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Am I finally noticing my mortality?

Blogger's Clip Show, Bowling, Injuries, James family, Reno, Uphill (both ways), West Allis

Sometimes my blog posts are for fun.  Sometimes they are to prattle on endlessly about nothing much.  Sometimes I'll post something that I may find interesting, but you couldn't care less about.  And sometimes, its cathartic.  This may one of them.

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The stigmata, bunny eggs and Brad Beach

Bradley Center, Catholic church, Milwaukee Wave, MISL, Religion, US Cellular Arena, YouTube

A headline talking about Jesus' wounds, eggs supplied by bunnies and the Wave mascot means only one thing - Easter is on its way!

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Remember when things cost what they said they would cost?

Free market, Milwaukee Brewers, Naughty businesses, Other blogs

(Side note; this is one of those rant-y blog posts.)

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A fly on the wall at a Wave game

Dan Devine, James family, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Wave, MISL, US Cellular Arena

(All photos courtesy of My-Sugar-Na's camera, although I took them.)

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Breaking news now?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, West Allis

Check your Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Sunday (March 28th).  Read every article on every page, top to bottom, including the ads.

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Zoo interchange

Nanny State, Bowling, James family, Local news, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nutjobs, One Idiot is Offended, Taxes, West Allis

For now, let's set aside the fact that everybody with half a brain knows that the transportation fund has been raided for years, and that every proposal for reconstructing the Zoo interchange has been a Cadillac plan, and with each time they remove an option (like the heated seats) which doesn't actually appease the masses, the price tag goes up anyway.  Those are serious issues, but the fact is that because they happened, we how have to deal with how to survive for two months until the emergency repairs are complete.

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