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Laura's Corner

I work very hard and am attending college to obtain my degree in the Human Service field. Writing makes me feel alive and gives me the opportunity to touch those whom I would not be able to otherwise. Last but not least, I have been blessed with two amazing daughters who love me completely and support my dreams. Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or feedback.



In thinking about the recent events, I am appalled by the current plea by Michael Vick.... 

I believe what appauls me more is the reaction by the general public.  We had a true division of those who supported him and those who did not.  I am definitely not in favor of those who support him.  I do not know of many who do...  But, on the other hand, I am also not in favor of those who do not support him... Let me explain why.

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This week was slightly hectic, but met up with an old friend the past week and also met up with a new friend last night....

I am at this point in my life where I am excited about each and every day and what it has in store for me... I am looking forward to getting out and meeting new people.  A girlfriend of mine asked me a question.. she asked, "If you met the right person, would you settle down?".... for some odd reason, I didn't have an answer...  I am really enjoying my singleness at this point and have met so many interesting people that I am not quite sure.   In the past, in a heartbeat, I would have said yes.  But today, I enjoy coming and going as I please.  I enjoy flirting and making last minute plans with whomever.  I enjoy the freedom of being in my home and not having to call someone to find out how they are or "check in", so to speak.  I enjoy being able to leave a party, place or person at any given moment if I choose to do so at that time.    As time goes on, it will take someone incredible, amazing and outstanding to make me stop and answer "yes" to the above question.. 

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So, last night my girls and I went to State Fair... I, of course, as stated per my kids, looked HOT... :))  The three of us are actually 5'11" to 6'1" in height, so we do stand out in the crowd...

I saw a bunch of people I knew which was nice... my kids decided to go to the Midway to hang out with a friend from school, so I was able to walk around my myself....  what an experience.. I was approached by MANY people who not only stated, "gosh you are tall", but would compare their height to mine... some would have their buddies line us up back to back and see who was taller....  I chatted with not only the people I see occasionally during the summer, but also ran into a couple of people who recognized me from grade school and high school....

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Why things happen..

What really matters..

Lately there has been so much crime, destruction and lack of respect for humankind..  We try to make sense of why such things happen.  Why do people suffer and have their lives end when least expected?  Did the man whose car fell into the water know it would be his last day on this earth?

Believe it or not, in my heart it is my conviction that we must have suffering.  It is at the most trajic of times that we come to realize how important our family and friends are.  I know that when I hear of such trajedies that I look at my children differently.  I wonder if I have told them that I loved them and that they know they mean the world to me.  Do you have pictures of your friends?  I do, at least most of them.  Alot of times loved ones are taken from us and at that time of suffering you realize that you may or may not have pictures of those closest to us. You wonder if they really knew how you felt about them.  You wish you could have told them just one more time........... anything.  How much they meant to you, how being a part of your life made it better each and every day... 

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Words... a poem..


This is my poem, one I wrote a couple of years ago..



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Men and women...

Lately I have been pondering.  I ponder alot actually, and this time, this particular ponder has not left my thoughts....

 Men and women are very similar, yet different.  We are made up differently in many ways.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, etc.  I think overall we have the same needs.  The need to feel loved, wanted and special.  Although women will admit this much faster than men, I believe we all would love to be with someone unconditional. 

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The Potholes of Life...

As I drive through the city streets of neighboring communities, I notice that I am slightly swerving every 25 feet or so to avoid potholes.  I completely understand that due to the weather conditions that all of the counties are not able to take care of this issue.  I can honestly say that I am frustrated at times, especially when you hit a deep one hidden beneath the snow.  But yet, I still drive, unable to avoid the inevitable.

I have reflected lately upon something much "deeper" than the streets, the potholes of life.  As a child I had dreams of becoming a ballerina.  As I grew into my frame, ending up at 6'1", I realized that dancing may not be the end result for me.  Instead, upon graduating from high school, I joined the military.  The military was an amazing experience and I was able to travel and meet many people.  During my tour, I became a medical specialist.  This gave me the opportunity to work with soldiers and assist the wounded.  

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