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A sure sign that spring is on its way

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(This was the post originally planned for last Friday)

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Catchin' a Wave

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I have blogged about indoor soccer a number of times in the past two years.  I'll let you read some of my past stuff, but to quickly summarize, I went to my first Milwaukee Wave game in January 1985, and I have been going regularly since 1987... I estimate that I've seen 85% of home games in the last 20 years.  I've been the Booster Club president, I've been the editor of the Booster Club newsletter, I attended one Soccer Solidarity convention (yes, there really used to be a convention for indoor soccer fans).  I also - though not related to indoor soccer - worked in the press box for the Milwaukee Rampage for nine seasons and also the Milwaukee Wave United for one season.  In other words, I've seen a lot of soccer players, teams, leagues, fans and media coverage come and go.

So last year summer when the Major Indoor Soccer League folded, the thirteen fans of the sport around the country held their breath in anticipation of what would happen.  Depending on your viewpoint, it either all went to hell, or the groundwork has been laid for the resurgence (and profitibility) of the sport.

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Why aren't more people upset about the USA performance in the World Baseball Classic?

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The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is an international baseball tournament that - though first held in 2006 - will be held every fourth year.  In both 2006 and 2009, 16 teams from North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa participated.

Modeled somewhat after soccer's World Cup, the WBC is a major hit in most of the participating countries.  The United States seems not to be one of those countries.

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Is it a Chinese conspiracy?

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Two years ago, I received a pair of khaki shorts for my birthday and they fit.

This past Sunday, I received another pair of khaki shorts (same brand) for my birthday in the same size, and they don't fit.  Not even close. 

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Which item shall we talk about today?


I've got two potential topics spinnin' in my noggin...

Let me take a quick poll.

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