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PBA Finals - The Ken Simard Story

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As many/most/all of you know by now, Wes Malott defeated Ken Simard 216 - 211 to win the $25,000 first prize and a pat on the back in the CLR Carmen Salvino Scorpion Championship this past Sunday at Brunswick Zone Hawthorne Lanes in Vernon Hills, IL (I still say that this would be easier to remember and say.  Or this.)

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A guest blog from Mitten

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(Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Son, Mitten, currently is a junior at Rufus King HS, an International Baccalaureate (a fancy way of saying "damn good") school in Milwaukee.  He noticed that I had a two-week writers block, and offered to fill my shoes (though 16 years old, he is already three shoe sizes bigger than mine, so my shoes are actually tough for him to fill).

Disclaimer - I love my son to death, but I don't necessarily agree with him.  Every time I think I've got him reeled into the right side, the school system keeps pulling him back.  I just hope Stretch Armstrong doesn't develop a leak.

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A cobbled together semi-rant

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1)  When you are driving on the freeway in the snow and the rest of the traffic is going 45 MPH, then YOU should go 45 MPH or else get off the freeway.  If you are afraid to maintain freeway speeds in the snow, park the car in the garage and take the bus.  Along those lines, JS Online had a poll question that asked what annoys people most after a snowfall, fast drivers or slow drivers.  It was a dumb question, it should have asked "which drivers are more dangerous in the snow, fast drivers or slow drivers?"  Slow drivers are far more dangerous because everyone is trying to go around them causing cars to slide while switching lanes, and causing the pokey drivers to panic and drive even slower.  I was behind a car with an easy to memorize vanity plate.  I won't call out her car here, but if I ever get stuck behind her and find that she is soley causing a traffic disaster on I-894 southbound between the Zoo and the Hale again, I will identify her.

2)  Companies (and the one I work for is one of them) have this nice touchy-feeley line in the employee manual that says that it is important to strike a balance between work and family, and that we give you X-number of vacation days (based on tenure).  Then around Thanksgiving, they send the ominous "Use 'em or lose 'em" memo.  If they were so concerned about my balance, they wouldn't have had a problem with me carrying three days into next year... but I digress.  I had three vacation days to burn in December and took the three Mondays off.  Other than shovel snow and make dinner, I did nothing constructive on those days.  Great for balence, eh?

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Could "A Christmas Story" be remade succussfully?

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I am one of those who will watch A Christmas Story marathon on TBS more than once today.   Watching it last night while I wrapped presents got me thinking about the process of making that movie.  When it was on a few weeks ago, I did some internetting and read all about the movie on Wikipedia, IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.  Without spending too much of my Christmas morning recapping those three websites, the point I want to address is that the movie was set in a floating period of 1939 through 1942 (it was intentionally not specific) in a made up city that really was Hammond, IN (a Chicago suburb).  The movie was released in 1983 - 25 years ago... and set 40 years earlier

Let's say there was no movie made in 1983 that pretended to be 1940.  Could any filmmaker do this movie in 2008 in the period of about 40 years earlier?  I don't think there would be any chance.

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