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I caught the Brewers action

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First things first - I really, really, REALLY want to throw my comments in about blogging in the 21st Century... about the Buzzy v. Deadspin guy on Costas Now in April... about Ned Yost, Doug Melvin, Jim Powell and others whining about a blogger who said that Nedley was about to get fired... etc.  Clearly, I am on the side of the bloggers, but I wanted to make some bigger picture points.  I just haven't gotten around to it.  I may get there (then again, I may not, what with Cheer Day happening at Casa de James this weekend).  My ten second take is that the internet has made media instantaneous, and that the world had better get used to it.  Some will get paid, I probably won't (Mark, I am still waiting for you to tell me I've been picked up by the Wall Street Journal), but the absolute worst part of internet blogs is the comment section.  Now, I only get about 18 people (up from six a year ago) who read my blog, but if more did, I would have to deal with some horribly stupid comments.  Want an example of the nutjobs I would have to deal with?  Check out the ravings of some depressing soul on this blog entry (you should've seen what I didn't approve!)

But until I get around to blogging about blogging, you will have to settle for what I cobble together below.

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Blown away by Cheer Day

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Some time in 2007, (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Daughter, Gooey, and (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Stepdaughter, Sloppy, concocted Cheer Day.  Conveniently held in conjunction with Sloppy's birthday party, Cheer Day was to be a day when the two girls thrilled us with their repartee of cheers and dances.  However, Gooey had broken her arm in the week leading up to Cheer Day, and on the big day wasn't feeling well.  In other words, the First Annual Cheer Day fizzled.

About two days after the first Cheer Day, the girls started planning the Second Annual Cheer Day... which ended up being today (Saturday 6-7).  Amazingly coincidentally, today was Sloppy's birthday, so a grand gala celebration was in order.  I honestly have to admire the two girls dedication.  Every conversation out of their mouth centered around Cheer Day... even the conversations at Halloween, Christmas, etc.  They planned a menu, a schedule, games and - of course - the cheers.

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Um, I thought that was the definition of a flood

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Priceless writing by our local daily rag (and proud supporter of the sites)...

MONDAY, June 9, 2008, 12:36 p.m.
By Annysa Johnson

Cudahy flood damage reaches $10 million

The City of Cudahy is estimating flood damage this afternoon at $10.1 million, including $8 million to private property and $2.1 million to public properties.

The city is working with Milwaukee County and Mitchell International Airport to determine whether additional security measures and fencing installed at the airport in recent years may have contributed to flooding along Pennsylvania Ave. at Edgerton Ave.

"We believe the flood gates may be clogged, and DPW is inspecting grates to make sure nothing is blocked," Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue said.

Heavy flooding from weekend storms is believed to have affected as many as 30% of property owners in this southeastern Milwaukee County suburb. It also knocked several municipal vehicles out of commission - including a firetruck, an ambulance and a squad car - all of which suffered flood damage while responding to calls.

The city has begun dispatching special trash crews to pick up flood-damaged property left at curbs, and is asking people to get rid of any standing water to avoid mosquito infestations (emphasis added my MJ).

City residents are being asked to fill out a damage assessment report available at city hall, the police department, fire stations, the library and online at, McCue said. The city expects more resources to be posted online later today.

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We're pulling for you, Silverfish!

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Really, this isn't about to be the Knobbleknees blog.  As a matter of fact, I am kind of tired of referencing her in every blog entry.  She's a treehugger, for cryin' out loud.  But she keeps hanging around.  (Backstory:  My brother, Mr. Uncie fell into internet love with Knobbleknees, who was born and brewed on Long Island.  After the requisite 27 minute courtship, they got married.  This past winter, they moved to a western-Chicago suburb.)

This is actually a kinda-good story.  Recently, after a 21st century spawning ritual, she was diognosed as being saddled with twins.  Although she named them differently on her blog (and hasn't fixed it, yet) the family has named them Red Fish and Blue Fish.  However, in a subsequent sonogram, the tech found little Silverfish hiding in the background.  The fear is that Silverfish is too behind in development, and may just end up being absorbed into her body.

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From the E-mail bag...

James family, My-Sugar-Na

BBear (who has told me she LOVES the blog... thank you very much, the check is in the mail [she will get a cut of my pay for this blog.]) asked in a comment "I have to ask...  Where did the kids get the nicknames from?"

Good question, BBear, and thanks for writing.

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Do the Milwaukee Brewers think that their fans are wimps?

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I was at the Brewers game last night, and it was a little breezy walking in from the parking lot, so I went back to the car and got a light jacket.  When I got to my seat on the first base side, I took the jacket off, figuring I may need it later.  (Side note which I have to add but really is out of place in this rant:  The lady that sang the anthems last night pretty much nailed it.  She sang O Canada in French, and hit the Star Spangled Banner pretty well.  Kudos.  Now if I could just remember her name....)
Then they closed the dome.  I was stunned.  Many times last night, I looked at the closed roof in disbelief. 
Have Brewers fans become such sissies that we can't handle baseball on a slightly cool, summer's evening?  I gave Brewers management the benefit of the doubt on some day games in May (when it is 60 in the sun, but probably 45 in the shade).  But having the dome closed last night has shown me the horrifying prospect of the Brewers becoming a dome team first, and only open air when conditions are perfect.
(Rambling here...) During the last few years of County Stadium, at one point during each game, the PA would ask "If we were in Miller Park right now, would you want the dome open or closed?".  I never attended a game where the crowd wanted the dome closed.  I remember being at a game in August 1997 at County Stadium in which they gave all attendees a pin commemorating the Milwaukee Braves 40th anniversary of their World Series win.  It was a Sunday afternoon game that was delayed four hours by rain, and when it started at 5:00 PM it was unseasonably cool and still drizzling.  Certainly this rainy day - after a four hour rain delay - would have been a push for a dome.  Negative.  The crowd wanted the dome open.
Wisconsin fans are hearty (see also Fans; Packers; Green Bay).  Certainly I understand closing the dome during inclement weather, or when it is truly cold.  But I think that the Brewers have crossed that line last night.  It was a line I had been fearing for seven years, and I don't think the line will push back.  I just see it getting worse.
Man up, Milwaukeeans!  Let's let the Brewers know how I feel.  Hopefully, at least one of you (I am looking at you, John from New Berlin) agrees with me.

We'll miss you, Shakey's

My-Sugar-Na, Restaurants, West Allis

Actual conversation heard Monday evening...

My-Sugar-Na:  "Did you hear that Shakey's is closing?"

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We miss you guys, too

Nostalga, Restaurants, West Allis

The other day, when I posted about Shakey's closing, I didn't know where I wanted to go with it.   Did I want to go down memory lane?  Did I want to talk about how I currently prefer Shakey's way more than Old Country Buffet?  Did I want to talk about iconic businesses closing?  Did I want to scold somebody (not sure who) about "other business interests"... I mean, what the hell does that mean, and why did the little blurb in West Allis Now (it certainly wasn't an article or story) not press that question?  Apparently sensing this blog entry coming, I see that they did post another couple of paragraphs the other day.

But when it came right down to it, the title that I posted said it all.  Nothing more needed to be said.

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