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Letters, We Get Letters...

Steve and I are finally getting to catch our collective breaths as we finished a wonderful run of "On Golden Pond." Thanks to all who took the time to see this fantastic show!
We wanted to respond to a few blog comments.
One reader expressed interest in us doing more shows that are updated versions of Shakespeare (ie: "West Side Story" and "Kiss Me Kate" and wanted us to do more movie reviews. We are looking into shows for Fall 2011 and beyond (yes, we know we should have done this sooner, but we promise to announce our season very soon) and while we do not believe that any Shakespeare-inspired shows will appear this year, we will take that to heart. (We did "West Side Story" in 1994 and hard as it may be to believe, it is too soon to repeat it. We had someone in our "On Golden Pond" audience reminded us that we did the show before -- 23 years earlier!) As for reviewing more movies, we are going to do on a regular basis. Many of our blogs will now consist of our theater news PLUS more general arts topics. As I write this, I am on a business trip with my husband and intend to see a few new films while he is at work!
Another reader wanted to know if we, The West Allis Players, had ever considered any other venues. We did read about the potential new owners of the Paradise Theater, but at this time our budget makes the school auditorium a good fit for us.
Still another reader had questions about our play and our ticket prices. All our show information is on our web site, including ticket prices and coupons for reduced-price tickets. If for some reason, we are missing something on the web site, please let us know.
And last, but not least: AUDITIONS for "THE KING AND I" are fast approaching. A large cast is needed and auditions are as follows: Children 6 - 15 and dancers will audition at 6:30 p.m. May 2 and 9; adults 16 and older will audition May 4 and 5. Auditions will consist of singing a prepared piece (children may sing "Happy Birthday" and those under 9 most likely will not have to sing,) a dance/movement and reading from the script if desiring a speaking part. We audition at 8516 W. Lincoln Avenue -- West Allis Central Auditorium. Complete details on our web site. Parents will have to sign a form when their children audition. NOTE: The role of the King has been cast.
Some people wonder at casting before open auditions, but we sometimes do this when a role demands a particular strength. Many groups do this. It is hard to go on with rehearsals if a leading role remains open. What we will never do is secretly precast a part and then allow people to audition for a role that is no longer available. We will always be honest about our auditions.
Keep reading and keep writing!

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