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Mother help me

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The Nanny State is alive and well -

  • In Cincinnati, the Reds are in trouble for smoking victory cigars (in violation of Ohio's state indoor smoking ban) in the clubhouse after clinching their first playoff berth in 15 years.
  • In San Francisco, city officials are in discussions about an ordinance to ban toy giveaways in fast food meals.  The proposed ban may really be a push to get fast food companies to change their offerings.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 requires substantial testing of products designed for children 12 and under.  This likely eliminates science and chemistry kits.  Inquiring minds want to know, just wait until you are 13.
  • In Florida, there is a proposal to drop chocolate milk in the schools as a way to fight childhood obesity.  Apparently not offering an alternative to those (like me) who despise white milk is OK, although the snub of white milk would cause a different kind of health problem.

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It's a little chili out there

Recently, while attending Should've Brought the Invasion's birthday party at Taylor & Dunn's Public House in Mequon, my gaze was transfixed by a sign that said "3rd Annual Cool Beans Chili Cook Off".  I was intrigued, and inquired further (expecting to come to eat chili) and before you know it, I had signed up to bring a batch to be judged.

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The New York Yankees get it

For years, I have tried to impress upon the dozen or so readers of my blog that The Star Spangled Banner is NOT a love song.  Implied in that statment is that God Bless America isn't, either.

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Photo of the week

Sometimes, I even impress myself. 

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