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The Music of Elvis has Us, "All Shook Up"

Rehearsals for our summer show, "All Shook Up" are underway and we just wanted to tell you a little bit about the show. Just like "Momma Mia" and the songs of ABBA, "All Shook Up" is a musical built around the songs of Elvis Presley. Although the storyline is based on Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," the plot is a typical Elvis adventure -- Chad, a wild mysterious biker comes into town with a broken bike and is forced to stay while his motorcycle is being repaired -- by Natalie, a young, beautiful mechanic who has dreams of leaving town to find real adventure. This lovely grease monkey find out that while Chad romances women, he only travels with boys, so Natalie decides to disguise herself as a young man in order to hit the road with the biker. Romantic complications arise with classic Elvis tunes as a bonus.
We, the West Allis Players, know that money is tight these days and really value your support. Why not consider staying in the metro Milwaukee area for a great summer vacation and come to see our summer show? We bet you a pair of blue suede shoes you will love this production!
We open July 18 -- just six weeks away!

All Shook UP

We have asked some of the characters from our next production to tell something about the upcoming prodution or themselves. The next several bogs will be from the characters form All Shook up.


Sheriff Earl (Kid Beat Box)
Sheriff Earl has an interesting relationship with Mayor Matilda after she saved him from his gambling addiction and drinking. With him being the new law of the land, everything is about to change.  From the outside, you may see him as a man of little words. However, this is not because of intimidation, as much as it is because he has a lot on his mind.  Earl's financial situation is in dire need of a miracle, and he is waiting for the day he can dig his way out from under his financial woes.

Our Theatrical Closet

A few weeks ago, I accompanied the director of our musical, "All Shook Up," Mary Beth Topf, to the attic of the West Allis Historical Society. We have a room full of costumes and clothing up there and we wanted to see what might be appropriate for the fifties-era style of our show.
I could not help but wonder about the stories behind some of these vintage clothing items. What were the weddings like for the two brides whose gowns now hang in our storage room? Chic Jackie Kenedyesque outfits still retain their long-ago elegance. Did these suits see exotic places and meet fascinating people? The row of men's suits span many decades and probably could tell many stories. When the brides donated their dresses, did they also give us the groom's apparel? Did a lawyer argue an important case in one of these three-piecers? Was someone elected mayor of West Allis while wearing in one of these suits? I will bet that the stories connected to these outfits would rival any told on the stage.
If you have sturdy, stage-appropriate garments that you would like to donate, please contact us at 414-327-2388. If your clothing has an amazing story to tell, be sure to let us know.
Remember, "All Shook Up" opens July 18. The curtain rises at 7:30 p.m. Come see the clothes! 


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