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"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Dr. Seuss

A great quote from an inspirational writer -- and a fantastic reason to audition for a show that celebrates everything Seuss!

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I Fell for Olympus Has Fallen

The hubs and I take turn picking out the movies we see. Since we don't see that many films, we forget whose turn it is many times. We figured it must be Steve's turn but he decided to stack the deck to get me to agree to the movie he picked. His choice was Olympus Has Fallen and Steve sold me on the movie when he said, "It's about...the White House." Uh, huh. What I did not know was that he eliminated the words "the total annihilation of" that should have followed "about" and preceded "the." While he did not trick me, per se, he knew that as soon as I heard White House, I immediately envisioned some sort of romantic comedy in the vein of "Dave" or "The American President."

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