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"A Murder is Announced" -- at MY House

The director of our spring show has cast the production -- and I was lucky enough to snare the lead! This is a fantastic murder mystery -- one of Agatha Christie's best. The synopsis of the story is thus: An ad runs in the local village paper to say that a murder will be committed in the home of Letty Blacklock (me) later that evening. The day just happens to be a Friday the 13th. A number of neighbors read the ad and drop in to see what might happen. Then the lights go out and...
We are in Week Two of rehearsals and it is very interesting to be sent back in time to the late 1940s in post-war England. It is also a pleasure to get to "meet" the legendary Miss Marple -- the amateur detective who will solve the crime. Miss Marple is being played by another Players' board member -- the talented Julie Valona.
These mysteries are known as "Cozies" -- meaning that in stories like these, the mysteries are solved by characters usually not in law enforcement. There is very little violence, profanity and gore.
In a few weeks, we will turn over our blog to the director, James Lentz, Jr., to get his take on bringing such a well-known and well-loved character to life and the challenges he faces in staging a Christie production. Our show dates are April 17,18, 24 and 25.

Interested in Theater?

West Allis Players is proud to announce our first $250.00 scholarship! This award will be given to one student from West Allis Central High School and one student from Nathan Hale High School. This scholarship will be awarded based on a student's participation in any aspect of a theater production, from acting to backstage work to designing and painting sets to working on a show's programs.     
If you are interested in being considered  for one of these scholarships please see your guidance counselor at you high school and submit your application by April 1st.
Good luck

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