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No pretense. This is a Fantasy Football entry.

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I still hate fantasy football.  I am the only person in America to NOT win his league every year they've ever played.  At the end of last season, I wrote this...

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Hi-Ho, the Dairy-O

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The James Gang in the Dells.

Growing up, my family never got to the Wisconsin Dells for a variety of reasons... not the least of which is that we were so poor that we stood outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken to lick other people's fingers.

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Of puppies, warm mittens and dry underwear

Fantasy Football, Free market, Gambling, My-Sugar-Na, Naughty businesses, NFL, Vier Pogo Squad 51, YouTube

I have this friend, I'll call her "Someone-Else's-Sugar-Na".  She is cute as the Dickens.  And recently, she needed a new purse, as the zipper ripped off of the old one.

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I'm the Man in the Box

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, YouTube

As I look through the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's web site trying to find the review from the Alice in Chains concert (that I attended last night), I wasn't sure there ever was a concert.  I understand that in the last run of corporate buy-out, most of the Entertainment department left, but to go on as if nothing ever happened is a little disappointing.

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Obama-care could have killed My-Sugar-Na

Nanny State, Barack Obama, Free market, My-Sugar-Na, Taxes

I will give no details other than to detail the following...

  • My-Sugar-Na has been battling a specific problem and seeing a specialist for 1-1/2 years.
  • A new symptom developed last week Wednesday, so she called her specialist.
  • She saw the specialist in the office last week Thursday, and ordered two tests.
  • Those tests were done last week Friday.
  • On Saturday, she developed a complication and went to a walk-in clinic, which transferred her to the emergency room.
  • Today (on Wednesday) she was scheduled to meet with a different doctor to discuss the results and determine the next course of action.
  • That doctor determined that the visit was not necessary, so she met her specialist today to discuss what to do next.

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