also works at the bar, told us that "the Wheel of Fortune guy" was there earlier with his family and friends, watching his appearance on a big-screen television in the bar's party room. As luck would have it, Matt was still there when we arrived and I had the chance to meet and talk with him. What a truly nice and genuine guy!
"Can you believe I could not solve that puzzle?" he asked me, right after I teased him about buying so many vowels during one round. He didn't need that puzzle to be the night's big winner, however. One of his major prizes was a trip to Austria and he intends to take his wife there this summer for their 10th wedding anniversary.
Congratulations to Matt! It was so fun to watch and then have the serendipitous meeting with him that same night. OH MY GOSH, Indeed! 

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