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We're still here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it has been a while since we posted a new blog, but we are back and roaring to go! Thanks for reading!
Occasionally one of our community theater people "makes it big" and branches out into the paying sector of performing. Ruth Caves, one of our board members, recently had lightning strike her in just such a way.
She was chosen to become one of the actor/ models represented by a Minnesota  agency working in Wisconsin.

This will hopefully open up opportunities for commercial and print exposure as well as a chance to appear in an upcoming TV pilot dealing with "extreme vacations"!
Not one to burn her bridges before she crosses them Ruth will continue to pursue acting / crewing opportunities in local theater groups, just to give her something to do in her "spare time. Thank goodness, because I am directing West Allis' Players spring show, "On Golden Pond" as well as our summer musical, "The King and I" and she has already agreed to be my stage manager. Congrats on your signing with the agency, but we hope you do not leave us too soon!
By the way, I am quite delighted to announce that my partner in this blog, Steve Makovec, will be my Assistant Director for The King and I. We hope you plan on visiting Siam, circa 1862 this summer! 

Thank You American Veterans!

Last week my husband and I had the honor to volunteer with the DC ground crew to welcome and thank the Wisconsin WWII veterans who flew to Washington to see the WWII Memorial, Iwo Jima, Arlington Cemetery and other monuments and memorials. This was an incredible experience for us.
These brave men and women, now well in their  80s and even into their 90s, are brought to DC courtesy of The Stars and Stripes Honor Flights, a Milwaukee-based contingent of this nationwide group. The veterans travel to DC free of charge on a one-day touring odyssey. They are accompanied by a guardian -- either a family member or friend or another volunteer -- someone at least one generation younger, who pays $500 to cover costs. The Stars and Stripes charters a Delta plane and provides wheelchairs and physical assistance to those who need it on this day.
Our "job" was to wave American flags and give words of thanks and welcome to these heroes. You have no idea how thrilled these vets are to get such a warm reception. We also had a group of high school cheerleaders from a Virginia school to provide rousing encouragements, as well as local firefighters to help with the physical challenges some vets had as they deplaned.
These men (there was only one woman that we saw) were so cute. They happily accepted hugs from the cheerleaders and many stopped the line to pose for photos with these girls. It was really windy on the tarmac and I asked one veteran how he was going to keep warm. He said "Like this" and gave me a warm hug. On their flight home, each vet hears "Mail Call" and receives a packet of letters, cards, etc., from family, friends and local dignitaries. Mitchell Airport was also filled with welcoming family and even strangers who stopped to cheer them on.
I am the daughter, daughter-in-law and wife of a military veteran and basically got involved with this group to honor my dad, who did not live long enough to see the WWII Memorial completed. I hope many others reading this will be so moved. Stars and Stripes depends on donations as no one connected with the group gets paid in any way. If you would like information on this group -- signing up a WWII veteran to make the trip, to volunteer -- or to make a financial contribution, visit
And don't forget to thank every veteran you see for what we have today -- our lives and our freedom.  

A Taste of Hawaii.....

If you have ever been to Hawaii and have had some of their traditional dishes you know that here on the "Mainland" it has been difficult to obtain some of those tasty morsels.
Well I say not anymore!!!. I found Ono Kine Grindz in Wauwatosa.  A charming Hawaiian grocery and deli on North Avenue in Wauwatosa brings to Wisconsin some of the best products the Aloha State has to offer.
The store’s name is an example of Pidgin , Hawaii’s common language: “Ono” means “tasty” or “delicious.” “Da Kine” is the keystone of Pidgin ,it can mean anything the listener will understand what is meant from the context of the sentence. “Grindz” is another word for good food. And Ono Kine Grindz definitely lives up to its name.

The Ono Kine Grindz shelves are stocked with wonderful Kona coffees, tea sugars , rice , Hawaiian salt , and some wonderful crackers, Saloon Pilot Crackers one of my favorites.The coolers are filled with manapua  (steamed bun filled with pork), Portuguese sausages  (which is wonderful with rice and eggs for breakfast ), Kalua pig (s
hredded roasted pork), Laulau (beef, pork and fish wrapped in a taro leaf) and of course POI a staple of Hawaii.
So if you are like me and need a little taste of Hawaii -- especially as we head into another Wisconsin winter -- you need to check out Ono Kine Grindz.The store is located at 7215 W. North Avenue. Aloha!!!


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